31Culver City, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a pretty cool kid from a painfully awesome state (TX).

I went to school in MN, where I majored in Japanese Literature, but I never really get a chance to use it. I'd like to, though.

I don't play any cool instruments, but if I could, I would want to play the ukelele and the banjo. Also, the harmonica. And the keytar.

I strongly believe that the most fun dance parties, much like the most common accidents, happen in the home.

I feel weird starting so many sentences with 'I.'

I can't get enough Hall and Oates.
What I’m doing with my life
Whatever floats my boat.

Using the words your parents use when they're trying to relate to you. Feel me, homeslice? For shiznap.
I’m really good at
making a funny joke unfunny (what can I say? It's a gift.) and baking those cookies where the dough is pre-made.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not sure, but people always like to mention that I look like a teenager, so... I think that counts. A cute teenager, though.

So I guess the first thing people usually notice about me is: " Man, look at that cute teenager." Y'all's weird.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'll listen to pretty much any music, so maybe I'll just share some of my latest adventures in audio:
Tyler, the Creator
Frank Ocean
The Knocks
CocoRosie 4ever
Flying Lotus
Riff Raff
All the music from commercials
Beach House
Sleigh Bells
Michael Bublé, because I'm a suburban mom
Alabama Shakes (yes, because of NPR)
That new Jay Z (however he spells it now)
Covers of people singing Disclosure songs
2 Chainz is my hero

I don't know how to read. Pop-up books, only, please.

My favorite movies are usually comedy (romantic or otherwise), but I do love mob movies. I will watch the following movies all day, urrday: Elf, Goodfellas, There Will be Blood, Disney's Robin Hood (with the foxes), Training Day, I Love You Man, Old School, and Lars and the Real Girl. I just saw Sleepwalk with Me, which is fantastic. I want to watch it so many more times.

I legit love Vietnamese food. And Japanese (including, but not limited to, sushi) and Mexican. Not sure what category fruit falls into, but I think my favorite dish is fruit salad. Not the kind with a lot of melons and gross grapes and sad strawberries; that's bush-league. (I like the kind that you make for yourself at your house or when you say to the waiter, "I know it's not on the menu, but can you toss some fruit together?" I can't be the only one who does that.) I'm also gonna say that bloody marys count, because -- if you get a good one -- there are a bunch of veggies in there.

Yo, when did this thing start asking what kind of TV I like? I don't have cable (sad trombone), but I just got a TV and a roku box, so I've been netflixing/hulu-plusing (???) all the shiz. Inbetweeners and Fresh Meat are amazing. I watched GCB, which was fantastic (made me nostalgic). A bunch of other hilarious stuff. When I had cable I was obsessed with Justified, and I wish I could still watch all the FX shows. SoA is in my queue, so I'm sure I'll start it at some part. Breaking Bad. I mean. Just. Breaking Bad, dude...
Six things I could never do without
In super-specific order: music, sunglasses, crossword puzzles, french fries, shorts, chapstick (deal with it).

(I've noticed that a lot of people put "friends + family" on here, but that seems pretty obvious. Then you wouldn't know about my addiction to writing letters in tiny boxes. Also -- real talk -- if you don't need friends and family, you might be Patrick Bateman.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
whatever it is, I'm probably gonna Google it.

Also this: if I were a major league baseball player, what song would they play for me when I'm at bat? (answer: probably 'Hot' by Neptunes or 'Hello New World'... nah, definitely 'Hello New World') Does each get to pick his own song or does the team decide as a group?

I like seeing the differences in how people write "hahahaha." h's, j's, double and triple a's. It's all over the map. Who knew you could interpret it so many ways? (I will say that I judge people pretty goshdarned harshly when I see, "hehehehe." You are not a twelve year old girl. Stop it. Stop.)
On a typical Friday night I am
doing hood rat stuff.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I recently googled, "Do people get murdered at haunted houses."
You should message me if
you're awesome.
You think I'm awesome.
You wanna go to the beach and be awesome together.
The two of us