27Mesa, United States
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My self-summary
i am laid back i love music and writing im very out spoken and not afraid to tell some one about myself andn i am very open to everything except people who believe that thier opinion is theh only on the metters
i am very accepting of every one i tend to have a very high tolerance for people that even others can not handle i also have a tendancy to meet people think they are cool then they end up stabbing me in the back but i don't just abondone them i politley tell them that we can longer be friends i don't hate them like most people i know would because i have had friends like my most recent ex best friend whom i was very close to screwed me over and i just say hey if thats were you wanna go go but you are not dragging me down with you and then other people tell me that i should hate her and i shoudl never want tot alk to her ever again but i don't i just lay back and say it takes too much energy to hate some one and its true to hate is to care and if i don't care i will not take my time to hate

I am ineffibly, gay, and uncensored
What I’m doing with my life
nothing at the momnet i am just trying to figure out what i really want to do in this what i really have a drive for currently that involves alot of sitting infront of my computer and fixing things on my hard drive so that my computer runs more effitianly
I’m really good at
i am really good at bieng sweet and cuddly with my baby bear and i am really good at bieng very accepting of other people and i am very tollerant people whom most people cannot stand and i love bieng loved i however do not liek bieng touched when i am in a bad mood but i am really good at getting my point across when i really wnat too
The first things people usually notice about me
im not the average joe on the block and i don't censore myself because some one thinks i should not be open about my life and that my give a damn is broken and that my hair is always a funny colour like pink and blue or green and orange or soemthing along those lines
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books eion colfur the artimes fowl collection RHPS la ca ja fa aka(the bird cage) to wong fu thanks for everything music is anything and everything excdept jazz food i love it any kind i am usually open to trying new things unless they smell fierce or look like some one regurjatated it i want to see the new indiana jones movie
Six things I could never do without
friends love and intellectual conversation my mother and my baby bear aka saras_girl oh and water and life over all
I spend a lot of time thinking about
everything mostly where my life is headed
also how i can make my life better and how i can solve problems that make life harder and try tosolve other peoples problems when i shoudl really just focus on myself and my own problems but i am too open hearted to do that i could never focus everything on me that would be concieted and mean
On a typical Friday night I am
with my significant other
messing around with friends
or something along those lines
watching movies reading
talking to people or hanging out with my gay friends
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i am not afraid to tell people things but this little box wouldn't be enough to cover everything concidering i don't have to manythings that are secret from any one so if you want to know anything just email me or im me if i am online and ask i have yet to find a question or questions that i will not divulge the answers to so ask away ask me anything you care i will most likeley tell you
You should message me if
you are looking for friends or if you think i am cool
The two of us