47 San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
Honest, good hearted, social & technical visionary / nerd / activist, Berkeley alum, established IT & business career in parallel with non-profit activities, travelled 80+ countries, speaks Spanish & Chinese, loves helping people, looking for final life partner

Interests: organic gardening, vegan cooking & nutrition, feminism, futurism, environmental sustainability, peace studies, poverty eradication, human & animal rights, radical & progressive politics, language & cultural exchange, sociopolitical writing / activism, social entrepreneurship, charities, MMJ cultivation, electronic music, swimming, cycling, hiking, dancing, femdom / FLR, road trips, touring old towns & buildings, nocturnal walks

中文还可以! 加我的威信: Superdave888
What I’m doing with my life
Work internationally and in Silicon Valley as a technology consultant, manager, and entrepreneur. Recently switched to a 100% remote position for better work-life balance and potential to relocate or travel anytime.

Adjusting to awesome new mobility & time availability. I was a single parent but now my kids moved away to university. Stopped commuting. Paid off unsecured debt. Life constraints are melting away. It's a bright new phase where I can freely design my lifestyle.

As parr of this transition, am remodeling my Bay Area house to rent out to cool roommates as a vegetarian commune and thereby automatically cover the costs, but not have to be there. Supervising a separate seaside condo development project in Mexico part-time, with intent to cash out and have a better nest egg. Gradually replacing my tech career with passive income streams such as ecommerce.

Would like to finally be done with the money question, an unfortunate man-made distraction that can derail us from what is genuine and important in this world.

Soon can afford to make my life passion -- sociopolitical writing / organizing -- as the new main focus. There are humanitarian, environmental, indeed existential causes that I just can't stay away from any longer!

Working in the garden to stay healthy and maintain a continuous therapeutic relationship with nature. It supplies about 1/3 of my vegetable consumption and that should increase as I learn WTF I am doing.

While I'm thoroughly enjoying all this self-improvement and transformation, I still remain open to find my future life partner (girlfriend, wife, soul mate, dueña, ama, diosa, however the case may be), and am actively clearing space and laying the foundation in my life to support whatever the cosmos has in store for us.

I'm not rushing and hope you aren't in a hurry either... Amazing people come in all colors, sizes, and humble or even initially strange wrappings. I don't judge. Ideally we would start as good friends first and see what happens, not being attached to any particular outcome...
I’m really good at
Communication, problem solving, mentoring, counseling / advising, making peace, bringing people together

Technology, business, real estate, international relations, politics, and languages

Visualizing creative & alternative solutions to any challenge. I achieve what others find impossible, unlikely, or unimaginable.
The first things people usually notice about me
Blue eyes and thick lips lol

Unusual generosity, empathy, sensitivity

Robust knowledge & life experience in myriad topics

Ridiculous multitasking bandwidth

Extraordinary transparency

Humility (except in a job interview or dating profile, because our competitive society demands otherwise, disgusting as it feels)

Fast, efficient, confident driver (6 yrs in Europe trained me)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food - vegetarian, preferably organic vegan; Chinese, Indian, Japanese, most other Asian; lots of green vegetables, soups, stir fry, salad, etc. Home cooked is awesome... would love to go 100% raw...

Books - mostly non-fiction - self-help/personal growth, biographies, political, IT, cooking, gardening

Music - mostly electronic (trance, techno, 80s, 90s), some hip hop, some alternative or vintage rock... depends on mood

Movies - comedy, sci-fi, political, documentary

Shows - I don't watch TV these days, I've moved on, but in a prior life it was South Park, Stargate, etc.
The six things I could never do without
In truth can do without anything... but for the sake of answering:

1. good healthy food, especially abundant fresh green veggies
2. access to information (whether books, mentors, or the internet)
3. garden / parks / farms / nature (need to see sunlight, plants, water, wildlife in motion)
4. loving, being loved, affectionately touched, and warmly held
5. hope of fulfilling dreams/purpose of healing and improving the world
6. sharing life, laughter, humor, smiles, and profound connection with good people
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- How to save our planet, its foliage, air, water, and animals (they deserve same rights as us)
- How to evolve into the most loving, ethical, and capable person I can be, and help others, hoping positive conscienciousness will spread
- How to break the 2-party system and the purported hold of oligopolists and plutocrats on wealth & power that should be shared
- My obligations to family, friends, and stakeholders
- The massive societal shifts that are coming and how to navigate those to an optimal outcome
- History, politics, philosophy, psychology, and most of the other social sciences
- The best way to live; how to simplify/automate
- The next creative project or learning experience
- New vegetarian recipes and innovative plant-growing techniques
- Where ideally to retire or maintain a second home, internationally
On a typical Friday night I am
Cooking organic vegetarian meals in my wok or claypot for guests in my home, with music playing in the kitchen, then relaxing under the stars in the hot tub, in my garden

As cliche as it is -- no typical Friday... alternatively I may be:

Enjoying an evening out in the City or on a main street of some town -- fine dining, walks, music / lounge venues, etc.

Or taking a weekend road trip, visiting relatives, having a self guided spiritual journey - I've been known to compact Vegas, SoCal, Mexico, or Oregon into that short of a space... Insane I know... Leave the RV at home and fly the Prius... economical & fast

I'm a big kid, like to be silly, have fun... occasionally bowling, video games, dancing, etc. Lots of foreign language conversations.

Engaging in creative works -- web design, writing, DIY projects, etc. Need to prioritize more of that!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I believe women are intrinsically, overall the superior gender, the gender for our postmodern time, and the key to human evolution. As a beginning, I prefer to see women in control of the world--we would have less war and less damage to the planet if we did that.

I admire strong female decision makers and orchestrators who take charge, make the first moves, and can overcome adversity & challenges with their faith and happiness intact. I especially admire one who can tune and direct her man's energies and potential toward successful accomplishment for a lofty social purpose.

As such I would welcome a female led relationship (FLR) or Femdom lifestyle, if properly negotiated / with the right person. I look forward to be trained and molded, continuously improved, to please you and to achieve our goals.
You should message me if
If you consider yourself intelligent, benevolent, and a good communicator... and no matter how important money may be to you, you believe love is more important... If you want to get to know each other better... maybe you like vegetables... love foreign cultures... are not so into TV / sports / fashion / consumerism / electoral politics, or other illusions that they eclipse important things in life... are at least somewhat awake sociopolitically and otherwise... so we can learn from each other... believevh there is always something to experience or do and that you never could be bored in several lifetimes.

A few *OPTIONAL* bonuses that could make this even more rad from my perspective:
- open to living & travelling anywhere
- would enjoy dedicating a significant part of our time & energy together to solving humanity's collective challenges (maybe helping to create a new political party or whatever it takes)
- 420 friendly
- BDSM friendly (and are dominant or sadistic) or like the notion of using spanking as one of the tools to mold & train your boyfriend/husband
- politically rebellious (a former Berner, Green, lib, anarchist, Marxist, or other radical with optimism, compassion, and a burning desire for social justice)
- spiritual (and patient for me to catch up -- I haven't had an OOB or anything yet)
- vegan or vegetarian or somewhat friendly to the idea
- love gardening
- speak foreign language(s) or have a color or culture or weird family & friends to share
- if you are a kisser, affectionate, sapiosexual, open-minded, libertine / laissez faire, non-judgmental!

Any race, age, body type, career, or financial status ok... It doesn't matter to me as I'm going to fall in love with your heart, mind, and soul, and therefore whatever your natural exterior shell is will appear beautiful & just perfect for me, no matter how you or others may perceive it.

If you think you *may* possibly be interested in me, or want to know more, then please don't succumb to doubts or hesitation, just message me already...

I'm easy to talk to, and I really do appreciate a woman who takes the initiative, because I am a little shy (and I prefer being interrogated or seduced, however the case may be)...

This will work better when YOU are the one to contact me first and you drive our relationship to YOUR desired outcome... but time is valuable for both of us so, subject to being geographically close, please do be prepared to meet