69Napa, United States
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My self-summary
I have an outside sales (industrial supplies) situation (I have an aversion to the words "job" and "work" but haven't come up with any good substitutes) so I have an open schedule. Besides the open schedule, I very much enjoy meeting so many interesting people and finding out how my business can help meet their needs.

Other things that occupy my time are an Italian sports car, hiking, community theatre and dancing.
What I’m doing with my life
Evedently not enough of the things that I enjoy. It annoys me that I spend so much time on this site--hoping--rather than spending that time out there-- dancing, hiking, sailing--in those arenas where I should encounter the person who would fulfill my life.
I’m really good at
I've been told that I have good taste in wine and can give a respectable tour of the Napa, Sonoma and foothill wine districts. 12/20/15 I seem to have developed an acceptable level of ballroom dancing.
The first things people usually notice about me
It sounds like bragging but over the last year (2011/2012) of learning to dance I've received several complimentary remarks about my appearance.
It has been remarked that my profile reads like a sales pitch. My response: Don't they all? (I suppose that's missing, and spoiling, the jovial reference to my occupation.) At any rate, references provided on request.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: biographies and history
I prefer live community theatre to cinema.
Mostly classical, some jazz and rock and of course something for dancing.
Scott Simon's interviews with Marin Alsop
Marin Alsop
Six things I could never do without
Meaning that I would commit suicide if I didn't have or that I value very highly?
Well, I highly value all the parts of my body--intact and functioning effectively. But I do hope that I would have the courage and inginuity to continue a productive life if I were to loose a limb or one of my treasured senses as many other inspiring persons have done. Maybe that's a little heavier than what the framers of this site had in mind when they invented this heading. However, I make no apologies for being a realist.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whether to "let it happen" or "make it work".
How to prioritize.
I don't put any effort into answering questions that I consider dumb, irrelevant or that I have to think about too much.
Why do I get messages from women with low "match" numbers and high "enemies" numbers?
Why do people who eschew alcohol take up space in the wine country?
Why do I have such good match numbers with women much younger than me?
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
To who?
You should message me if
Can't think of anything clever to put here. Just trying to raise the percentage of completion of the profile.

Where is the "Additional comments" heading? OK. I'll add it.

Additional comments:
If I were to meet someone to really fall in love with (would probably fall in lust with first) which I can imagine happening, many of the answers to the match questions would change--or become moot (probably wouldn't be spending any more time on a dating site). But until that happens I"m up for enjoying the best parts of who ever comes along. (After recent review, this is an important paragraph.)

I can envision an open relationship...to one degree or another.
12/20/15: An inquary about what I mean by "open relationship" inspired this response: I think that I have blown off too many eminately good relationships by being to propietary (the dictionary is so much fun. A couple of enteries above "proprietary" {yeah, I had to look up the spelling} is: "proposition ~vb. suggest sexual intercourse"). I now believe that two people need to allow each other to persue other friendships, of either sex, that fulfill ANY aspect of their lives that are not being met by their primary relationship. Is there any such thing as the absolutely perfect exclusive relationship?

The next serious relationship I have will be with someone to who I can feel free and good about telling anything without feeling embarrassed or guilty. Not that I expect to be so perfect that I wouldn't have anything to be embarrassed about but I expect to be so secure in our relationship that we could look to each other for loving support in working out any failings or weaknesses--not having to worry about condemnation or spiteful criticism. That may be a little glib but that is the relationship that I expect to build.

I envision a relationship in which we both grow to be able to give each other pleasure in all aspects of life. But I would be wary of becoming so intent on pleasing my partner that I lose myself.

Oh, and one more thing: Heavy makeup and strong perfume are a real turnoff. Nice light eye treatment is most enhancing.
The two of us