33Milwaukee, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Jason, I'm (insert age seen above) I live in (insert city seen above) and I am now here. I live in West Allis with two friends and work at Milwaukee airport. I enjoy sleeping, music, playing video games, and comics.

I'm pretty laid back I'm one of those people that sort of just likes waste a day laying around reading and playing games unless I've planned something before hand. I'm not really one for bars much but I do like the Oriental Landmark Lanes. I like being outside when its warm out but I still think nothing better just laying around snuggled up watching a movie.

I am strange, laid back, and lost
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently working for AT&T which has been taking up a good portion of my weekdays. My free time during the week mostly involves being about the house and waiting for the weekend. Weekends mostly involves hanging out with friends, gaming, and other such things that catch my interests.
I’m really good at
I don't think I'm really good at anything ... but i'm not horrible at many things either.
-I guess I'm good at growing up yet keeping large parts of my childhood intact ... is that a good thing?
- most of my friends come to me with questions of comics and other thing "geeky" and "nerdy"
- making inappropriate comments
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm told I have strange eyes, I was accused of wearing colored contacts at a eye appointment once.

my roommates are quick to point out to new guests to the house that I em almost always hyper except when I'm sick.

I'm delightfully mad ... I once held my house hostage with a pair of nerf guns (the foam dart kind) and forced them to watch a movie they already wanted to see ... just because I could
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
- zombie survival guide, watchmen, lost world, Jurassic park, time line, and really anything that can keep my attention

- sushi, pizza, hamburgers (which I don't get because they aren't made of ham), ummm ... i'm not really picky unless its has to do with vegetables

- ummm ... I don't know ... 5th element, V for vendetta, 300, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Watchmen, stranger then fiction, THE FIRST scary movie, unbreakable, hard candy, X-men, Underworld, and countless others

- A.F.I, system of a down, rage against the machine, men without hats, Men at work, apoptygma berzerk, bad religion, electric six, Epoxies, flogging molly, genitorturers, they might be giants, panic at the disco, Flock of seagulls, KMFDM, greenday, MC Chris, Freeze pop, NOFX, No Doubt, Pixies, R.E.M, Rise against, Shiny toy guns, sugarcult, linkin park, They might be giants, Vandals, Zeromancer, mindless self-indulgence, crossfade, cruxshadows,
Six things I could never do without
- internet/computer
- friends (the family I choose to have)
- cell phone
- family
- caffeine
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- What the world would be like if zombies attacked and the survivors were left to defend themselves both from zombie attacks and from other groups of survivors.

- wondering if we really need 6 things that we can't do without

- why did I want to leave high school so badly back in the day when I want to return now?

- wondering what is more painful, having a life full of friends and having them vanish one by one till your alone or just being alone your entire life.

- wondering if I let myself think to much, wondering how often do normal people allow themselves to think and for how long.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working at the airport then off to the diner for dinner with a few friends.

Wondering the meaning of life and if in fact we are not actually alive but simply someones dream (Not that I am egotistical and think the world is my dream. I think it most likely is someone's dream who we don't even know some nameless stranger perhaps that someone bumped into on the street, who while he slept wondered what that person is like and that person interacted with another and another and in a endless cycle we were all created and a back story created in his mind of what we did with our lives.) and soon that person will wake up destroying all creation simply to go to work.

Why is it I love the idea of religion. The belief in the unseen and the magical, something so much greater then ones self or a civilization as a whole. The beauty of looking into ones soul and reaching for a cosmic truth. Yet becoming horribly bitter and angry with mankind, that they throw the experience of finding this truth away in order to be told what the truth is. People claim that they are serious about a certain religion, go to (church, temple, or what ever else) every week, and act like "good" people yet fail to seek out the greatest truth ... you don't need a church to love a god, you don't need a book of stories that have been changed and rewritten countless times, you merely need to look into your own soul and help make the world a better place. Religious organizations are a plague that create conflict. It tells you that these people are right for a belief and these people are wrong because of a slightly different belief and that god hates them because of it. All you need is a sense of morality and the will to do what is right.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Some times on Saturdays when I don't have anything to do I sit around playing video games while wearing an afro wig

I believe people who think the world is gonna end in 2012 DEC 21st just because that's where the Mayan calendar ends are silly. After predicting hundreds of years in advance wouldn't you wanna take a nap?

I once chased off some old people on my lawn with a broom during a 4th of July parade shouting "get off my yard you damn kids" ... in my defense I was 22 and one of my friends dared me and we had been drinking since the 2nd ....

When me and my little sister were growing up I tried to trade her, sell her, or in general get rid of her about once a week

I once had 96 FL OZ of monster in a 2 hour span (3 BFC / 6 normal cans) and for a short period I could stare through time
You should message me if
if your bored and like talking about nothing yet everything.
if you play borderlands for the X-box and wanna team up to show whats what

ask me questions here
The two of us