32Harrisburg, United States
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My self-summary
When it comes to people and love, I am not biased. I can be in love with a woman and I can be in love with a man. Currently, I am in love with a man.

A name is perhaps a good start... my name is Brandi. I have been here on this website before, but it usually ends up being a waste of time.
Recently my fiance, Hàvarðr, has sent a few profiles that made me think otherwise, and so I'm giving it another shot.

I am 23 years old, a workaholic when my mind permits, and an all around open person who is easy to talk to. I get along with most (open-minded and/or like-minded)people as long as they don't come off as arrogant.

I tend to be a bit of a loner, and I am socially awkward (sometimes even crippled) unless surrounded by the right people. I do better in SMALL groups.
I am silly, and I love to laugh. It is very important to me to have a sense of humor in a messed up world like this. Make me laugh, and we will get along great. I find humor in just about everything, even things that most people wouldn't consider funny.

I really like to read people's profiles, and wonder what it would be like to be friends with that person. I often find myself smiling, or giggling along as read with the people I really enjoy on here. I'm the type of person who will mostly read through someone's profile without looking at the pictures. I love learning little things about people, and how they perceive the world and themselves. Occasionally I even forget to look at the pictures. Also, I rarely let people know when I add them as a favorite. Too nervous about it, I guess. Some people think its creepy if you don't send messages or have some kind of exchange.

Music. Music is a huge part of my life. It makes me feel so much. Sometimes words will get choked up in my throat because I can become so emotionally involved in a song that it just takes over. I can't explain this very well. Good music will give me goosebumps. Great music will overwhelm me. Sometimes, I can feel this way with movies too. This is why I love so many movies, and so many different kinds of music.

I am robotic, zombified, and babyeater
What I’m doing with my life
I am once again management for a pharmacy retail store. horray responsibility

I spend most of my time taking care of my Siberian husky puppy, Saga. She is quite a handful, and honestly more work than a baby. She is very hard headed, and in all honesty, probably my best friend in the world. Bringing her to the dog park, and watching her play with other dogs makes me feel like a mom. It's so ridiculously cute how she acts with other dogs. They are just a bunch of forever-kids, really.

I make my own candles and booze. Maybe I should start my own business??
I’m really good at
-Listening, above and beyond all. Funny thing... but people with problems seem to have no trouble finding me and talking to me. Problems are drawn to me, and sometimes I am drawn to people who know they have and accept their problems. I have to admit here that I think people with problems have a much better grip on reality. If you DON'T have problems in this life, then you are living in a plastic world. Anyway, I've been told many times I am very easy to talk to. I think that is because I have an over developed sense of empathy and can really feel what people are going through.
Sometimes this is a bad thing for me though. I can feel too keenly others' pain and it weighs on me, and can really mess me up at times. But the truth is, if I call you a friend, then I would put myself through hell and back for you without hesitation, and without care as to how I might end up in the process.

-Being quiet.

-Feeling people out. I can tell what type of personality someone has when I meet them right away. Rarely have I been wrong.

-Making robot noises for no good reason.

-Jumping in puddles.

-Patience! I grew up with three siblings in close quarters, all close in age. I have a damn near endless amount of patience due to this, unless I'm unusually irritated, but that's pretty rare.

-Being overly silly, which can probably be annoying to some

-Laughing at inappropriate times
The first things people usually notice about me
I have an inkling, and a lot of conversation to back it up that many people see my tits first. I guess they're nice, but I still sort of have a strange mentality about it, because I was very small for a long time, then just sort of.. blew up?

If I am dressed up and going out, the first thing people see again, are my tits, but also my boots. I love tall boots, and I don't mean heels, though sometimes that's a factor.

I hope that people notice my eyes. They are a sort of gray-blue color which makes them adaptable to light. They vary in color, sometimes even looking green. I like my eyes. But more so, I love eyes in general, if I could have a collection of beautiful eyes in a glass jar, I would be pretty happy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Here is where some nerdiness shines through...
Books: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, The Princess Bride: The Good Parts by Goldman/Morgensternall and every Chuck Palahniuk book; Invisible Monsters and Rant are incredible for starters. I enjoy most of Anne Rice's novels; The Vampire Chronicles (1-5), Pandora, Sleeping Beauty Trilogy and Violin. I LOVE the Dragonlance Chronicles (1-3) by Weis and Hickman. I LOVE The Belgaraid by David Eddings. Prozac Nation and More, Now, Again; by Elizabeth Wurtzel, and Night by Elie Weisel

Movies: I'm a huge fan of movies, but I will keep the list short (laugh at what I call short...) The Fifth Element, Alien(s) 1-3, The Orphanage, Mirrormask, Across the Universe, Fido, Bug, Black Snake Moan, The Machinist, Immortal Beloved, Aeon Flux, Brotherhood of the Wolf, The Game, Saw (all of them), May, Donnie Darko, The Crow, Plain Dirty, Dark City, Seven, The Saint, Last of the Mohicans, Princess Bride, Titanic, Hair, Grandma's Boy, Equilibrium, What Dreams May Come, The Village, The Red Violin, Legend, Momento, Planet Terror, Labyrinth, Pan's Labyrinth, The Professional, Monkeybone, Altered States, Fight Club, Romeo + Juliet, Stigmata, Snatch, Moulin Rouge, Anchorman, Pulp Fiction, Interview with the Vampire, Quills, Pi, Wet Hot American Summer, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Boondock Saints, Army of Darkness and the Evil Dead movies, Thank You For Smoking, Unbreakable, Gangs of New York, Legends of the Fall, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrells, Payback, Ravenous, zombies zombies zombies zombies- zombie movies - good or bad, i love them.

TV: House!!!!!, Quantum Leap, Dexter (not the cartoon), Stargate SG-1, Dirty Jobs, MacGuyver, Man VS Wild, anything on the Discovery Channel, Futurama, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Star Trek TNG and Voyager, Scrubs, severe weather shows - I am especially fascinated/obsessed by anything with Tornadoes

Actors/Actresses: Gary Oldman!!!!!, Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Angelina Jolie, Hugh Laurie, Richard Dean Anderson, Jeri Ryan, Joaquin Phoenix, Amanda Tapping, Ashley Judd, Edward Norton, Charlize Theron, Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Bryce Dallas Howard, Christopher Judge

Music: Again.. this list is long but I will shorten it with some generalizations. I like Celtic Music, Metal, Folk (not American Folk), and classic rock.
Opeth, Leave's Eyes, Lacuna Coil, Calley McGrane and the Exiles, Anathema, Jeff Buckley, After Forever, LIVE, VAST, Devin Townsend, Vasen, Forseti, Garmarna, Tristania, (old)Nightwish, Therion, Cruxshadows, Vintersorg, Type O Negative, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Symphony X, VNV Nation, Amaran, and more...

Artists: Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, H.R. Giger, Edward Gorey

Food & Drink: I love potatoes more than any other food. Give me potato anything and I am happy. Mashed, Baked, Fries, Soup, whatever. I am a brewer of mead. I really love melomel mead especially, but any mead will do. I also love beer and hope to brew my own in the future. Chai anything - i LOVE chai, and pumpkin spices. Anything cinnamony like that.

and let's not forget Gaming...
I love Final Fantasy 2 & 3 more than any other game ever made. I enjoy playng FF7, though still will not agree that it is the best one ever made. I also love World of Warcraft (Zeilu on server Mug'Thol bitches!, and for a while I was addicted to Baldur's Gate which was a fantastic game because of the character development and paths you could go. Earthbound, Collapse, Monkey Bash, and I'm sure theres more...I love the classics too, Mario, A Boy and His Blob, etc! I have a soft spot for Mariokart 64 as well as Super Mario 64 which was a lot of fun.
D&D is a lot of fun under the right circumstances! I love dice.. hehe
Six things I could never do without
Good people & Family

something I really need; sunblock.
I burn in 10 min under the sun. It's pretty awful.

The occasional clove cigarette that allows me a few moments to myself.

I probably couldn't feel right if not nearby some trees.. I have a strange obsession with trees as you would see from a photo collection I have...

A true sense of the world around me.

I spend a lot of time loving the little things, but if it came down to it, I could do without materialistic stuff.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
All the things listed above.

Why OKCupid thinks I'm "less compassionate" (perhaps because I have no faith in mankind? But isn't that cynicism?)

Our bodies

My next tattoo

Societies' morals, societies' flaws, societies' arrogance.

Space. Time Travel. History. People's actions. I think a lot on thinking itself, and why people do things or the way they do things.

I think about how I should be really great at being social since I can read into people so well, but for some reason, I'm still very awkward and uncomfortable with people most of the time. I wonder why I can't hold jobs where I have to work with people... and why those jobs affect every other aspect of my life, which really messes with everything.

Tornadoes. I have had dreams about tornadoes for as long as I can remember. I am utterly fascinated by them, as well as other weather in general.

The ocean.

The collapse of the world which I really feel is coming soon.

Asatru, and the Folk I've met along the way.

My nephew Damien. He is the greatest thing that ever happened to my family, though unfortunately his mom is kind of a psycho. But he is a little ball of light that never ceases to amaze me. Now that I'm in PA, I don't get to take care of him anymore though, which is VERY sad!! ...Anyone need a babysitter? hahaha

Kenders... seriously. (If you know what a kender is, I would be very excited about that.)
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't really keep track of days to be honest. Friday doesn't necessarily mark the weekend for me, or for the few people I hang out with

So let's just call this section what I do for fun.
I like to read, watch movies, play video games, go out, go to bars, new places or old favorites to eat, and be with my family or friends. Hiking, fishing, biking, rollerblading and the like when the weather is good for it. Perhaps, I am with family/friends during these activities, or perhaps they can be the activity itself. It all depends

Good ol' escapism is always an option.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't take compliments that well all the time... sometimes I just brush them off, or sometimes I give 5 reasons why the thing you complimented on is not as good as you think it is, instead of just saying Thanks, and smiling. I'm getting better.

I sometimes read through people's profiles, and try to make patterns and sentences from the highlighted interests they provide, to see if there's secret messages there. uhm.... heh. Weird?

I'm terribly addicted to The Hatchery on facebook.
You should message me if
-My whole life I have had mostly male friends... I am kinda hoping for some female friends because the few close ones I do have, no longer live nearby. I like people whom I can be really silly, sincere, and honest with.

-you have read my profile (I'm amazed if you got this far!), found common interests, and just wanna chat, ask me for my IM. Who knows? We might be great friends, and eventually meet, and be greater friends.

-anything here just clicks, or makes sense.

-But ultimately, I'm looking for friends to get me out of the house! to hang out with, who have fun ideas and want to laugh the night up, or even just sit around and have coffee, good conversation, or watch movies.

-you are a photographer looking for an aspiring model, have good ideas, Oh, and tips on how to loosen up your subject. (i generally take my own photos, and can feel pretty awkward if other people are taking pictures of me)

-If you love MacGuyver, House MD, Dexter(the serial killer, NOT the cartoon), or zombies, we should be friends and talk about them avidly.
I'm also a big fan of morbidity, and things like eating babies.

If you are Asatru! I am part of a Folkish kindred in Harrisburg, PA
Here is a good start for you to meet some other Asatru locals.
Odins Folk PA

PLEASE Do not message me if

-All you can say is Hey Sexy, or You're Hot, or Wanna see my penis?, generally, I just click delete on those messages (and block)
-If you are a male seeking anything more than friendship
-If you are a male that is over 40 years old. Way outside my comfort range, sorry.
-If you can't have an open mind about most things, including sensitive things like drugs/alcohol

"Young and alone on a long road,
Once I lost my way:
Rich I felt when I found another;
Man rejoices in man."
The two of us