55 Hainesport, United States
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My self-summary
I am a 52 year old Advertising/Marketing Communications Executive. Essentially, I run business development for a large ad agency that specializes in the gaming/hospitality/entertainment/retail industry (i.e. most of our clients are casinos operating throughout various jurisdictions in the country). You can find us on Facebook and/or Linkedin as well (The Media And Marketing Group and The Production Network).

My ancestry is Italian/Portuguese: my father is Portuguese from the Boston area; my mother is Italian from Brooklyn. I come from a large, very close-knit immediate family... with a growing extended one of nieces and nephews (there's about 25 of us that vacation together annually now!) I know, it's a madhouse... but a fun time is had by all!

Most would describe me as extremely outgoing, fun-loving, gregarious and extroverted with the ability to put people at ease, make them laugh... and in the process make a friend quickly. (Introverts are welcomed however! LOL!) I know that sounds very self-aggrandizing and even perhaps conceited, nevertheless, it's the truth... what can I say!?

I enjoy staying active and work out regularly. I enjoy life and meeting new and interesting people every where I go. I like to travel and enjoy the NJ shore as well as the mountains. I like wine tasting (I've been to Healdsburg, CA above Napa and Sonoma in '06 and loved it; hit the Northern Shore of Long Island every October Festival, etc.); I love the "Great Outdoors" (camping/hiking/fishing—and all that jazz!) and in August 2012 climbed the JMT Trail (50 mile hike up to 11,000 feet! Whew!) in CA (we also did Zion in UT in 2005 and the Grand Canyon after that while I was living/working out of our Vegas office, etc.) but also enjoy staying at a nice resort or B&B with that "Special Someone." Of course, being from NJ, I love the beach and summer time; but I also enjoy going to Broadway and Off-Broadway shows (and, of course, local theaters), going to concerts (love all types of music), music festivals, playing a little guitar, reading (mostly books on business, politics, history, philosophy, religion, self-help, economics/finance, astronomy, futurists, etc.), as well as participating when I can in all kinds of social events in addition to doing charity work whenever possible (balance in life is the key to happiness!)

Lastly, apparently, the "experts" behind this website rated me "arrogant" and "not too progressive!" LOL! (I presume we're all smart enough not to fall into the trap of exacting our "due diligence" and impression of a person based on silly incomplete, one-dimensional "online personality" tests as obviously, they're not a full representation of any individual because "real people" are not static "things": they're dynamic, evolving, maturing, and hopefully, always moving progressively towards their "Best Selves.") OK there... I'm down from my podium! LOL!
What I’m doing with my life
While I work full-time at the agency, I am also involved in several very promising start up businesses (One involves entertainment and the others energy and wine, olive oil and food, etc.).

I presume most who really know and understand me would consider me a very proactive, industrious, ambitious person always ready to "seize the day" when opportunities present themselves; however, if I'm to be totally ingenuous and transparent, there's also a very simple, down-to-earth, contemplative side to my personality as well (it's a very dynamic paradox I have yet to really figure out myself—but I can tell you it's "never a dull moment" in this brain!? LOL!)

In any event, I love to entertain: you can often find me in my kitchen serving up gravy, meatballs and sausage to a bunch of friends... or throwing a barbecue in the summer. I also throw a great (if I may say so myself!) annual Halloween party that's growing in popularity. Maybe you'd like to be added to the guest list?

Currently, I'm consumed with renovating a custom-built Tutor home I found out in the country near horse farms (painting, power washing decks, tiling patios, gardening, etc. consume some of my time during the spring/summer weekends right now)—as I like to say, for me, "It's Away from it all... but Close to Everything!"

Nevertheless, that said, I try very hard to maintain some semblance of balance in my life: I find time to go out and have some fun (you might find me at Prospectors in Mt. Laurel on a Wed or Fri night country dancing; or enjoying a summer evening around the "fire pit" at RedStone in Marlton... or listening to a talented local pianist at Seasons52 in Cherry Hill... or down at Tomatoes in Margate "dancing up a storm" during the summer, etc.). I'm pretty normal with respect to my interests—albeit, I readily admit, there are many! I'm always fascinated with what I don't know (because "we don't know... what we don't know!"—and it's what "we don't know" that is the most important in life isn't it!?); for, as the great UCLA Basketball Coach Johnny Wooden used to say, "It's What We Learn After We 'Know it all' that counts!" (Love that one!)

In addition, of course, any "wise old soul," will tell you that, family and friends are very important in life (we have a very large "extended" family from Brooklyn on my mother's side and just below Boston on my father's!). I have a big immediate family as well and we spend quite a bit of time together (family vacations; holidays, ski trips, Cousin Reunions, etc.); in addition, I'm blessed to have so many very "close" friends... and a wide network of "acquaintances" that is enough to keep Hallmark in business for a very long time! .)-
I’m really good at
I think most people who know me would say I have a high emotional I.Q. I tend to be very perspicacious (able to "read between the lines") and intuitive as well as a very sympathetic and empathetic person. That tends to lend itself to good interpersonal communication skills and intuitively "knowing" or "perceiving" people on a deeper level (perhaps I should have been a priest?!? LOL!).

As I said, most would label me a very gregarious, extroverted, amiable individual (trust me, I know that sounds so self-aggrandizing and braggadocio, but, it's simply just the truth); that doesn't mean I don't like some "quiet time" as I most certainly do; however, networking in social settings comes very easy to me (I could make friends with a tree if it could talk back! LOL!). I am also usually very disciplined about my health (not that I'm a "fanatic" but I do eat well... and like to exercise— and have my whole entire life!—albeit, I'll readily admit, I honestly have been so busy that I've not made time to do that regularly for some time... thank GOD for fast metabolisms! LOL!).

I also have a very strong faith (I'm a practicing "Practicing Catholic"—but not in a dogmatic way—I'm somewhat iconoclastic... and truth be told, rigid "religious" people annoy me!). As I've gotten older (and hopefully a little wiser!?) I'm learning "it isn't all about me" (albeit, I also realize quite a bit of it is!?! LOL!); so, my listening skills have enhanced considerably over the years and I try to listen more then talk: although, trust me, as I'm sure you can presume, I'm a "talker!" But, as they say, "People don't care how much you know... until they know how much you care!" (Corny?... perhaps!... but very, very true—and I love that one too—I got a million of them! LOL!); as you know, the "experts" (who are those people anyway!?) say, the single most important word in everyone's vocabulary is their name... and most of us are tuned into WIIFM ("What's in it for me!")... just ask Dale Carnegie ("How to Win Friends and Influence People"... Chapter 12! LOL!)

From a purely skill-set vantage point, I'm a "writer" (have always had the God-given talent to express myself in words... i.e. and thus the reason for this long, verbose, laborious profile! LOL!) I'm somewhat musically-inclined... and have always been athletically inclined as well! Lastly, watch out for my wit (If you didn't know what a "warm, generous, loving, big-hearted, empathetic, magnanimous Teddy Bear" I was—gee I'm awful humble as well aren't I?! LOL—you might be thrown off (or "put off!" LOL!) by my "vernacular" at times!?). Trust me, I've got "a quick wit" but I'm harmless... and, like most people I presume, I have challenges (let's be frank and ingenuous here... I'm completely "Turned-Off!") by insecure, mean-spirited, jealous, envious, bitter, passive-aggressive and just down-right "negative" individuals. Period.
The first things people usually notice about me
My "Devilishly-handsome" looks! LOL! (I'm just kidding here again ladies—those of you who have no sense of humor need not apply!) Seriously, I think most would describe me as fun-loving, outgoing and approachable.

We've ALL got a "backstory" don't we!? We all have history, experiences, challenges and triumphs in life. So, we'll leave something for a nice conversation if we happen to connect.

On a purely physical point, most people tell me "I look and act younger then I am" (for what it's worth... truth be told, I really don't care about that as much as many people my age do!?); as far as personality is concerned: as I said, I am very sociable, friendly and extroverted (outgoing) and compassionate (ready to "lend a hand" if called upon) individual. They also notice rather quickly that I have a "quick wit" and can be somewhat facetious and tongue-in-cheek most of the time.... but in a "kidding-type-of-way" (again, at my core, I am someone who wants to make others laugh and enjoy being alive... but watch out, as I am a bit of a practical joker!!! LOL!).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Well, right now, just finished "IMPLOSION' by Joel Rosenberg (good book... highly recommended!) and "Rediscover Catholicism" (Again, great book... and as the author adroitly points out... it could easily have been titled "Rediscover Your Best Self!") by Matthew Kelly; I'm re-reading "The Coming Economic Earthquake" (read it the first time in 1992) by Larry Burkett (Commentary: everything he purported then is coming to fruition TODAY!); also have "Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich" (by Robert Kiyosaki) along with "The Next 100 Years" (by futurist George Friedman) along with "The Neuro Revolution" (by Zach Lynch) and just bought "The Rare Find" (by George Anders); so, as you can readily see, my interests and curiosity run the gamut... so my tastes in literature, film and music are somewhat eclectic (in other words... "all-over-the-place!") as well; liking a lot of this "Cross-over" country I must readily admit... but nothing "gets my engine roaring" like the Blues (Stevie Ray Vaughan style!).

Regarding films, I like many genres but prefer "true-to-life" (i.e. "Saving Private Ryan," "Lincoln," "Amistad," "Amadeus" or "The Last of the Mohegans,") but also love the classics ("The Wizard of OZ" "It's A Wonderful Life," "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," etc.) and fiction ("Field of Dreams," "Dances With Wolves," or "The Green Mile" etc.). I love most intelligent comedies (most anything Billy Crystal appears in I enjoy, such as "When Harry Met Sally" or "City Slickers" and just loved "Analyze This" with Robert DeNiro); sometimes a little slapstick is great fun: "CattyShack" and some films Steve Martin and/or Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler appear in, etc.) and old TV shows ("The Three Stooges,"The "Honeymooners" and sixties classics like "The Andy Griffith Show," "Beverly Hill Billies" "Bewitched," "Monsters," "Columbo" and, let's not forget "Laugh In" and "The Carol Burnett Show" as well!?); to more contemporary programs from Jerry Seinfeld, 30Rock; absolutely thought Boston Legal was a well written show; as of late, love watching the History and Discovery Channels and of course, enjoy watching Fox News and sports during the play offs/Superbowl for example but certainly by no means fanatic like many men seem to be today!?) I'm just too busy for that! LOL!
The six things I could never do without
I can never do without: (1) GOD (2) HOPE (3) HEALTH (4) FOOD & WATER. However, what makes life really worth living is the balance of all of them... in conjunction with of course: (5) Family (6) Close Friends (7) Romance (8) Vision & Passion for life (Oh... I went over the limit didn't I?!?) Obviously, at the "end of the day," the top four are the most critical upon close analysis... aren't they?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
About life and what my "purpose" in it is!? I'm a bit of a contemplative... but I also believe I have my feet "planted firmly on the ground" if you know what I mean!?: "You Can't Be So Heavenly-minded... that You're no Earthly Good!" In addition, I do have a big "Bucket List"—even at my "ripe old age!" LOL! So, I spend a lot of time thinking (as I'm working and playing mind you! LOL!) about the day I can retire to travel the world, spend more time with those I love and with that one person who's sharing it with me; perhaps begin that book (or a screenplay!?) I've always wanted to write; maybe do a little acting/song-writing if I'm so inspired; becoming more actively engaged in charitable work while helping others realize their dreams.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes I'm country dancing at the local Country Western bar and restaurant; or in the summer, I'm down at the Jersey Shore; or attending a business meeting or Catholic Men's gathering; or involved with Wish Upon a Hero (www.wishuponahero.com) the world's largest "Philanthropic Social Network"—granting over 100,000 wishes to date that my buddy built and launched!) etc. Again, I have many varied and eclectic interests that run the gamut so I'm "all over the place"... but I believe, in a good way! And, sometimes, I'm just home chillin' watching TV or reading a book... or sleeping! LOL! .)-
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That's for me to know and that "special someone" to earn the right to—and I trust that's the same for you!?
You should message me if
If you believe you're attracted to not only my photo but my heart, emotional intellect and more importantly, spirituality; for, "at the end of the day," while physical attraction and "chemistry" ("Surface Beauty" and perhaps more specifically the pheromones the serve as the body's "magnetic pull" if you will) is very important, a person's personality, and more specifically, their spirit, is what crystallizes and galvanizes good acquaintances into great friendships... and if blessed, sometimes lifetime love affairs. .)-