34 San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
Quick Summary:
I'm a very happy and incredibly lucky person, that constantly smiles. I travel a lot and have a fantastic job that allows me to do whatever I want. Fulfilling hobbies and great friends. I'm making it a point to stay 7 year old at heart and to never take life to serious.
The only thing that missing in my life is you :)

I'm an Engineering Manager and love leading and taking care of my team in order to build world class products.

german (yes with accent)
urban explorer,
motorcycle rider (as a sport.. with getting the knee down etc.. watch my gopro video of a relaxed Saturday afternoon ride )

Travel 20 countries and counting... (Singapore, Costa Rica, Tokyo, Munich, London, Vancouver, Austin, London were my last locations)
photographer (,
super cuddly,
love art ,
good hearted,
very silly monkey,
live music addicted,
nowadays occasional gamer,
geeky fun boy that loves life after too close contacts with death.

Here are some of the things I recorded..

This is on purpose only with bullet points, as I know OK can take a lot of time and I just want to make the first impression easier ... long texts are great, but if nobody reads them it's a waste.
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying it to the fullest! I know this is cliche. But I think I can honestly say that here is a snap shot: went to hawaii on a whim, went swimming with dolphins and turtles, bought a motorcycle a week before, was interviewed by a camera crew yesterday and will spent my weekend white water rafting and surfing and do a photoshoot of a friend next week ....

One side is a job that I love.
The other side is: experiencing Nature, Food, Wine, Drinks, People, Art mmMMmm there are so many awesome things to enjoy... I also surf, snowboard, workout am a movie addict, music junkie.... this world is wonderful and has too much to offer ! (I think now I sound like a hippie ;] )
I’m really good at
Helping friends and being there for them.

But also:
cuddling, massages, talking nonsense, doing nonsense, snowboarding, work, yoga, photography (check out my pictures on:, running around naked.... hurting myself .. combination of the last two is pretty exciting !
The first things people usually notice about me
My smiling ...Then my blue eyes .... and in the end of cause my positive attitude! P.S. my butt is pretty cute too :P

( I actually smile that much that I start to get laughing-wrinkles )
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Everything that starts with "The", ... a mix out of Alternative, Rock, Classic, Electronic, Trip Hop a little Industrial, Jazz, funk etc etc... I try to get the right music for the right mood :)
here some examples: Bach, Wagner, Beethoven, Band of Skulls, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Hives, The Editors, Frank Sinatra, Jet, The Vines, Mark Ronson, Portishead, Massive Attack, Bloc Party, Black Keys, Chemical Brothers, Rage against the Machine, The Dead Weather, The Doors, Flunk, Bitter Sweet, Incubus, VAST.... aaaand so on

Movies: Am a big movie fan, but to describe my taste a little I'll drop keywords like Rodriguez and Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Christopher Nolan and of course Star Wars *g, but also animes,

Food: ummm yam... Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Italian .oO(hmm didn't have Turkish in a while), Greek, German, Russian, Brazillian, Columbian, Mexican and fusion food are my favorites .. but I go into everything from a Dive Bar to a Star cook restaurant. .. now I'm hungry ..!
The six things I could never do without
- lots of Coffee :D
- 5D Mark III
- any sort of boards that I can use on any form of water :)
- insane friends to enjoy life with ... I love company
- cuddles & love (I'm a big cuddle monster)
- Music .. live or recorded
- Feyt who is my S1000 RR Motorcycle

... I know I'm way over the 6 things .. but hey I was never that good with following rules ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my next photo shooting.... scouting the spots. Getting the right parts and models.

Learning new tricks on the Snowboard, Catching the perfect wave, finding the next Alternative Gig and what I could drink next :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm circumsized ... not one of this shortly after birth surgeries - I did it when I was 20... Reason? ..... To save my girlfriend from loosing her family for ever! (long story.. just ask)

I might have rated your profile!! Hahaha I'm such a creepy person to tell you that you are awesome ... Right ?? Hahah
You should message me if
well this is about you and if we fit ... you like :
- climb the tallest mountains and camp in the Grand Canyon
- going whiskey drinking and debating on burbon vs scotch single malts
- going from dive bars over cool lounges to fancy restaurants to try incredible drinks and dishes
- creating art in every form
- viewing/experiencing art
- climb fences and explore modern ruins, do photo shoots in locations most people only read about in books
- to sit the entire night on the roof top with red wine and talk until the sunrise and fall happily asleep
- sports yoga, fitness maybe even anything on a board
- live music and not only once a month
- movies, animes
- road trips far outside the cities or doing city tours and exploring urban life
- to play console / retro games (beat my high-score in elbo-room??)
- intense kissing, sex and cuddles each endlessly

hey you made .. this is the very end of my profile .. gratz!
Here is a present: (my first attempt to film me while snowboarding) enjoy :) P.S. watch the end it's sexy!