36San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
i'm a part japanese native san franciscan, the product of public schools, graduate of uc davis and now in law school. i'm glad to see that okcupid also thinks i should be a lawyer in the "ideal job for personality" test. myers-briggs has pegged me as an ESTJ. i'm liberal and atheist. daily pilates keeps me mentally and physically healthy.

the site has pegged me as "old-fashioned," but as i associate that with intolerance for other viewpoints/lifestyles and an attachment to traditional gender roles, i vehemently deny it. however, if it means i think people should be polite, productive members of society, then yeah, i guess i'm old-fashioned like that.

when i have spare time, i like to spend it outside in the sun, preferably in a park or on the beach. i am annoyed by smoking and poor grammar, but am a sucker for post-it notes and men who can cook.

i absolutely hate leaf blowers and celery.

I am always driven, frequently witty, and usually intelligent
What I’m doing with my life
i'm in law school and am on track to be an intellectual property litigator with a giant international law firm. i can't wait to get my career going.

once law school is over, i'm looking forward to very long work days, but paychecks that will allow me to accomplish life goals, like a passport full of stamps from international travel, a house in san francisco, and giving money to planned parenthood, and lending money through kiva.org.

I’m really good at
singing the alphabet backwards, which doesn't come in handy all that often. i'm a very good cook. my friends often look to me for advice, so i must be really good at giving it :). also, i'm really good at leading and planning.
The first things people usually notice about me
probably that i am intelligent and have a sharp wit, and probably not that i am part asian.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a) poisonwood bible by barbara kingsolver, wicked, memoirs of a geisha, harry potter (i can't wait for july 21!), the little prince, an economic theory of democracy, the evolution of cooperation, and works by david sedaris.

(b) i don't watch movies that often, but among my favorites are the italian job, secretary, high fidelity, and dogma.

(c) 80s (the cure, journey, the clash, etc), fiona apple, christina aguilera, imogen heap, regina spektor, rilo kiley, the dixie chicks, david gray, en vogue, motown, prince, death cab, ben folds, the pretenders, college acapella, and jazz (esp. louie, dizzie, and thelonious)

(d)i love ethnic food, -particularly thai, sushi, and dim sum- and good wine. i feel a korean kick coming on... bibimbap is addictive. i enjoy cooking as well as eating at restaurants.

Six things I could never do without
my laptop, ipod, best friends, an ocean nearby, awesome inexpensive ethnic food, and my bed.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what's for lunch and dinner (make? eat out? what kind of food?), what my homework is, how the law works (or doesn't work), the american political system, and where i want to travel next. also, whether i am on the right path and what i can do to get where i want to be.

how after ten years of piano lessons and eight years of choir, it only took a couple years of inactivity to lose almost all of it. sad times.
On a typical Friday night I am
hopefully, not stuck doing homework. instead, at an ethnic restaurant with friends laughing and talking, reconnecting with each other's lives.
The two of us