47Renton, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a liberal, skeptical nerdy non-believer with an optimistic streak, a voracious reader, a sometimes writer, a frequent dreamer and a relentless optimist. I'm the one friends call when they need to vent, be cheered up or just need a voice of reason to help sort out a problem.

I love science and learning and anything to do with space. Yes, I was glued to the TV when the Curiosity rover landed on Mars. At museums and zoos, I stop and read all the little informational plaques. I've been reading a lot about the technological singularity lately and thoroughly enjoyed the new Cosmos so I've become a fan of Ray Kurzweil and Neil DeGrasse Tyson both. I like to hike and mess about outdoors, but don't do enough of it. My love of computers and art pull me in a tug of war which is why I do what I do (computer graphics). I like to cook on occasion (and recently have been experimenting with recipes from the Game of Thrones cookbook). I love movies and I've got far too much useless movie trivia in my head. My friends tell me I have the patience of a glacier and a work ethic they envy. I may work hard, but will also drop everything to go hang out with a friend.

I don't drink - nothing against it, I just have never liked the taste. Most of my friends drink though and they've often benefited from me being their "automatic designated driver".

I can quote most of the great geek movies out there. I love Douglas Adams' books, am a huge Firefly fan, can recognize Froud's artwork at a glance and as far as I'm concerned George R. R. Martin is a god. I'm a writer and story teller at heart. I love good riddles, obscure words, interesting trivia and a well-crafted sentence. Beyond writing, I adore film, animation and visual effects... so much so that I do computer graphics professionally.

I eat right, exercise regularly and take care of myself and am looking for someone who does the same. Life is good... I'm just looking for someone to share it with.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm usually working on a local indie film with friends, learning something, writing something, tinkering in the kitchen and reading a book. Things come and go, but this is a fairly typical list.
I’m really good at
keeping friends for decades, being optimistic, setting goals and occasionally achieving them, creativity... I've also been told that I make the world's best grilled cheese sandwich.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies - I absolutely love movies and have a great memory for totally useless movie trivia. I have dozens of favorites ranging all over from Forrest Gump to Avatar to Love Actually. I could maybe narrow it down to my top 50.

Books - I love to read and am typically in the middle of several books. I can't seem to leave a bookstore without a new book. I recently started reading the Game of Thrones series and I absolutely love it. A friend gave me his copy of Game of Thrones about 10 years ago. I regret that I didn't start reading it then...

Music - 30 Seconds to Mars, Sigur Ros, Maroon 5, Daft Punk, Angels & Airwaves, Imogen Heap, Smashing Pumpkins, Counting Crows, Owl City, My Chemical Romance, Dave Matthews, M83 and a couple hundred others.

TV- Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Firefly, How I Met Your Mother, Daily Show, 30 Rock and others. And a friend is trying to get me into Breaking Bad. I'm sure I'll love it just as soon as I can find the time.

Food - Everything's good except Mexican food. (Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm in the minority on that one). I tend to like Italian and French cooking. I'm also cooking more these days and loving it.
Six things I could never do without
Creativity and artistic expression
The scientific method
Opening night at a big movie with friends
Internet access
Great conversation that ranges all over and goes til 2 am
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think I daydream more than most. I blame the writer in me for that.
On a typical Friday night I am
Could be anything.
The two of us