34Cambridge, United States
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My self-summary
what with being married, i probably can't put off updating/turning off this profile for any longer. i won't really attempt to justify how i stayed "single" on this site through 4 years of on and off dating the good mr. peter since, well, all i can say is I'm kinda slutty and i don't check this frequently. A bunch of awesome people have contacted me so i feel particularly bad about wasting their time. all i can say is 1) I have a *lot* of single female friends in the phil department 2) I would certainly like to have more friends 3) Peter sometimes authorizes sexual depravity if it is suitably hot and non-threatening. BUT NOTE for those purposes my tastes are pretty specific, so unless you are a dreamy feminine goth girl (see www.lizviscious.com for one who is also a pornstar) who is genuinely gay or bi, or a nerdy/academic english guy let's not waste each others time.

Hm... i'm a philosophy grad student in cambridge (if you want to hear about my enormous throbbing GRE score you can ask in person).Academically I'm into analytic philosophy and math and otherwise I like 19th century novels of all sorts, nabokov, borges and recently I've been reading wittgenstein on philosophy of math and playing shamefully much WoW. I'm a bit of a goth (if current 93, Legendary Pink Dots, ladytron and the creatures mean anything to you then cool, though I don't really think that liking the same music is a good indication of whether or nor two people will get along).

I am arrogant, curious, and hedonistic
What I’m doing with my life
I'm in the third year of a PHD in philosophy. I'm into metaphysics, phil of mathematics and phil of logic and sentimentalism (as in Hume and Adam Smith).
I’m really good at
enjoying food sleep and conversation
The first things people usually notice about me
really I have no idea, maybe that my prose style is fucked up or that genuinely want to hear about their thesis
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books - i'll just list authors to make this shorter- nabokov, oscar wilde, jane austen, proust, turgenev, tolstoy, dostoevsky, saki, douglas adams movies - my favoite movies are not movies but (mostly british comedy) tv series. either my attention span is too short or I am hopelessly mundane and soulless. go mundane and soulless! :) i claudius, red dwarf, yes minister, the office, wooster and jeeves music - pulp, legendary pink dots, current 93, the cure, ladytron. oh, and I guess mozart and wagner, though being best friends with a music major through highschool and the first part of college has convined me that I'm just the sort of concert-goer adorno is always going on about: I only understand .01% of what's going on that .01% is likely to be the voluptous sound qualities of particular instruments and the price of my ticket. foods - tomatoes, hummus, warm pita bread, random berkely vegan food (e.g. pasta in yeast-sause or the food-not-bombs stirfry), roasted bellpeppers, sourdough bread
Six things I could never do without
beyond the obvious biological stuff, and some small amount of controll over my own thoughts, nothing. I have a nice life now doing philosophy (maybe the nicest I can imagine for someone born before, say 2050) but many other worse lives seem like they could be made livable (a soviet bureaucrat, a country doctor, a harem eunich, a courtesan, a mideaval monk, an investment banker, a king or queen, a greek slave in ancient rome). Things would be less confortable, but I don't think there's any core of myself which would be lost or betrayed by making the requisite adjustments in tastes and habits. Isn't there something in nietzsche about how he wouldn't put anything past a woman? ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how we can learn things like math and logic a priori, nabokov's views on the relationship between art and morals and sadly that's about all. #1 accounts for most of my wakeing hours. if only i had some more friends who wanted to argue about what kind of copyright laws we should have, or Tom Stoppard interpretation or what new kinds of videogames there should be...
On a typical Friday night I am
going out to dinner with people from my department/studying in a cafe if the weather is nice (you know those nice summer nights when heat softly radiates up through the pavement)/playing world of warcraft
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
um... that I had a big crush on viconia in baldur's gate II? that i've had maybe five or six real realtionships (the phrase is vauge) but am still a virgin? suffice it to say, i'm not very private
You should message me if
- you live nearby and want to watch films/play games/argue - you are from the uk and want to exploit your colonialist mystique - you do analytic philosophy and want to talk about it

on the other hand you should not message me if you just want to complement me on my looks. why would you do that? there are many other things you could do: novel-reading and onanism suggest themselves immediately, or you could go for a walk or make yourself a nice cup of tea...
The two of us