33 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I'm smart, warm, curious, creative, opinionated, pleasant, thoughtful and pretty fucking hilarious. I'm cynical. Not so much in the jaded or argumentative sense, but more in the sense that I question most things and try to find my own answers. And like you, I'm plenty flawed. I'm working daily to be the best me I possibly can be. I am a New Yorker, born and raised, although I did also live in Tel Aviv from ages four to six. I was raised by a single mother so I was taught pretty young to open doors and help ladies with their coats, (because lord knows you're not capable of getting that thing off alone). I also recognize that some of these practices are pretty antiquated, and navigate these contradictions pretty well. I go to tons of concerts, see lots of movies, read lots of books, and take lots of trips.

I like having serious conversations about almost everything. I like having very unserious conversations about almost everything too. Politics, gender, philosophy, science, and race are great forums for both. Being a half black Jew has given me the luxury to be pretty crass about race. It's also given me the perspective to take that shit seriously. Lets talk about stuff!
What I’m doing with my life
Just started an MFA in film directing and screenwriting. I left a cushy finance gig a few years ago to pursue filmmaking. I've been working freelance on films, commercials, and TV since. Outside of that I go to a lot of concerts, take a lot of trips, father the most delightful pup/alien in the world and teach myself new things every day.
I’m really good at
-Remembering the words to every song I've ever heard. Its actually quite freakish. Can this be monetized?
-Dancing. Duh, cuz my dad's black.
-Being empathetic. Sometimes to my own detriment.
The first things people usually notice about me
Forehead swastika tattoo
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: 1984, Lolita, American Psycho, The Road, Einstein's Dreams, Catch-22, Macbeth, any and all Vonnegut

Movies: Apocalypse Now, Tree of Life, On the Waterfront, Persona, Donnie Darko, The Third Man, Network, Wet Hot American Summer, Lost in Translation, The Deer Hunter, Old Boy (original), The Neverending Story, Layer Cake, Snatch. Any Kubrick, Wes Anderson, Bergman, Paul Thomas Anderson, Coen Brothers and Tarantino. Music documentaries

TV: Cosmos, True Detective, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Arrested Development, Game of Thrones, Life and Times of Tim, Portlandia, Curb, Louie (fucking brilliant), Bojack Horseman, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

Music: Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The White Stripes, Nirvana, Arcade Fire, Cold War Kids, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Radiohead, early Black Keys (they were so good), Johnny Cash, My Morning Jacket, Diplo (Major Lazer), Edward Sharpe, LCD Soundsystem, Kanye, Run the Jewels, 90's Rap (Wu-tang, NAS, Biggie, Tribe, Outkast, Dre, Del, Gang Starr, ya know, the good stuff)
- This list is far from exhaustive, but my tastes are very eclectic. This will have to suffice as a sampling
The six things I could never do without
The real answer is junk like oxygen and shelter, but I see what they're getting at here, so I'll indulge you with things I really like:
-My record player
-Caffeine (should probably be illegal, cuz that shit is addictive)
-Live music
-Good bedding. I might have the world's most comfortable bed. And thats not meant to be suggestive, its just plain true.
-People with varied interests. I need mental stimulation.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Hyperbole. Actually I spend ALL my time thinking about this
On a typical Friday night I am
Eating. Drinking. Talking. Dancing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
So remember that time you were a mathematics student at MIT and the professor put a super tricky problem on the board that nobody could solve and then you came to class the next day and someone had mysteriously written the solution on the board in the middle of the night? Yeah, that was me. I did that shit after I was done mopping the floors. Feels good to get that off my chest
You should message me if
-You'd prefer to meet up sooner than later
-You want to talk about music and film for a really long time. You also want to see lots of movies and shows
-You don't necessarily think men are supposed to initiate
-You heart Neil deGrasse Tyson