30 Braintree, United States
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My self-summary
i like books about forbidden histories and atlantis and lemuria and such shit. its kind of a big deal for me. roman history interests me a lot. so does egyptology. i like long fucking scarfs almost as much as i like tacky jewelry and mood rings. i like grooveboxes and melodicas. i like tarot and astral projection and astrology and past life regression and i'm licensed to administer reiki. i've never seen a ghost... and i'm really chagrined at that. i like movies and reading about archaic mental health practices and old-timey asylums (although it creeps me out in a most profound way). i like talking to people about their problems cuz i find those discussions are some of the few truly genuine interactions in life. i like drawing and i appellate my style "clinical depictions of surreality". i guess movies like ghostbusters and back to the future left some indelible mark on my psyche as a kid, because i mainly draw flux capacitors and proton packs and such manner of bullshit ethereal pseudo-technology so popular in films of the eighties. i wish i was synaesthetic and i wish i could do a good impersonation of lemmy from motorhead. i liked backyard wrestling. i like reading about howard hughes and the salem witch trials. i like endless drunken debates with friends about science or cosmology or chrononautics or any such shit where youre too passionately involved in the discussion to even want to leave the room to take a piss youve been holding in for hours. i like heady science fiction, despise cheasy science fiction. i prefer accupuncturists to doctors. i like that giant citgo sign that's near fenway park. nothing to do with hometown pride or love of gasoline conglomerates, i just think there should be more scrolling neon monstrosities filling the skyline. pretty! i like b-sides and deleted scenes. i'm a junkie for standup comedy and old wrestling tapes. my heroes for today are andy kauffman and alan vega. i think deja vu is the weirdest thing everyone experiences but no one talks about. i like people. they fascinate me more than anything else. when im an old man im going to have a pipe and a cabin and listen to jazz all day long. AND YOU WONT BE INVITED

I am motherfuckin awesome, pensive, and nocturnal.
I’m really good at
my feet are very dexterous. i can pick up shit and twist doorknobs and stuff. im told its very creepy to watch!

tying into that, i'm good at hackysacking.
The first things people usually notice about me
im told i look like john lennon. like, a LOT. once a week, probably.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(A)my favorite authors are anais nin and philip k. dick, jorge luis borges, robert anton wilson, immanuel velikovsky, james joyce, charles baudelaire, j.g. ballard, dostoevsky, william s. burroughs, hunter s. thompson, philip larkin, albert camus, michael foulcault, frank herbert, djuna barnes, charles bukowski, robert silverberg, goethe, herman hesse, h.p. lovecraft, allen ginsberg, amos tutuola, franz kafka, jeffery eugenides, nabokov, d.h. lawrence, sylvia plath, aldous huxley, edwin a. abott, marcel proust... and i can enjoy pretty much any and all books concerning: Atlantis and Lemuria, the Roman Empire, the Salem Witch Trials, Howard Hughes, forbidden history, reincarnation, cult cinema, psychogeography, hauntings

(B): eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, blade runner, primer, persona, the back to the future trilogy, terminator 2, bodysong, being john malkovich, beyond the mat, tamala 2010, the shawshank redemption, aliens, 8 1/2, beetlejuice, annie hall, the manchurian candidate (1962), repo man, the godfather pt. 1 & 2, a fistfull of dollars, the blues brothers, the fountain, chinatown, beetlejuice, network, anchorman, last days, good will hunting, buckaroo banzai across the eighth dimension, the rocky horror picture show, shock treatment, 28 days later, la jetee, the fountain, sunset boulevard, apocalypse now, to kill a mockingbird, 2001: a space odyssey, eyes wide shut, the royal tenenbaums, cool hand luke, citizen kane, once upon a time in the west, once upon a time in america, 12 monkeys, brazil, dr. strangelove, manhattan, stop making sense, a hard day's night, solaris (1972), the french connection, halloween, wild strawberries, superbad, stardust memories

(C): nirvana, radiohead, nancy sinatra, pixies, beck, fela kuti, missing foundation, pram, the cocteau twins, pharoah sanders, alice coltrane, scout niblett, suicide, clinic, bob dylan, massive attack, mindless self indulgence, aphex twin, goldfrapp, peaches, oneida, portishead, professor longhair, r.e.m., curve, the vaselines, the slits, television, acid mothers temple, tom waits, crime, neil young, ...and you will know us by the trail of dead, the silver apples, patti smith, joni mitchell, ratatat, rasputina, the police, motorhead, pere ubu, secret square, syd barrett, captain beefheart, neu!, the velvet underground, the violent femmes, the magnetic fields, sonic youth, bjork, can, mewithoutyou, black dice, the black keys, black sabbath, the who, wire, led zeppelin, elliott smith, muddy waters, kraftwerk, mazzy star, big star, low, stars of the lid, white rainbow, the cure, creedence clearwater revival, joy division, the talking heads, nico, the occasion, the dismemberment plan, devendra banhart, david bowie, pavement, pink floyd, the breeders, p.j. harvey, the residents, the rolling stones, the paper chase, jimi hendrix, philip jeck, siouxsie and the banshees, sleater-kinney, the sugarcubes, tangerine dream, the chemical brothers, sunset rubdown, yes, the white stripes, tori amos, the unicorns, two gallants, the united states of america, the 13th floor elevators, LiLiPUT aka kleenex, the minutemen, air, antibalas afrobeat orchestra, richard o'brien, nick drake, atmosphere, the beach boys, beat happening, boredoms, brian eno, bruce springsteen, throbbing gristle, david byrne, the doors, the fall, mr. bungle, frank black, free kitten, george harrison, jandek, nick cave and the bad seeds, the jesus and mary chain, jonny greenwood, vast, the music, king crimson, liars, lou reed, wire, sun ra, talk talk, van morrison, chris isaak, klaus nomi, black moth super rainbow, architecture in helsinki, butthole surfers, tom petty, bruce hackk, dusty springfield, holly golightly, holy fuck, four tet, panda bear, arthur russell, autechre, the birthday party, black dice, black moth rainbow, the band, burial, charles mingus, chuck berry, depeche mode, the dismemberment plan, mercury rev, ennio morricone, essential logic, x, janis joplin, explosions in the sky, leonard cohen, faust, amon duul II, fugazi, girl talk, gorillaz, henry flynt, hope sandoval, islands, jackie-o motherfucker, james brown, jefferson airplane, joan baez, john coltrane, kailedoscope, the kelley deal 6000, the amps, kanye west, zoe keating, jeff buckley, wu tang clan, the left banke, modest mouse, the olivia tremor control, scratch acid, robert wyatt, scott walker, smog, st. vincent, sun city girls, swans, tapes n tapes, tangerine dream, tom tom club, the traveling wilburys, william basinki, willy mason, the wipers, xiu xiu, x-ray spex
The six things I could never do without
sex, sleep, oxygen, fluids, radiohead, food. in that order.
You should message me if
you feel so inclined. i'm no snob! i'm sure i'd love to meet ya.