31Gatineau, Canada
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My self-summary
I like the color blue. I use to be a massage and orthotherapist. But overall industry standards forced me to re-educate and am now in tech support for advanced IP TV and internet support. I still practice on friends here and there for the massage therapy. But as a profession. Those days are far behind me. I now spend my free time creating papercrafts and volunteering for a manga translation group in order to bring more Japanese works to Canada. My pasions are art and creation in general whether it be programming, drawing or music. I just love bringing things into this world.
What I’m doing with my life
I finished my massage, hydro and orthotherapy degrees. But sadly, I have yet to have found any available post for a male massage therapist in Quebec, so I currently work for Bell as an advance technical support guy(the smart guy they refer you to after asking you to plug it in and restart the modem) its a tough job, lots of strange cases, but its rewarding when you single handedly fix an internet problem that's been plaguing a guy for over a year.
I’m really good at
massage therapy, telecommunication and papercraft .I also own a 3D printer and have 3D modeling skills to build just about anything. plus my humor's not half bad. so a priest, a rabbi and a cop walk into a bar ..... ok nvm that last part. oh I'm also a not so bad dancer, ballroom, latino, hip hop and break dancing.
The first things people usually notice about me
well usually they'll spot my ego long before I enter the room, but I am trying to keep that one in check, but the beard is what gets people staring
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (books and movie), the zombie survival guide, mythbusters, century city (extra pts if you know that one) and of course, a sh*t load of anime, Tales Of Mere Existence by levni yilmaz
for music, I have a strong preference towards alternative and rap
(pure rap, I don't like a soft voiced singer cutting into a song to try and make it original (lighters...cough, cough), I also have a set of rule when it comes to music in general, ask me if you want to know about it) in the field of alternative, my fav is by far "our lady peace", second place would probably be "brand new"
in rap I'd say classified is up there on my list, but he's not necessarily my favorite,I also like Kellee Maize. snoop dog and Nicki Minaj can both boil in a vat of their own excrement, sorry to anybody that offends, I have my reasons, ask me about it if it bothers you too much. as for music I don't like, country, except for a few select songs that reach out to me, country is simply a style that I can't get my mind around. my gf loves it so if you want to hang out and listen to it, feel free to ask her.

I can't believe I almost forgot food.... I love pizza, most Italian, Mexican Greek, Chinese once in a while, shawarmas, take me anywhere near seafood of any kind and I will kick you very hard.
Six things I could never do without
lets see if I can limit it down to 6......pizza, computers, other people, sscreaming random stuff at random times (sorry again for that really awkward funeral)....2 more huh.....oxygen and water. there that it!!!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I particularly like thinking about quotes from different historical figures.one of my favorites so far Is Winston Churchill´s famous quote "you have enemies? Good, it means you stood up for what you believe in for once in your live." That one truelly speaks to me in this "keep your head down" society we live in today.
On a typical Friday night I am
practicing massage and orthotherapy, who wants to volunteer! or working depending on my schedule (night shifts are a bitch sometimes) (update I now work from 1 to 5 on most weekdays as oppose to the craziness of my past schedule)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like an unnatural hair color on a girl, don't ask why, I don't know myself. Also I suffer from a fear of aquatic life, so I'm unable to swim in natural bodies of water. Pools are ok. But lakes and rivers are out of the question. Again don't ask me why, idk. also I played in an amateur movie back in college where I played a monster who stalked a guy through the school and ****** him in the most heinous way possible, we each had a copy of the movie, I destroyed mine, but there may be other copies out there, if you find one please feel free to let me know about it and never speak of it again
You should message me if
you like massages or a great personality to converse with and plot to take over the world. if you like anime, that's a plus. Also if you'd like to. Get to know my gf, feel free to ask, I'll let her know
The two of us