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My self-summary
UPDATE: 3/15/17
Yep still fat ( I like to think it as teddy bearish)
I've recently come to realize that looking for my soulmate from an ideal imagine in my head has been keeping me from meeting really interesting women who may not be my ideal match or hers BUT. It's possable they or I could connect them with their perfect one , or not . Either way I would have meet an interesting women and possibly a new friend . Judging someone from a photo or two doesn't do any of us fairly .
Yes, I do need to get serious in losing weight and not the same 10lbs over and over , lol
I got FAT :(
(the old mirror I bought at the carnival made me look skinny ( that's why I bought it )just kidding .... About the mirror not being fat , unfortunately :(
IM Talking 8 months preg... Oh wait I'm a dude , change that to sumo wrestler fat, minus the diaper, lol.
I got some ( ok lots) of work to do before I'm worthy of meeting anyone new :(
Well it's been years already I guess a few ( or many ) more months won't hurt , oh crap I'm getting old, I gotta get moving before I have to move to the old folks home ( hopefully many years from now, lol)
Does this mean no more buttered popcorn while watching a Marvel super hero movie .... Na that's not going to happen , lol
Well if anyone's interested , check back and I'll update my progress :)
When I get down to 3 months preg...... I mean just husky

MY PERFECT MATCH ( in theory,lol)

A PRETTY WOMEN ( to me)but doesn't think she is , a women who deserves to be treated special but doesn't expect it or demanded it .

1) NON SMOKERS PLEASE (It's 2017 it's BAD for you ,DUH)
2) No TATTOOS - yuck !!! (sorry you'd have to be super cute to get past this one ,or a small out of sight one maybe,lol
3) I'm very attracted to brown completions and black hair as well as tanned blue eyed blondes and lots in between,lol
4) Under 50 , I know crappy thing to say but I really haven't found anyone attractive on here older than 45 so should I waste your time ? If met in person maybe would be different .
It is going to make it harder to find my soulmate but i am determined NOT to settle this time . I know i maybe too old for some younger women so please forgive if i found you interesting and wanted to reach out to you.
5) Skinny to a FEW extra lbs(yes i am a few Lbs extra and will lose for right women
6) MUST like affection, cuddling, kisses and hand holding.
If you've read this far your either very bored, super interested ( my choice) or totally pissed at what I just wrote and want to cuss me out ( hopefully not the case)I am a honest guy , not into games or waisting each others time.
But you have no reason to believe me so you'll have to determine if it's true yourself.
i have gotten a bit out of shape, ok a lot during the winter but I am now getting back into shape, I could use a partner interested in losing a bit or just want to help me keep on track.
I don't think I'm Gods gift to women , or even close I'm just a regular guy that hope that you will see me as a gift made for you.
Once I'm in Love I will: stand with you through good and bad ,healthy or sick, rich or poor, THIS I PROMISE TO YOU.

Now that my kids have grown up ,it's time for me to look for someone to share my life with . No ex drama .
I had pretty much stopped looking for years but I figured maybe it was time to try again at finding real love.

I am a romantic and I miss the hand holding ,kisses , the snuggling up when cold or just talking
I like going on hikes, paddle boating ( have one - need partner :)
I want to try kayaking
I have hot tub but no one to enjoy it with :(
I like bike riding
Traveling - like cruises , road trips

I apologize if you think I'm too old for you , it's hard to realize where the time has gone and that I got old .I'm just looking for a true relationship based on trust and affection,a partner in life and don't want to limit myself by age , distance or what I THINK I'm looking for . Love can happen between unlikely couples sometimes.
But I will NOT settle again , it's either soulmate or I'll remain alone if I have to. ( rather not though, lol)

Being realistic,nothing for real is going to happen or can happen until an actual physical meeting takes place. Until then everything is speculative unless something magical happens.Although there is a lot of truth in that the more we can learn about one another and the more we have in common the better the odds of a special connection becomes in the beginning of that magical journey that we have both been dreaming of.

Since I don't know where I will find that special women or how old or young she will be I don't want to limit my search to only those that are close ,I am willing to travel great distance if necessary to meet her and go from there.

I like to bike ride (the kind that peddles ) I go on a ride 4=5x a week , I've started running and hiking to change things up. My kids are hating me for dragging them out to join me so I could use a partner (hint )
I like going to movies and go quite often , mostly scifi or action movies but yes, i also like chick flicks . Don't do horror movie ( I can see that in the news in real life )

I am trying this site because its free of course, lol and the others seem like ripoffs), seriously it is time for me to seek adult companionship , not quickies . I'm more of a long term kind of guy .
I can usually tell fairly quickly if I feel something in a women. I maybe 58 but young at heart.

I had pretty much stopped looking for years but I figured maybe it was time to try again.

I am a romantic and I miss the hand holding ,kisses , the snuggling up ,or just talking , the unexpected " I love you " text or " thinking of you" message .
And yes I miss the intimacy , the slow getting to know each others pleasures
What I’m doing with my life
At the moment getting back into shape and deciding if true love really exists or just something we learned in fairy tales
I'm looking for my special women and being her special man and spending the rest of my life with her , no matter where I find her ,what her age( but legal,lol) as long as we both are totally in to each other in all ways .
I’m really good at
Fixing most things
( except marriages I guess, lol)
The first things people usually notice about me
1)That I'm grumpy ? I smile on the inside I guess .
2)I'm quite but always friendly , I just don't show it well on the outside.
3)I'm not good with small talk so meeting new people comes hard.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TV shows: Castle , NCIS, Big Bang Theory, others

Books: don't usually have the time to read
Six things I could never do without
Beef - at least once in awhile
Communications - talking
The love of my life
Family - they're always there for me
Honesty and respect
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If it's really possible to find that one and only on an internet site,lol
On a typical Friday night I am
At movies
Working out( ok Thinking I should be working out )
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I said it wouldn't be private any more
You should message me if
If You can tell me what Love is to you

Your a women
You have Kissable lips and like to use them
You like hugs, kissing,and lots of affection
You don't have large tattoos or are super cute that I wouldn't notice the tattoo,lol
Your pretty ( to me,lol)
OK ,if your still reading ,you can disregard all the above requirements and message me and we can go from there ,I hope to hear from you .

IF YOUR A SCAMMER LOOKING FOR MONEY move on BECAUSE I WILL NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON . I say this because it has happened a few times on here.
Wanting money NOT getting it though,lol
The two of us