45Dallas, United States
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My self-summary
(It's been YEARS since I've updated this!) I'm polyamorous, but very few of the "standard" labels will stick (or even apply). I have a complex and widespread network of people-i-know, with whom relationships shift and change as much any natural landscape. I'm <<happily involved in a deeply romantic and fulfilling relationship>> with my boyfriend, angrybuddha. Yes, we're poly, but neither of us are inclined to date folks who aren't <<friends first>> (and who can continue to be such). No swingers, no fooling around, no random encounters -- shop elsewhere. Also no "we only date as a couple" -- if you're that insecure or ignorant of how human emotions work, this isn't the place to shop, either. Since we'd like to think we're realistic in that vein, we don't insist on it, either.

I have orchestrated and organized pagan college students, coffee enthusiasts, clergy and crafters. I am an autodidactic sapiosexual nitpicking gamer-geek who maintains the Dartabase of people & places (not available for matchmaking or marketing!), as well as the Dartipedia of occasionally-useful connected information (does not include sports, popular entertainment or rap song lyrics). I know tidbits (or more) about Sophia, Erzuli, Zarathustra, the Mackabees, Hadit, Hamurabi, Snori, Aleister, Nikola, Albert and Uncle Bob (my fav). I fancy kodama, bustle-dresses, gnome mages and sauces (yes, that makes me a saucy wench).

I value my crafting time, my good food and my friends.

Most importantly, I pay attention.

I am creative, sanguine, and complicated.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently a technical writer ... which, in this economy, means I'm either on a short contract or looking for the next gig.

I spend most of my time (ok, nearly all of it, outside of work) with my boyfriend. We're both autodidacts. Seriously, the ultra-geeky smrt[sic] kind. We used to WoW; it was part of our courtship -- I got him back into the game, and he built me a faster computer at his place so that I wouldn't have to leave just so we could group. We retired from WoW to work on levelling our real-life hobbies a few years ago, and now we pour our time into quilting (me), mini painting (him) and crochet (me).
I’m really good at
Shredding unicorn (HBB) seekers. You have been warned.
Tracking social connections up to 3-degrees-apart. Not a lot (since these chains tend to collapse shortly after discovery), but I have a few.
Tracking 2-degrees-apart relationships. For many many many dozen. Really; try me.
Tracking 1-degree-apart relationships. For several hundred, probably into the thousands. I _wish_ I was kidding.

Explaining how to tie a shoelace to someone who just noticed the strange covering on those bent bits of flesh on the ends of those leg-things, but don't call them shoes, please, because that's just too technical!
Writing user guides.
Designing, documenting and implementing procedures and practices, then reporting on the results.
Finding bits of software that don't meet spec.
Writing some of the specs.
Fixing tpyos.

Jewelry (the kind with stone beads and wire... lots of wire).
Cooking. I believe that the ABs (Alton and Anthony) are saints, approaching demigod status. I can make baklava, tiramisu and a damn good gumbo.
Coffee. I'm a Priestess of Caffeina -- I own 3 grinders, 3 espresso-makers and at least 4 coffee-makers, and my Breville grinder and Breville espresso machine are the pride of the pack. I buy coffee within a few _days_ of its roasting.
Collecting antique Singer (and clone) sewing machines. We currently own 8 antiques (in addition to 3 moderns) that date from 1904 to 1956. Most work, some flawlessly; none are treadles, since we don't have a house yet. My current favorite? A 1946 Singer Featherweight.
Sewing. I'm still weak on the engineering, but I've learned the basics of how to drape, I can do modifications to patterns and I can design within the 1870-1890 aesthetic rather confidently. Plackets and zippers still vex me, men's coats are completely daunting and I haven't worked with striped/patterned fabric on a bodice yet, so there's still plenty to learn. But the cryptic designs printed as "patterns" in the late 1800's are starting to make sense. Be afraid! (I am!)

I've dropped costuming for a little while (a wedding dress should not be undertaken lightly. Despite the stunning results, it can devour one's soul.) and switched to quilting, which lead to making tote-bags, which lead to messenger bags, and then I discovered the instant-gratification of knitting-needle and crochet-hook rollups and clutches. (You should still be afraid.) I can count on one hand the number of weeks that my Singer Featherweight has sat idle since Dec.2010, mostly due to A-Kon.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm creative.
I'm a pessimist.
I'm NOT the "athletic type".
On a typical Friday night I am
recovering from the work-week, probably having dinner with my beloved boyfriend, and then we're probably relaxing at home with our respective forms of entertainment (XBox 360 and Singer 221).
You should message me if
... you're not looking for a "hookup", a "fling" or a third (and/or fourth).
... you ALREADY know AT LEAST one person in my monkeysphere.
... you can start an introduction with more than "nice profile" or "u r cute."
AND ... you understand all the terms I used (or are resourceful enough to look them up).

(Violators' messages subject to immediate deletion.)
The two of us