32 Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I'll start this off simply enough....First of all, I'm specifically looking for a girlfriend...a monogomous g/f.....don't get me wrong, I like having friends that are girls....but I'm not lookin' to be "friend zoned" here, that just sucks and it's happened one too many times. ANYWAY.................having said that......if ya "like" me, talk to me....I can't see who the hell "likes" me....and there's a bunch of em that apparently do.....but they won't start the conversation.

Secondly, pay no attention to the "okcupid personality traits" BULLSHIT at the bottom....this system is waaaay off. Saying I'm not friendly, not ambitious, & not playful.....OK CUPID, go fuck yourself. You got me all wrong there. Now that I feel I set the record straight....

My dad once told me, "It is better to be thought a fool and remain silent...than to open your mouth and remove all doubt" Unfortunately it stuck. Since then I've been shy...I never wanted to say something that would make me look foolish in front of girls so I stayed quiet...sort of....I have friends...just no girlfriend....well so much for silence.

I have my own place in Mar Vista (and no I don't live with my parents before you start to wonder)....I've been working in a high end florist shop & I get to play with pretty flowers...and wear whatever I want to work...no uniform, no suit & tie. Now I just need to find a girl who likes pretty flowers. Surely one exists.

Anyway I have a cool job title now, after having been there for about 8 years...... I'm the crew manager & the shop S.A.I.N.T. (Specialized Assistant First Class, Nominal Title)....this means I can & will do just about everything my shop needs to be done. From prep and cleanup, to handyman work, to grunt labor, to thinking about and fixing a problem on the fly (which happens far too often in my opinion.....damn Murphys' Law), design work (''pretty work'', as I call it), or occasionally fabricating and making the stuff we require for special projects.....all in a days work.

Yes I work, no I'm not a dead-beat...I get bills, I pay em. It comes with being a responsible adult.

I'm a comic book fan ( the nerd in me just screamed 'GRAPHIC NOVEL ENTHUSIAST!') currently reading "Grimm's Fairy Tales- Myths & Legends"....but have read other books beyond count.

I'm also an all around gamer(from board games to card games, to video games )and I'll play anything with ninjas, zombies, or war in it...
Here's some of the board games I play: Zombies, Munchkin,Settlers of Catan, Wonderland...just to name a few...then theres video games:
From Ninja Gaiden, Resident Evil, & Halo to Batman (arkham asylum & city) to anything with Spiderman (one of my favorite super heroes) right up to Rockband (my friends got me hooked and slowly turned me into a real drummer....complete with a real drum set).

I'm an insomniac & have been one for years but I have always prefered the term nocturnal.

I'm a southpaw, apparently that's uncommon as lefties make up only 10-12% of the population. Yeah and I don't smear my ink or pencil when I write, either!

Sure there is a lot more I could say about myself...like how I occasionally like to draw....or the cuter I find a girl (and I find many girls way cute), the worse my tongue just seems to stick to the floor of my mouth (it always has, now ain't that a bitch)...but in any case I'm done self summarizing with this....long story short, I'm something of a nerd.
What I’m doing with my life
Wondering what the fuck I'm even doing on this site, aside from that...

Visiting my family every so often to let them know I'm okay, not dead in a ditch somewhere...and that I still love them...(yes family is important to me, always has been & always will be).

I love: Gardening and making stuff grow (right now I've got blackberries, an orange tree, a young grapevine & few other things), it's an excuse for me to play in the dirt and get good an' dirty....

Occasionally fixing things (my dad is an engineer so he passed on his love of fixing/improving things around the home to me), working with my hands.

Looking for a special someone...although at times I wonder if there is someone out there for me... or not......whatever.

I love to go hiking, camping, fishing, playing in the ocean....all sorts of stuff along those lines....anything outdoorsy really. My dad taught me to survive in the wilderness, not that I want to
but I could. Go survival training! So because of him I have a healthy appreciation of the simple things in life.

In between all the fun stuff I work...5 days a week, in a relatively fun job, in an easy atmosphere... I don't have to be P.C., or dress up 'nice', I can be my jolly self...bad jokes & all.
I’m really good at
Juggling ( I taught myself), playing the drums (again self taught), breaking drum sticks (it's better than therapy and less costly), critiquing movies, playing video games,board games,card games, re-inflating my ego (should the need ever arise), and making people smile & laugh...just don't ask me to do all this stuff at once....I mean I can but I really don't want to....
The first things people usually notice about me
My height....(girls always seem to go for taller guys, for some reason that's beyond my understanding....statistically they live shorter lives, look it up....fun fact)...

that or

The t-shirts I wear, the majority of them saying horrible/offensive yet really funny stuff, like "My parents said I could be anything so I became an asshole." The funny thing is my parents gave me that T-shirt...I often wonder if they're trying to tell me something....go figure. Anyway, these shirts have sayings like that or they have really bad pictures like Kermit the frog being dissected by Bunsen & Beeker (it's my adult love of Sesame St.) What can I say other than I'm a fan of T-Shirt hell.com...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: I've read the Harry Potter collection, Lord of the Rings, The Riyria Series, An Unfortunate Series of Events saga, The Exorcist, Legion,The Phule series (by Robert Asprin), Jurassic Park, Timeline, The Night Angel trilogy, the Ice & Fire series, Grimm's Fairy Tales & Tales from Wonderland (graphic novels....ok, ok, comics) series, Marvel Zombies (more comics), the occasional Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, Thomas Harris book, Resident Evil series (yeah that's right, more zombies & based on the games)....Ender's Game, the Zombie Survival Guide (handbook & graphic novel), & Tales from the Dark Tower (vampire stories) just to name a few of the vast number of books I've read... well...that's enough about books, I mean there are so many. I'd read more but there aren't enough hours in the day.

Movies:....again so many it's endless... Anything with zombies, I'm a big fan of horror in general. Cartoons (from the looney tunes to stuff like Hoodwinked), Almost any of the Marvel movies (although I still say Ben Affleck is not Daredevil, I'll believe in Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern first, even though I liked both of those movies......what a dorky thing to say....wow.), but Capt. America/SpiderMan are among my favorites.

Any movie that's funny really, Back to the Future series, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (the originals before George Lucas started mutilating them & the dumb argument of who shot first Han or Greedo... Greedo never fired!!! Once again... wow... REALLY dorky. ) And the occasional heartwarming movie or tear jerker... (cough..cough...Moulin Rouge...cough...Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...cough.)

Music: This list could go on forever so here's the short version...Sublime, Weezer, Mettalica, Beatles, some Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughn, AC/DC...Lots of Rock (classic and current), Social Distortion, Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, Richard Cheese, the Moonlight Sonata, The Acro-Brats "Day late, Dollar Short", Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Crowes, and a bunch more.....

Food: Oh no I ran out of room to talk about food...No room for food then....I guess I don't eat....awww shit and I was hungry too....
The six things I could never do without
1. My blood. Kinda need that to function.....

2. Money, I want to do without it, but when's that really gonna happen?

3. My video games...I love them...I even tell them that. I'm still waiting to hear them say it back to me though.....I can wait...still waiting....any time now....(exasperated sigh)...oh well...maybe tomorrow.

4. My sense of humor......it keeps me going.

5. Family (friends are included in this category so I don't even intend to list them...aww shit...I will. Friends.)

6. books & comics...I'm still a kid at heart, and it ain't changing any time soon.

7. Yeah that's right I said 7... Lucky 7....my Stan Lee autographed Converse All Stars...as far as I know the only pair in existence.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
These are a motley of actual thoughts I've had.....:

Why are a lot of girls attracted to some asshole guys? It's a fact! I've seen/heard/read it on multiple occasions. It doesn't make any sense to me...never has.

Why do girls tend to go after taller guys? No really....Why? (studies have shown that taller people often live shorter lives...oh wait.... I said that already didn't I?)

Paying my bills, of course....I like having my own place, electricity, gas, and running water... the simple things in life.

Wondering why guys have to make the first move...why can't girls do it?...I think that's awesome when they do...but they don't.

Where is the girl who would happily break this stereotype?

Come to think of it I spend too much time thinking....I don't think I can stop. There I go again.
On a typical Friday night I am
Stalking the LA rooftops, dressed up in my ninja gear (no body armor, don't need it), just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting criminals from the shadows and disappear just as quickly....it's just something I do for fun, everybody needs a hobby....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm really the head of the Stone Masons, the Illuminati, the Patriots, The M-I team, The Ninja Assassins Guild and Zombie Pacification Squad & a full time superhero...but aside from that....and in all seriousness.

I have a rubber band ball that weighs more than 50 lbs now and growing...made entirely out of rubber bands right to the core....it's great for exercise!

I once caught a co-worker in my arms after she fell off a ladder.....it was sheer coincidence that I was wearing a t-shirt with the Superman symbol.
I once played a game of Mancala, backgammon, chess, and Magic all at the same time against 4 different people...and won all 4! Can you say " NERD"?

I'd find it much easier and far less painful to run into a burning building than to ask a girl out. That's the problem with growing up as a nerd, I might as well have been invisible.

I'm a hopeless/helpless romantic with delusions that chivalry still exists (it does, I'm living proof)... &....

I enjoy girls who can make me blush....go ahead and try apparently it's easy from what I hear.
You should message me if
You are honest.

You like what you have seen/read.

You wouldn't mind dating a ninja.

You actually want a guy that practices & believes in chivalry.

You want a guy that does know the difference between: thier, there, and they're.......as in ," They're over there by thier things." (I also know the difference between: to, too, and two.....too.)

You like pretty flowers.....no really, REAL Flowers....I've worked at a floral studio for several years and never had a girl to give the flowers to....friends and family- yes...no girl.

Ya wanna laugh or hear a joke (I know too many for my own good, it's an automatic-defense mechanism, it came from me being nerdy) maybe see a movie, play some video games, discuss comics/books, ask me how I came to own a 50 lb. rubber band ball.......or maybe if you just feel like it...no pressure.

In short, message me if YOU WANT TO......