33Brussels, Belgium
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My self-summary
29 years old I.T guy, openly nerdy, circumspect, big reader, loves hip hop, soul, electro, good TV shows and grilled meat. Also partying and laughing like...everybody I guess. I worked as a cook for several years (submit marriage applications through MP :D).
Years of introspection led me to draw a pretty good picture of myself that I still like to challenge and complete through various thoughts, life experiences and recurring social input (this sounds robot-ish, Binary dave is binary).

My brain is full of knowledge unrelated to my areas of expertise, I love learning stuff for no particular reason.

One question that I often hear is "What are you doing on OKC ?"
Well, one of *these* nights (you know which ones), I got home from a bar a bit annoyed about how shallow some of my interractions with women were under the influence of liquid courage. I told myself it could be interesting to have thought-out genuine conversations with people who have somewhat the same drive, so here I am. Needless to say I soon arrived to the conclusion that the online dating metagame comes with it's own obstacles and barriers. Whatever, I'm still game.
What I’m doing with my life
Beeing a system administrator. In a nutshell, I make sure the underlying computer structure in a company is operational.
Most of it consists in solving logical problems and troubleshooting stuff, but it is challenging and allows me to focus my overthinking brain.

As for my hobbys, I write stuff, try to teach myself guitar and drawing, play videoga-(SHUT UP IT'S A DEALBREAKER, don't you know lots of women hate those ?) Oh, Right. Thank you Jiminy Cricket !
So I enjoy, from time to time, engaging in videoludic artsy intellectual introspective philosophical games (so few of those, it's a shame, such a niche market) which help me grow as a mature adult.

Spending time with my friends, listening to them whine about their girlfriends and giving relationship advice they don't want to hear when in nag-mode.
I’m really good at
Giving people ridiculous nicknames that will stick with them for years.
I am pretty pro at sandwichcrafting, a must have talent for singles. Its all science to me.
Everything computer related.
Learning by myself.
Fixing up broken stuff. So manly I know, if you can thread we would be unstoppable.
Dodging nicknames, never once has one stuck on me. I'm either shallow, or people know better not to fuck with my awesome David name which I'm so proud of.
Romantic stuff or so I heard. What a bragger.
Having a bad boy side, I think it's part of my life story, but I rather think I'm a complete badass, even if the first rule of badassery is that you do not think you are a badass, you know it. There is a conclusion to draw here but I don't wanna hear it.
The first things people usually notice about me
I wear glasses. Read this so much on some profiles, maybe it is socially defining stuff I don't get, so I'll throw it here.
Awkward smile, do not seem outgoing at first glance. Actually, I have a shy smile. Pretty weird but pretty cool too I've been told. I've starting using it as a seductive tool I think. Oh, humans and their tricks.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Everything by H.P Lovecraft, Pratchett and Isaac Asimov, Gateway by Frederik Pohl. Game of Thrones, tons of others.
Shows I love : Firefly (damn you FOX), Community, Arrested Developpement, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Big Bang Theory, HYMYM (sucks after season 3 tho), Supernatural, House of Cards, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and lots of other cool show everybody watches. Oh, media consumption in the internet era...
Six things I could never do without
A way to access the internet.
My awesome social group.
Shelter , food, and this is so boring, I just want to be happy, safe and entertain myself until I can eye contact the grim reaper and tell him "come at me bro".
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Really really random stuff, also how Physics are fascinating in daily life. Also getting lost trying to apprehend how big the universe actually is.
The underlying social meta, what drives people to act the way they do. Makes me a very patient and forgiving person.
On a typical Friday night I am
With friends having a blast.
Or home, having much needed personal time. Let go of me, cellphone.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I might be 1m72. The first think I check on a girl's profile is her height.
I always had a thing for tall women, I think they are beautiful, but this has been a dealbreaker so many times I mostly don't bother anymore, and I get it somehow. It is probably genetic-driven.

I don't speak Ancient Greek. I have been asked about it, then called a liar. It left me flabbergasted.

I will be leaving this planet as soon as I fix my spaceship.

I had removed the previous line, because I feel it makes me look unstable (I was just trying to be nerdy, as if I needed more of that). But I will add it here again because it has been the single most used icebreaker women have used to talk to me. Sigh, woman up !
You should message me if
You think nerds are hot, or, you know, whatever.
The two of us