35San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
I run with a feminist-genderqueer bicycle gang called the Degenderettes, and since joining I have become belligerent, saucy, self-righteous and have started picking fights on the street (but I'm still a pillow princess). If you wanna hook up, you gotta be okay with my gangster lifestyle.

I try too hard at most things in life, which probably means I'll die young from stress-induced disease, with lots of wrinkles. I get angry when people move too slow, but I'm too polite to say anything. I want to be famous, but I lack that je ne sais quoi, so I just whine a lot. I get obsessive about things. I'm a control freak. I hate just about everything, including all the things that you like, but I'll never tell you because that would be rude. I think bicycles should be a political party. I can handle that polyamorous shit, but I prefer relationship anarchy.

I have a deep longing for a) Authenticity and b) Duende, but I don't know what either of those words really mean. I suppose they're just flowery words for the opposite of bullshit.

I guess I'm a 2nd-generation genderqueer, although I think transvestite rolls of the tongue so much nicer, especially when it's Eddie Izzard saying it in French; genderfluid sounds like something you get through an IV, but it's growing on me. I identify as a transgender girl, but I retain the right to be a tomboy. I've been a lesbian longer than you have, and if you want to throw a fit about that I'll get you excluded faster than you can pack a uhaul.
What I’m doing with my life
I make a lot of things, which I will list here in order to make myself feel good about myself. This is the part where you can internet-stalk me really easily if that was your deal, and it would take you 0.2 seconds to find my home address, so I'd just like to remind you of that aforementioned girl gang and that we have more weapons than are healthy for city dwellers to own.

I write/draw/publish a graphic novel about trans & genderqueer people doing boring things; it's got a couple eisner nomations, even though no one reads it; you can read it here:

I'm also starting up a weekly comic strip about being genderqueer, which you can see here:

I used to make these puppety things:

I played accordion in a folk band for 12 years; we sounded like this:, but I quit because I realized I wanted to be a riot grrl. I just figured out how to put distortion on the accordion, and I'm currently building a new band out of robots. Like, robot robots. Stay tuned.

I used to be a drawing instructor, but that was a hard life, so now I just make these lewd how-to-draw videos for youtube: It's the closest I've ever come to fame.

I'm trying to grow poison oak & poison ivy in pots. It's an art thing. I'm very serious about it.
I’m really good at
Everything. It's a product of that trying-too-hard problem I have.
The first things people usually notice about me
... that I'm a girl, followed by a lot of confusion over whether or not that assumption is true. Altercations over this issue has kind of been the central defining conflict in my life :P
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read books, I'm not ashamed to say so, and that's a goddamn shame. I don't mind when books are read to me, though, or when my smart friends describe good books. EDIT 6/2012: I've started reading books again, but only if they have 'splosions.

My favorite movie is Whisper of the Heart (that one Miyazaki film that was never imported to the US), but the older I get the more I fall in love with Mononoke Hime. I love the visual storytelling of Kurosawa Akira, especially the magic of Sunshine Through the Rain

A short list of my favorite artworks (note that there are no puppeteers on this list - and don't ask me if I know the work of Royal De Luxe):
The Museum of Jurassic Technology by David Wilson
500 Clown (although no video will do their work justice)
Café Müller by Pena Bausch
Most anything by Sasha Waltz

Music: I am in love with silence, but John Cage has pretty much ruined that for me. I enjoy acoustically-amplified anything. My favorite songs are the ones performed by people that I know; I think that makes it more magical.

Food: gluten free pancakes and anything else I'm not allergic to (which is basically: sushi)
Six things I could never do without
the WHY CHEAP ART? manifesto:

PEOPLE have been THINKING too long that ART is a PRIVILEGE of the MUSEUMS & the RICH.
It does not belong to banks & fancy investors.
You can’t EAT it BUT it FEEDS you.
ART has to be CHEAP & available to EVERYBODY.
It needs to be EVERYWHERE because it is the INSIDE of the WORLD.
ART SINGS HALLELUJA! ART IS FOR KITCHENS! ART IS LIKE GOOD BREAD! Art is like green trees! Art is like white clouds in blue sky! ART IS CHEAP!

[Bread & Puppet - Glover, Vermont. 1984]
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... all the things that I haven't done today that I meant to do (and still mean to do, even though it's now too late to be feasible).
On a typical Friday night I am
Hosting a music show at my warehouse. Come over sometime, just don't be a creep:
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm willing to admit to pretty much everything, except that I am obsessed with pop music in languages that I don't understand (does that make it more tasteful?).

I also wish I were smarter, but it's my own damn fault for not reading books.
You should message me if
You're one of those idiots who makes art like it's the only thing you have to live for, like it can somehow save the world if we try hard enough, like its food even when it isn't.

You can replace the word "art" in the above paragraph with anything, really, and we're good; just be driven by something, okay?

You have incredible presence, regardless of any other character flaws. I'm a sucker for good presence. I'd date an ax-murderer if they had good presence. Although if you're an ax-murderer with good presence, you're probably too good for me.

You're an older woman.

You're a lady with biceps.

You're assertive enough to ask me on a date even if you don't necessarily fulfill any of the above.

You shouldn't message me if you're a layabout. I'm a driven, giddy, carpe diem kinda girl :D If you're generally mopey, inebriated or value a comfortable lifestyle, I'm probably your worst nightmare :P

I may occasionally be down to kiss the boys, but to be honest, I'm mostly interested in dating girls. Boys suck. I invite you to prove me wrong; best of luck. That said, I am a certified unicorn.
The two of us