43 Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary
Yes my profile is longer than most. No it does not mean I am one to write you a book on emails. It is a one time portfolio that for this one finger typer was not easy. It is long for a few reasons from I am hoping it will answer many questions to honesty to the simple fact I am trying to get the most compact version of me out with as much info so when we meet you already have a basic idea of me for THE PERSON YOU READ WILL ACTUALLY BE THE PERSON YOU MEET. Thats if you did read!! Now onto my rant.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so to me it is not about the stigmatic good looks and magazine style body but it is about those features that just make us all stop in our tracks and do the double take. It is about those stunning features from eyes to smile to whatever that we are instinctively drawn to. You didn’t come to my profile because of my writing. You saw that after my pics. So please don’t try to tell me that our first meet is not based on physical attraction or mutual appreciation for what we both see as beautiful features. Let’s be real please! Same goes for me:) Just being honest and real..

When we meet I will be myself and act as if we are old childhood friends whom only now realized that we have always had a crush:)
My tattoos are cultural not for vanity! I put dating/friends for everything starts with good friends, but yes I am looking for that one:).
Originally from Southern Africa. I return every year. Lived my childhood thru apartheid (google it before you ask) then feel free to ask anything! Bitten by or chased by or had as pets many wild African animals. Have two dogs and two cats of my own. My family has a livestock and produce farm near a resort town along the coast in Mozambique where I spend part of the year. I am also still a boy at heart. I have a glow in the dark galaxy on my ceiling that I get lost in at night. I AM RANDOM IN WHEN I GET UP FOR A ROADTRIP AND IN WHAT I SAY OUT OF THE BLUE. LIFE HAS BECOME FAR TOO SERIOUS AND COMPLICATED. SOMETIMES THINGS ARE JUST SAID TO MAKE YOU STOP AND WONDER WHAT THE **** DOES THAT MEAN,,, THEN LAUGH. It is also a good way to see how serious the other person views this short life...
Make it a point to take a trip to at least one different country every year. Meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds. In the last few years I have been to china, Belarus, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Thailand and Africa. Love life with a passion. Different foods the world has to offer. I am actually a very good cook. I can even cook a chicken among other things on the engine of my truck. No it does not get grease on it and if it does, time to get your engine checked! Love random a road trip in the mountains somewhere. I fancy it up as well. Not too often but it is done. When I am 80 years old, I want to look back at my life and say, I did that and I have no regrets. No matter what illness you have life is terminal! So since nothing I make or buy will go with me except me and my memories. Other interests in interest section. Family and friends are everything. My father is my idol!! I am extremely blunt and truthful. I am not shy to say it and say it how it is,,,would you rather a friend lie to you?

I am a primal male to the core! I see no need in hiding it or trying to insult your intelligence. All men are, they just lie for the most part! I have not lost my primal urge. Primal does not mean caveman!!! There is a big difference. It just means I read your body language, walk, smile,eyes, your flirt and so on then follow what my instinct, subconscious and what a man is hardwired to do:) I know what I want, what I smell and what I see. If it appeals to my instinctual inner male, I don’t hide my intentions. This does not mean I disrespect either. I thrive off and follow the dying art of the LAWS OF ATTRACTION. The way you move your hips as you move closer, the way you move your hair to show your sensual neck, your stolen glances, the way your eyes flutter as you let us know you are interested and the unmistakable smile of yes, this woman likes what she sees and now prove to you why she should choose you!

There is much more to me but that you can ask and I will tell.

Ladies who wonder why guys put themselves beside a cool car, show muscle or holding a big fish they caught. Well we subconsciously do it because we instinctively have to show you ladies that we are a good catch....so look! Me catch big fish! Me feed you! You pick me! I do good? Primal ladies! Kind of like the well placed dresses, showing that beautiful sensual neck, amazing hips, low cut dresses, bathing suite shots, sports shots, just face shots, etc.! Sadly most of us humans have lost the instinctual way of just reading another human animal. A tip ladies from an honest blunt man. Dont ask your lady friends if your dresses, pics, interests, writeup, etc is good, bad, sexy, slutty, generic and so on for you are catering to a man on here. The way a man sees your profile or your pics or how he views that closeup shot with lovely cleavage or words like sex, cuddle, in your interests is totally different than your lady friends. You are catering to men ladies and we are two completely different species. We men are just hardwired to see an image/words and we go primal. So my point is to ask an ***hole, blunt, primal, honest man friend or a male stranger how he views your profile AND NO, NOT ME FOR WE ARE NOT FRIENDS YET. I AM NOT THAT STUPID TO THINK YOU WILL KNOW WHAT I ACTUALLY MEAN AS TO WHAT YOU ASSUME I MEANT. THIS IS STILL EMAIL/TEXT AND WORDS OR PERCEIVED CRITICISM FROM A STRANGE MAN WHOM IS ALREADY JUDGED AS ARROGANT IS NOT TAKEN WELL....Sorry but just being honest.
What I’m doing with my life
Life is terminal so no matter what you have wrong in your life, life is still terminal. Since you only have one life and nothing to have, make, buy, own will leave this earth with you but your memories, then why not just live?? Give me one reason not to live and I will counter it. Thats why I live to live..
I’m really good at
Doing things with my hands, cooking, mechanics, being me and living.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile and eyes..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
LIFE... Just read life, people, animals, me and you... Just sit and read..
The six things I could never do without
Love, Life, friends, animals, family, passion.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Living and my dads health..
On a typical Friday night I am
At home, talking to family in Africa and relaxing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I respect my pets more than most humans.
You should message me if
You want...