39 Cleveland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm me: a geeky, athletic, musical, intelligent, wonderfully cooking, fire-spinning cat— and an honest, open, sharing, nature loving ninja activist, who is outgoing yet reserved, incredible in bed (not to be crude :p but imo- there is no point in keeping the truth, or ourselves, all bottled up) while ready to put aside illusion to appreciate life! A quirky contradiction of unexpected combinations, seeking a nice vegetarian girl who is looking to have fun, share ideas, and hang out (or possibly build a new world) with the nicest guy on the planet! d: I'm generous and fun to be around; plus, I am a talented musician, artist, dancer, fire spinner, chef, tai chi instructor, and athlete (and bowler lol). Looking to share what i have to offer, with someone really awesome: we only live once- this time around anyhow :P

Also I'm vegan; I figured I'd mention that here as the desktop site no longer reliably seems to...

daniel is

i didn't think i had to spell this out, but i was asked out on this site by a Bernard student who actually writes articles for the fox b.s. news sites enabling rape while denigrating feminism. Horrible, horrible- that just boggles my mind. If you are that kind of senseless (i pray you are not) just don't even bother me; i've suffered enough trauma from real things in life to have any desire to hear a word from people who shame survivors.


Check out one of my bands if you get a chance- you will find it infinitely worthwhile!


UPDATE:1/1 Teaching Wu Style Tai Chi/Qi Gong at the Lorenzo Holistic Health Center starting next month!!! We will offer a weekend class and a morning class on weekdays. Check out the LHHC web page for all the details!!!

UPDATE: 8/1 Doing the showcase project for Ingenuity Fest!!! So busy putting this together but its going to be super nifty and run on solar power!!! I hope everyone comes to Ingenuity to check it and the other great exhibits out!!!

UPDATE: 4/22 (its my birthday!!!)
The show @Elevate opened and most of my pieces sold. There are still a couple for sale so check it out on e65th. We will probably have another party or whatnot for it, so stay tuned;p

UPDATE: :p. My next show is at the Elevate Gallery on April 18th, for a Cleveland Orchestra Event. Not sure on the details but I am making all new pieces (have to lol :p)

UPDATE: I sold out of everything at my art opening at Doubting Thomas in Tremont!!! My next show will be soon and it will be fun (so stay tuned)!!! ;)
What I’m doing with my life
I am a prolific musician and artist who has traveled the entire world and nearly died in the process due to shoestring budget {but cats have 9 lives!!!) with 3 BAs from Antioch college and (what I hope is) a wealth of experience beyond the simplicity of higher education. I have a small business as a music instructor, and am a successful fine artist. I am an incredible chef and would like to one day open a restaurant/yoga/tai chi studio, but being the identical twin that i am, i'm looking for the right partner to share the journey with. I'm much more settled than I have been most of my adult life- I think I'm finally returning to my Taurus stereotype and realizing I'm most comfortable being grounded. Also, having suddenly found success as an artist has certainly played a role in this. I feel love for everyone (though so often disappointed with the state of society) and thus I've spent much of my life trying to connect with people, but in some ways I'll always be a loner. According to the Celestine Prophesy, I'm an aloof tendency (which seems to make sense), so I work really hard at not being that. I think honesty and communication are key and I try to find balance. I do work on many projects (hopefully not too many) so my productive time is very important to me. I'm in a couple rock bands, which really I'm trying to get off the ground (as I'm no longer in the group that seemed to be having the most success. Oh well... they were homophobic; there was nothing I could do. The singer ended up quitting over it and hopefully soon you will see our new group playing somewhere...) and obviously, I do my thing but I want to be someone my friends can count on, as well. I try hard to be a good person; I'd say i like to make people happy. L'Chiam!!!
I’m really good at
music, cooking, making people laugh, art, writing, understanding the human element of history, digesting complicated information and making it simple, tai chi, and dreaming (lucid dreaming, o.o.b.e, sleep paralysis, prophetic dreams: it's all a constant and sometimes I wonder if waking life is the dream). I'm also good at winning imaginary chips sitting here playing poker online (one day I'll go to the Horseshoe and see if I can do it with real money lol), basketball and soccer, thinking about my existence, making and spinning fire, giving multiple orgasms, smiling, being a goof, and sharing good times- many other things also, but don't let me spoil the suspense!!!
The first things people usually notice about me
i look literally half my age... oh yes and probably my waist long dreads ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
UPTON SINCLAIR! Also: Fahrenheit 451, sirens of Titan, the metamorphosis, Childhood's End, Celestine Prophesy, the Once and Future King, the Dancing Wu Li Masters, Steinbeck, Quantum Reality, edgar allen poe; sherlock holmes (which was actually based upon poe's real life detective style newspaper writings), Shel Silverstein, dr. suess since i used to live in the Lorax house in Eugene where he wrote that book, neil gaiman! (and any comic on vertigo)- Death the High Cost of Living is the greatest anything ever and Dave McKean and Chris Bachalo are my art idols, Shade the changing man-

---Star Trek!!!
the secret life of machines, the mighty Boosh, the neverending story, are you being served, taxi, any and all R. Linklater (esp: slackers, dazed&confused, and WAKING LIFE)... harry potter (of course! I'm Harry potter:)

any indie rock, the cure, the smiths, VU and Lou Reed, sonic youth, le tigre, guided by voices, yo la tengo, modest mouse, empire of the sun, silversun pickups.----------- the swirlies(!!!); STEREOLAB; STEREOLAB; STEREOLAB; the knife (and Fever Ray!); polvo, SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE; faith no more; the Police (saw them on their final tour loved them since a little kid in the 80s); reggae from the wailers to the clash to steel pulse and all between, Toots and the Maytals (was on stage with them once at reggae on the river when i was art director a personal highlight i guess:); tori AMOS (seen her live a million times!), drum and bass like LTJ Bukem or DJ Shadow, or older stuff like Art of Noise; old school hip-hop; especially Grandmaster Melle Mel; shoot the list of what i don't like would be shorter...

I first read "On the Road" the first time i was living on the road, but then realized i had to quit turning pages of the book and start turning pages of my life (and frankly Kerouac's life was extremely boring compared to mine). Cannery row has a more historical perspective on the subject matter anyhow imo. My twin brother and i are probably the only people on earth to go on sonic youth tour and we listened to their album MADE IN USA as we drove across the country- it was one of the few tapes we had in the car; (and i just dated myself by saying tape, didn't i...) i've never seen the movie (let me know if you find it) but coincidentally enough, it must have something to do with brothers, as half of the songs on the album seem to. I actually appreciate reading David Icke and probably read way too much about the illuminati and conspiracies. A.C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and Kurt Vonnegut predicted the future (Ray Bradbury too come to think of it). Check out Asimov's non-fiction if you like to know things... I had gotten to the point in my life in 2001 where I mainly read books on meditation and zen philosophy (Tao te Ching is my favorite book ever), until I sarcastically read the first page of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone... and then i was hooked, for i grew up reading fantasy novels (and Judy Bloom) and actually went to Hogwarts (only in real life it was called Antioch College). Still, i mainly read non-fiction (i'm a bit of a history buff, and i can explain most of history from the perspective of how people lived and what they felt, things that have changed little for the most part) because i feel that knowing stuff about the world makes it a better place; i'm funny like that. Oh yeah, and Calvin and Hobbes.

My favorite anime is Utena Revolutionary Girl. Its by the same people who made Sailor Moon, but Utena kicks ass and the whole theme is about overcoming fucked up gender roles. fuck gender roles. I just love Howl's Moving Castle too; i used to have a fire demon, but i set him loose in Montana and he burned down a GMO forest (creepy looking place). Hopefully he returns one day. My ex and I took some of Pele's obsidian from the lava flow on the big isle (including one with some creepy Lord of the Rings writing on it) and later, back on the mainland, I read that Pele puts a curse on those who take her rocks... Bonnie, if yr reading this, TAKE THEM BACK!!! I found a way to turn this around on Pele though, so its all good for now (no its not actually the last farm we lived on is now burning under molten lava), just so long as we get that one back to her eventually. I don't like to break my promises. This has little to do now with books or media (sometimes i ramble, wherefore i can appreciate the non-sequitur...)
The six things I could never do without
my cat, my guitar, vegan food, love, tai chi, people to share good times with...
I spend a lot of time thinking about

but today, nothing, summed up by this song i always hated written by someone i used to know from high school which i am sure you recognize:


yesterday, when there was hope:

with your feet in the air, and your head on the ground
try this trick, and spin. (yeah)
your head will collapse cuz there's nothing in it and you'll ask yourself:
"where is my mind?"

On a typical Friday night I am
having fun! i don't get caught up on the details.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i don't like to say no...
You should message me if
you'd like to communicate (that what it do:)