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My self-summary
Friends can help each other a true friend is someone who let's you have total freedom to be yourself and especially to feel or not feel whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them that's what real love amounts to letting the person to be what he or she really is. By jim Morris
I’m really good at
A Kiss
A kiss can make the whole world feel like it's spinning
A kiss can be full of passion
A kiss can make you think
A kiss can make you dream
A kiss can be everlasting kiss
A kiss that can bring hope for something more
A kiss can say a lot of thing's
A kiss that has no end but only a beginning
On a road of passion.
A kiss as wild as the sea
A kiss that holds me and you together

Even for that moment in time
a kiss can fill my heart of joy and happiness
A kiss that melt away all the pain
kiss me with promises of something more
Kiss me so gently
or with heart-stopping might
kiss me with promises
that will last me through the night
Kiss me so deeply
or in a warm embrace
kiss me with promises
that'll make my heart race
Kiss me so rough
or light and mild
kiss me with promises
that'll make me go wild
Kiss me tonight without saying anything
kiss me until the blood sprouts
kiss me with rage,
Kiss me in the tip of desire
kiss me sweetly and wet
kiss me with longing
Kiss me until the dawn arrives
kiss me with limitless passion
kiss me just kiss me
Without saying anything

What's in a kiss
A kiss can be a greeting of body and soul
It's an unspoken language telling more than what's told
It is sometimes a spark to light one's flame
Or often self flattery to play one's game
The kiss of sincerity
The kiss of style
There's the kiss that steals one's breath away
There's the kiss that frees the soul
The kiss of curiosity running wild
A kiss of honor and a kiss to tame
Yet what's in a kiss that's the question still
Maybe, it's how we perceive it to be
A reflection of our state-of-mind
But; there's the kiss of harmony
A kiss that divides
A kiss that is honest
And a kiss that hides
It's where Mercy and Truth meet intimately in bliss
Yet still in all maybe the question should be
Not what's in a kiss but

What's in the Kisser

So just kiss me
writting poems
Six things I could never do without
my family
cell phone
love from my animals
the sun in my face
good friends
someone that can make me laugh and smile
You should message me if
think all I ever wanted was to have that one person in my life that will be with me thur good and bad times Someone that can put a smile on my face and make me laugh. I want that all around comfortable feeling. To accept me for who I am and like me for what I am
Lastly someone that can be real over rhe games and all the bs that is out here
The two of us