36Bel-Air Two, Philippines
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My self-summary
- engineering grad (EcE)
- board passer
- expat working in the UK but assigned here in Manila
- sets multiple goals in life then achieves them one by one.
- currently deciding on whether to pursue an MBA or study Nihonggo
- I really dislike horror movies.. I once made it rain popcorn inside the cinema.. Other time, I almost crushed the hand of a random stranger..
- I once sat in a wake for hours not knowing that I was in the wrong viewing room. (Ask me for the details and how I got out on this one😂)
- I was the office trivia quiz champ for two years-in-a-row and won by wide margins. Was banned from joining ever since (geeky I know!)
- I rode the Enterprise (the roller coaster with the loop) in Enchanted Kingdom for 14 straight times. Total rides that day: 22
- A-Lister here in OKC (I can see if messages are read😉)
What I’m doing with my life
Livin' it one day at a time..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
For food I like... barbarian donuts, smashed potatoes and harsh browns. 😂
But seriously though, I love seafood 🦀 🍤 🦐 🐟 and chicken 🍗 (fried chicken is my comfort food)

Movies 🎥 - will watch anything interesting EXCEPT horror and suspense (with lone exception of Evil Dead aka Army of Darkness)

TV Series 📺 - NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Designated Survivor

Music 🎶 - almost anything
Six things I could never do without
Glasses (reading and shades), keys (office, house, car, locker, etc), mobile phone, car, wallet
The two of us