72Hot Springs National Park, United States
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My self-summary
Retired "gentleman farmer", actually a Master Tree Farmer, living in my own home, owing no one anything. Great dancer, awful fisherman, so-so hunter. Too many pets (just cats and dogs). Too much land that produces relatively nothing. Like my equipment, tools, vehicles. Other people to take care of at the moment.

It helps if I respect you, and I will respect you more if I think you are *not* ignorant of basic principles in the world and universe. It's not the level of educational attainment measured by how many degrees you, or I, have after our names, but how much useful knowledge you retain. [B]Please have some grasp and understanding of basic chemistry and physics.[/B] Know that Clorox is sodium hypochlorite, and so are all of those other bottles that say "bleach" and don't use the word "oxygen"! They all say so on the label.

It seems that I must put this up front: I am not a Christian -- not sure what I am, just sure what I'm not. The concept of worship is alien to me, nor would I fit well into a monarchy. It just doesn't make sense. Nonetheless, my moral compass guides me quite well. The Golden Rule is just good business!

I used to trust too much, and now perhaps too little. Finding someone to help me bring the balance in a more positive direction would be nice. I want an honorable woman -- steadfast, not flighty, or a dodger of the truth. Honesty is something I offer, without exception, and expect.

I won't pretend -- call me crass (not hypocritical) but I'm quite intolerant of "extra weight" or "a few extra pounds" on a person of either gender. With few exceptions, it seems to indicate an excess of self-indulgence or a dearth of self-discipline -- neither attractive qualities. A few women can be "pleasingly plump" and be just right but that is rare.

I don't "need" a woman for any reason other than she is a female with a pleasing personality, appearance, and demeanor -- counterpoint and natural companion to a male. I cook -- very well, I think, in several cuisines (except, sadly, Asian). I clean. I fix. I maintain my homes and properties in pretty good order. I pay my bills and owe no one a penny.

I call myself a "gentleman farmer". I am retired, formerly a "management consultant". My present retirement, and freedom from many of the concerns of the working business world, colors much of my thinking and responses.

I've been divorced three times -- each time for a different reason.

I like "things with wheels", and tools. I used to smoke but quit a dozen years ago. I used to hunt and fish, but have much less interest in those sources of food and entertainment now. I drink my choice of alcoholic beverages on occasion because I like them. I am restrained in that regard due to an alcoholic in the family.

I have several homes and will not be giving any of them away. I have two grown sons, three grandchildren (who speak Russian, Spanish, and English), several respected ex-stepchildren, and several step-grandchildren from them.

I grew up in south Arkansas as a cowboy on horses. The ranch I lived on then is now my tree farm, and I am a Master Tree Farmer. I've had a great education, wild experience, and have soaked up each advantage from that.

I used to ride a motorcycle of the adventure-touring variety, not a cruiser. It's an intellectual thing which also characterizes much of what else I do. Some pain convinced me to sell it. But I was bereft! And I bought a classic cruiser -- a '97 Honda Valkyrie, slower than the former bike but classy! When I can, I like to make as-nearly-unique-as-possible choices, and this is often reflected in my vehicles.

I started shaving my head when in my late 30's, but was bald before then anyway -- too much testosterone.

I can spell any word you ever thought of. I made a career at "figuring things out". I'll try to figure you out. If you don't make sense...

I have an elderly mother whose care requirements keep me close to home now -- exotic travel will not be happening while she and I both live.

I get my exercise maintaining my property rather than in any kind of exercise or activity for exercise's sake.

I don't think my taste in music should make a great difference, but ... Rhythm is what I feel. Alison Krauss, Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, the Eagles, Ladysmith Black Mombazo, Emmylou Harris, Chris Isaak, SRV, Motown, the Moody Blues, Prokofiev (Romeo and Juliet, y'know?) are just a sampling. Country dance tunes are required for dancing.

I like to dance, in public, with the same partner over and over (until we get it right). I'm really good at dancing and framing great partners.

I don't require you to make me happy, or to make me laugh or to share all my choices and activities. If you are right for me, your presence will pretty much be sufficient.

That's all, folks!
What I’m doing with my life
Computers come naturally, as I spent most of a professional career dealing with them at every level. These days I'm helping my classmates prepare for our 50th Reunion of our High School graduating Class of '62.

And I'm caring for my aging mother.
I’m really good at
Figuring things out.

Telling stories, and jokes.
The first things people usually notice about me
I speak and write more precisely than most. People wonder "are you from here?" You might catch me laughing at you if I determine that you "believe" in something that is not true or not real. I don't enjoy it but I can't help it!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Clams, steamed or cracked fresh with my dive knife on the side of an outrigger in the lagoon on Moorea.
Six things I could never do without
Good wheels to fit all occasions
A sharp pocketknife
Information resources -- the public library will do fine but these days the Internet is easier. That may not always continue to exist though.
A tool for all occasions
A friend or two that I can count on
Clean water
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Cosmology. The universe. What's out there? What else is out there? I can come pretty close to understanding what a Higgs boson is.
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably reading. No one to go dance with.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm likely to judge a woman by her shoes.

Sometimes I could use some help "manscaping".
You should message me if
1. If you like fairly-private access to the out-of-doors. I have a lot of out-of-doors here at my home and elsewhere.
2. If you are a pleasant personality, shape, demeanor, and intellect.
3. You're willing to talk about nearly almost just about everything -- AND you have a basic understanding of chemistry (not the romantic kind) and physics.
4. Heterosexual relations sometimes cross your mind.
The two of us