47 North Bergen, United States
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My self-summary
1/3 hippie, 1/3 punk, and 1/3 yuppie.
Appreciator of history and beauty.
Never married, no kids.
Already lived nine lives.
Believe that life keeps getting more interesting, and more satisfying.
Lived all over the place.
Travel nut that occasionally likes to impersonate Indiana Jones and baby dinosaurs.
Smart, articulate, wise, fun.
Lover of dark chocolate with sea salt.
Into photography, documentaries, writing and podcasts.
Alive, honest, direct, thoughtful.
Your equal, or it won't work.
Not the usual package; won’t pretend to be.
Fit, active; but no longer a gym rat.
The Cool Aunt.
Spiritual, not religious.
Periodically obsessed with grand slam tennis and World Cup soccer.
Do-gooder with an MBA.
Not for everyone.
New Yorker reader, NPR listener, BBC newser.
A power to the people liberal.

Not married or otherwise accounted for.
Genuinely like women.
Are similar to me, but different enough to keep things interesting.
Don’t hang out in bars; don’t smoke.
Solid, calm, good, warm.
Know that there are three necessary qualities to a successful relationship: like, respect and love.
Maybe even in that order.
Smart, wise, kind.
Age appropriate with a young view of life.
Have a job, friends, a life.
My equal.
Interesting, multifaceted, sensuous, dignified.
Comfortable in your own skin.
Clever without being sarcastic.