33 Norwich, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
hello everyone!

now then, i'm dan. or renzo, which appears to be my nickname although i couldn't tell you why. in fact sometimes strangers come up to me and refer to me by that name and i haven't a clue how they know...

i play the drums and have done for longer than i care to remember. i've not been in less that two bands since i was 14 and fully intend to keep it that way! currently i play in five. my main band is an americana/folksy ska roots band called the vagaband. i also play in some blues bands and a gypsy swing quintet. it's been a good year this year for my music. i've played a few festivals up and down the land and met some fantastic people. i also DJ locally around town. i play a mixture of vintage swing/jump jive/rhythm n' blues and also a full electro swing set which i very much enjoy and really gets people moving. the joy of being responsible for making people dance, whether as a DJ or in a live band really does know no end!

i'm very much one for the vintage scene. i'm actively involved in it in various ways and love getting stuck it, dressing up and having immense amounts of fun. i love the feel of it and the look of it, i love the music and also (to a certain extent) the values of those lost times. sometimes i really do wish i'd grown up in the happy times between the wars.

so, what else is there? well, i like football. there, i said it. sadly i don't play due to various reasons but i do follow advidly. i am a season ticket holder at norwich city football club and occasionally follow them on their travels. i'm not very often able to though as i often have gigs or DJ nights. i like other sports too but these tend to be more social based - darts or snooker or golf, that sort of thing.

i love to socialise. i love a night in the pub surrounded by good friends and good ale and sometimes i love a good long dance until stupid o'clock. i love house parties and i love meeting new people, even if the coming together in conversation is only fleeting. i also love a night in. may be a bit of rubbish telly or may be getting really stuck in to a great film (another passion of mine - sometimes i buy DVDs, get home and realise that i've already got two copies...) i also love reading and always have a book on the go.

i have a drawer that has both pants AND socks in it. does that make me unique?

i've gotten to the point where i'm not sure what else to write, so i think i might leave it here and may be write a bit more if i get inspired.

i'd love to hear from... anyone really!

What I’m doing with my life
just for now, i'm having fun!
I’m really good at
well... playing the drums i guess! and spending money on rubbish keyboards that don't work.
The first things people usually notice about me
either that i'm wearing something ridiculous or that i have sideburns.