27 Coralville, United States
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My self-summary
My true passions are seeing the natural world first-hand and being around laughter, whether that's my own guffaw, getting to earn a chuckle from someone else, or just sharing the same comic moment. I set a goal to try my hand at stand up this year.

I also really enjoy cooking, eating, nerd stuff, video games, competitions of any sort, deep conversations about anything, silly conversations about anything, really understanding the people around me, pets, Netflix, family, Halloween/costumes, teaching, learning, and Disney movies. #savethebestforlast

I hate to use the phrase shy at first, but then really open up, so I won't. What I would say is that when I meet people, it's important for me to learn about them and understand where they're coming from before I can fully open up. I need to know when the people I'm close to need a laugh, a hug, words of encouragement, a funny meme, pizza, a sounding board, or silence. As such, I'm not a huge fan of small talk. I like to talk about passions or interests, beliefs or crazy theories, stories from your childhood, travels or that one time at the bar. I have plenty of stories to share myself.

What am I not? I'm not easily offended. I'm not interested in hunting. I'm not an always on the go person; I like my activities and outside time but a boring night in can be blissful, too. I'm not a quantity person when it comes to friends; I just need a few close ones. I'm not a cocky guy, but I do play one in real life.

Looking for my best friend to go on a lifelong tour with.
What I’m doing with my life
From alarm clock to 5ish, I'm a software developer/analyst. I'm also exploring photography as a means to travel (or travel as a means to photography?!?) and trying to put together a stand up set so I can try that out. I'm also watching Netflix and surfing the internet, but you probably are too, so that's less interesting.
I’m really good at
Interrobanging. Is there anyone out there who interrobangs as well as I do?! Is interrobanging the most fun you can have with your fingers!? Could you keep up with my interrobanging skills!? Could I interrobang 2, 3, 4 times in a row?! Probably...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I think I could read nothing but Harry Potter (obvs.) and Yes Please over and over again and still be happy. If it isn't those books, anything that's a page turner, creates a beautiful world in some way (metaphorically or not), or that engages the mind.

Movies: Harry Potter (see above), Avatar, The Room, Star Wars, LotR, Miyazaki productions, Disney movies, documentaries (especially ones with stunning cinematography), and anything funny. Also, anything that will inspire a good Halloween costume.

Shows: Sitcoms of all kinds, stand up of most kinds, GoT, Gilmore Girls (shhhh), more documentaries, and lots of whatever my cursor happens to land on in Netflix.

Music: Everyone puts "everything" on here, so I will, too! Specifically, I like things that are vocally focused, so acoustic or a cappella songs stick out, anything Disney, and whatever my heart likes to sing/hum/dance along to.

Food: Yes. Spicy food, homemade food, restaurant food, foreign food, local food, junk food, health food, vegan cuisine and a pile of meat, I'm up for all the food. Love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.
The six things I could never do without
1. Passport
2. Sasha-bear (my dog)
3. Growth (in all areas other than physically, vertical expansion is impossible and horizontal is non-optimal)
5. Laughter
6. Breaking arbitrary rules like having to have exactly 6 things I could never do without
7. Just kidding, sometimes we need rules or there would be anarchy. Sorry OkCupid/NSA, I'll be good.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What my amortentia smells like.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I end almost all my texts in punctuation. This freaks some people out. But shhhh, it's a secret!
You should message me if
You like to talk about things. I mean, I like to talk and laugh and do stuff, so if those are things you want to do too, we should.