29Mississauga, Canada
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My self-summary

If your viewing this I've must of done something right? :)

Hopefully I don't bore you to tears but here is a little about me :

If I had to describe myself with two words it would be a "nerdy jock". I'm not the type to stand around when I hear good music in a club. If you can't dance thats okay.. I can teach you the 2-step :P. I've always been the shy type when meeting new people. But warm up to them pretty fast. I like to dabble in a lot of things in my free time; music, sports, tech, tuning cars etc. If you want to know more just ask!.

Girls who are witty and fun are a must. I rather have a an enticing conversation chemistry going on than date someone who's hot and boring.

If you can actually do a push-up you've just gained my respect :)

fun facts about me:
- pasta is my favourite dish
- I'm pretty competitive, so if you think you can beat me at something --- challenge accepted :P
- I love my car.. it may not turn heads but it does turn right :P.
- spoon -- i don't like eating with a fork if I don't have too
- Im terrible at ice-skating, still attempting at that -_-
- I can jump a fence easily :P
- I know CPR ;)

I'm here to date people I would not normally meet. If we don't click thats cool, it was fun while it lasted :)

I'll leave you with that, since its definitely more fun discovering things. Don't feel shy to shoot me a message or a smile ;).
I’m really good at
Everything... okay maybe not everything but i try :)
Six things I could never do without
family & friends
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What if...
The two of us