31 Encinitas, United States
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My self-summary
I’m an intelligent, passionate, playful, energetic, and perpetually young man who cares massively for other people and is constantly improving whatever situation I encounter. I believe anything is possible and that I’m capable of anything, yet I live with humble modesty, authenticity, and presence. I care deeply for my family, friends, humanity, and feel incredibly grateful for the amazing life I have. I’m a compassionate, understanding, and loving person with the capacity for both massive intensity and calm thoughtfulness. I’m a strong, talented athlete with the amazing precision, balance, and finesse to be exceptional at any activity. I am a leader that always finds a way no matter what the challenge, and focuses on giving emotion. I’m a brilliant strategist in all aspects of my life with carefully formed plans that align with my values and goals. I am charismatic, inspirational, and influential to everyone I meet and am guided by a strong sense of morality. I’m force for good, and don't hold back from reaching my potential. I know the power of altruism and giving and it shows in everything I do. I love learning, discovering, windsurfing, running, making a difference, nature, mountains, trees, rivers, oceans, streams, animals, and especially people. I’m a confident creator who settles for nothing less than outstanding. I’m a powerful visionary who makes a massive impact on the world and everyone in it. I love myself and who I am, and I look forward to sharing myself and everything with others. My desires motivate me to overcome any and all obstacles. I’m driven to perform consistently, as habits and consistent action shape the quality of life. I have no judgment of myself and others, just a sense of clarity on the essence of life.

I’m easily aroused and expressive of my desire. I’m the perfect husband for an amazing woman, with both strength and sexuality. I’m attractive, sensual, and an incredible lover. I magnify the good in other people, and bring out the best in them. I’m spontaneous and outrageous and light people up with joy. I’m playful and fun! A kid at heart who smiles at the smallest details. I’m an interrupter and guide, breaking myself out of old patterns and finding new solutions, and influencing others in the process. I’m insightful, wise, and trustworthy. I am guided by incredible judgment, decision making, and conscience. Challenges attract me, and I enjoy the journey and process. I’m an unlimited fountain of passion and emotion that ignites purpose and emotion in others and touches lives all around me. I am an inspirational example of health and youth, yet live with a sense of peace and humble modesty.
What I’m doing with my life
I want to make a massive impact on the health of the people in our world. I want to have incredible relationships with my wife, family, friends, and colleagues that make it a fun, joyful experience to work with them. I want children that I can guide to incredible lives. I want total and complete financial freedom to experience all that life has to offer. I want people to look up to me as an example of what’s possible, compassion and success. I want to share my abundance with the world and create an incredible living environment. I want to share love, passion, and joy everyday with anyone and everyone. I want to learn and understand people, science, nature, and everything. I want to live passionately everyday and know that each coming day holds even more excitement, energy and emotion.

I'm very ambitious and enjoy setting challenging goals. At the same time, I tend to not take much of anything too seriously. I recently finished a PhD in engineering at Stanford and am developing new technologies for a medical device company.

I am here to learn, grow, and share with others and evoke their love, talent, and passion. I am here to exercise my massive talents for the benefit of humanity and nature. I’m here for love, passion, excitement, fun, joy, intimacy, and serving a purpose far beyond myself. I’m here to touch lives and make the impossible possible for anyone and everyone. I’m here to be an example of what’s great about our world and a source of hope for those who need it.
The six things I could never do without
my health/energy
You should message me if
I'm new to the area and am very interested in meeting new people. I'm looking for a long-term serious relationship, and I want to have a family and children. I tend to get to know people somewhat slowly, though I develop meaningful connections.