33 Las Vegas, United States
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My self-summary
I am a bi / pan mostly non-monogamous boy who has very unusual perspectives on love, sex, gender, relationships.

I'm a really complicated person, in that most people who meet me have a hard time classifying me or anticipating how I will think or feel about something. This is because I am highly principled, but those principles are abstract, and the best way to understand me is to spend time around me and talk to me.

I appear introverted, but I am very social. I just can't stand the currently dominant forms of socialization in our culture. I prefer small group social interactions centered around an activity and the use of wit and intelligence. My ideal evening would be having a few friends over for board games, cooking dinner for everyone, followed by spontaneity. and wine.

I'm certainly a geek on the surface: I've played and enjoyed D&D, I still read books for "fun" all the time, I play PC and console games, and I am an arts and crafts junkie on occasion, but I do not do obsession. I prefer balance, and I place a very high emphasis on my health. I exercise daily, cooking is a hobby, and am very health oriented. I just find fitness Nazis unbearable. I don't want a Bowflex body, I want to feel good. I don't want to run a half marathon, but a 5k seems like a good goal. I think gym rats are just as dysfunctional as drug addicts, video game addicts, or any other person who dis-proportionally organizes their life around a single activity.

I am usually attracted to people who have complementary interests to mine. I love hiking, biking, and I want to learn ballroom dance but left to myself I lean towards cerebral pastimes, so I like to meet people who can share their hobbies and encourage me towards more of those activities. And I'd hope I would be returning the favor.

I value honesty and communication the most in any kind of relationship. And by honesty, I mean capable of being honest to themselves. If you can't face or articulate what you're really thinking and feeling, I will never trust you. If you lie to yourself to smooth things along, I will know and never trust you. Everyone thinks and feels stupid, ugly, unpleasant things sometimes. The people who never learn to deal with that part of themselves are time bombs. So self-determination and the ability to communicate are qualities I value.

Finally, I am somewhat minimalist and disgusted at the consumerist hellscape we live in. If you think about a relationship and a Disneyland pass at the same time, don't talk to me. I am infinitely more attracted to the idea of traveling and seeing natural places, or places of historical import. Places I would love to go with someone are a natural wonder, Iceland, Venice (Italy), Dublin, Florence, etc. I don't have strong physical preferences, just "healthy." I am attracted to the animated person, not the still-life. Mannerisms, quirks, smiles, laughs, clumsy falling out of chairs, etc. (Context: In the OC most profiles on here at some point mentioned looking for a partner with a Disneyland pass, now that I'm not there this makes less sense)

So yeah if you survived that and would like to talk, I suggest sending a message. I don't care for gender roles too much, and given the logistics of communication in online dating, women need to take more responsibility. I can message someone, and a person might get missed because girls are bombarded with messages while guys get almost none. Game theory this shit girl, OKCupid isn't the 7th grade dance.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Orlando Furioso, Njal's Saga, Dune

Movies: The Prestige, A Fish Called Wanda

Shows: Breaking Bad

Music: Sondheim, Nirvana, U2

Food: Cajun, Asian, Anything really...
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing board games with some friends if I have anything to say about it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I sing along with musicals shamelessly.
You should message me if
You carefully read the "My Details" section and went "oh" and wondered why I didn't talk about some of those things in my profile.

(Clarity: I am bi and mostly non monogamous)

You are a decent human being.

Please don't expect me to be your pen-pal for too long, I am here to meet people.

Absolute dealbreakers:
-Drug use/smoking around me
-Daily Intoxication
-Your religious beliefs dictate how others should live
-Any STD
-Ayn Rand devotee
-No sense of social justice
-Oxford Comma denier
-Compulsive Rule-Follower

Also I don't smoke weed but I'm not 420-hostile. Just go right over there for that and then come back thank you.

If you notice a typo or grammar error, correct me and I will buy you a drink :)

HINT: I am awful at taking photos, 100% of people agree I look much better in person than these pictures, I am usually described as more cute than "hot" so you'll be delightfully surprised rather than let down, but if you give so much care to looks rather than personality I probably won't like you anyway.