31 Woodbury, United States
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My self-summary
I'm not very good at messaging people first(i never know what to say) so if you're at all interested in chatting or if u get a message saying we like each other(especially then) you should send me a message.

My name is Dezirae and I'm 30(yet I still don't feel old enough to buy alcohol lol). i LOVE animals of all kinds and I'm the proud mother of a black cat named onyx. he truly is my baby, but i've also had lizards, hermit crabs, and hamsters and would love to have a ferret some day cuz i think they are pretty awesome. i'm looking for someone to hang out with or just talk to and if something more comes from it that would be awesome. i have lots of tattoos and piercings so if thats not something youre into i'm not for you and please don't message me just to tell me u don't like them or that id look better w out them or that u would be interested in me if i didn't have them cuz ur opinion was the last thing i was thinking of when i decided to get them haha! oh and i couldn't care less how they will look when I'm 80! I'd like to see how good u look at that age. i think id be happy just to have good health at that point. I'm really not gonna care what i look like. also if something as insignificant as what i, or anyone else, puts on their body is enough to ruin ur day u should really think about getting a hobby of some kind. i like going to movies, phillies games, diners, bowling, museums or anywhere else that sounds fun. i also love to read i could spend hours at a time in a barnes and noble. i still watch cartoons and when i'm not watching them i'm probably watching the discovery, history or science channels cuz i'm kinda nerdy like that. i love music of all kinds from linkin park to lady gaga. my favorite band by far tho is brand new(bonus points if u know who they r). if youre throwing up gang signs or have a beer in your hand in every picture i'm probably not your girl. also i have a soft spot for people in the military, all 3 of my brothers have served as well as my dad, uncles, and grandfathers. i also tend to have a thing for musicians which is unfortunate cuz they are usually jerks(prove me wrong). also, please at least have all of your teeth...they dont have to be perfectly straight but you should at least have them all. anything else you wanna know just ask :) i have a pretty big family (1 sister and 3 brothers) all of them are married w/ kids and none of them live around here(one in michigan, one in new mexico, one in arizona and the other in nevada) far i have 6 nieces and i love the heck out of them...also I consider myself poly/pan sexual meaning I don't look at gender when I'm deciding if I want to date someone so whatever gender u consider ur self doesn't matter to me as long as there is some kind of connection and anyone who can't handle that doesn't need to talk to me :) also im not really into the whole "being involved w a couple" thing just cuz im pansexual doesn't mean I want to be w a dude and chick at the same time or be a living sex toy im here to make relationships not just sex k thanx ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Certified mind blower

Former hair stylist
I’m really good at
Quoting both boondock saints movies...if u haven't seen them u should probably watch them before talking to me or u may not get my awesome jokes ;)
getting weird looks from strangers, reading fast, sneaking up on people (one of my many nicknames is ninja), random useless trivia among other things
The first things people usually notice about me
besides the tattoos and piercings probably either my eyes or lips
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i love love love to read a lot. usually paranormal romance, history or classics. a few of my favorite movies are the boondock saints 1 and 2, nightmare before christmas, the pest and queen of the damned. i listen to all kinds of music but mostly rock/metal and alternative my fave band is brand new the best Xmas present I ever got was tickets to see their nye show in2012 they played 3 sets and it was the best show I've ever been to. I've also rediscovered new found glory covers and I'm readdicted. as far as food goes i like a little bit of everything especially if it has some form of cheese or potato haha
The six things I could never do without
my laptop w/ internet
my cell phone
I spend a lot of time thinking about
possibly my next travel destination(I've been all over the US and was just in Ireland in July and cant wait to go back! i'd actually love to live over there some day that's how much I enjoyed it!)the next book i'm going to read, the current book i'm reading, something that was on tv, my family and friends, my cat....i also usually have a song stuck in my head and most of the time its one i havent heard in a really long time dont know how that happens lol I also wonder why I end up being matched w people so much younger than me and whether I should consider it a compliment...
On a typical Friday night I am
My BFF(aka my hetero life mate) and I frequent a dive bar in town that has karaoke on Friday nights. Not saying I go there every Friday but if I do end up going out that's usually where I am. There's not enough alcohol on the planet to make me actually sing and I don't really drink much anyway but it's still a good time. If anyone can think of anything better to do on a Friday night I'm up for just about anything and always enjoy trying new things/places as long as I'm w good people
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i have an obsession w/ all things vampire. i also like to watch the history and discovery channels...and i say lol and omg in regular conversation....yeah i'm a big nerd
You should message me if
you like what you see/read, you want to go see the new avengers movie w me when it comes out, or you're bored and want someone to talk to cuz I'm usually bored too...go ahead I don't bite unless you ask nicely

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