49Boulder, United States
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My self-summary
As if I could summarize 'myself' in a handful of lines of text! I consider it illogical to be asked to summarize that which is still ongoing. If I get enough requests (or the urge otherwise prompts me), I may write the requisite biographical book (but summarization would still have to wait). It appears that some people have insufficient tolerance for ambiguity...

Comme si je pourrais récapituler 'moi-même'; dans une poignée de lignes de texte! Je le considère illogique pour être invité à récapituler cela ce qui est encore continu. Si j'obtiens assez de demandes (ou le recommander m'incite autrement), je peux écrire le livre biographique requis (mais récapitulation devrait encore attendre). Il s'avère que certains ont la tolérance insuffisante pour l'ambiguïté…

(avec l'aide de 'BabelFish')

I am :-/, :-\, and :-|
What I’m doing with my life
I tend to do things in cycles....

I've owned my own business(es). I can touch my nose with my tongue, and even put my feet behind my head. I've travelled to a number of countries, and visited many of the places that my ancestors are known to have come from.
I’m really good at
It has been indicated that I have travelled to more countries than the average person, and read considerably more, but this is all relative. When I was younger, I used computers quite a bit compared to the average person, but then quite a few other people decided to join in!

I've found that survivability can be enhanced by allowing others to provide qualitative ratings.

I've managed to graduate from a university with a degree in Engineering, which I found challenging, frustrating, and sometimes aggravating ('specially the parts which I had experience with in advance!); I didn't always agree with their methodology, pace, scope or judgement, however (I'm not sure that I recommend the experience).

Some people appear to think that an ability to travel in/to multiple countries is unusual... perhaps living in a foreign country for a few years as a youth (and studying french later) assisted me in that?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Hmm... I used to read many more books before the internet provided me with apparently nearly endless supplies of reading material. Then: Science Fiction (Zelazny, Orson Scott Card, Asimov, ...), later Science Fact. These days, I prefer to stick with animated movies, educational films, and documentaries. Foods? including Thai, Indian / Nepali, French, Vietnamese, Chinese (or a salad or sub sandwich can do it for me as well). [I also appear to be 'lactose intolerant' (or at least it has tended to give me indigestion, in later years, especially if I consume milk products right before bedtime)].

I have also read a variant or two of the Kama Sutra as well as some of the more popular works of Henry Miller (Tropic *, 'Rosy Crucifixion', etc), though I have tended to skip around to the parts that I found most interesting, and wouldn't say that I necessarily agree with the philosophies of either...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It wouldn't be private if I were to expose it publicly, now would it?
You should message me if
I think I'd prefer people to send me a message either if:
A) the intent is for the purpose of mutually exploring common interests / bonding (intended for those who are potentially:), and/or:
B) are interested in somehow getting together.
However, I think there are other possibilities, which could likely be of mutual value; if you think you should send me a message, or otherwise feel like it, you might as well.
The two of us