50Durham, United States
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My self-summary
Gee, I hardly know where to start.... Perhaps by saying that this (like myself) is a work under perpetual construction).

Much Much more shortly..... I am trying to compose something semi-meaningful offline, and it should appear in the space shortly!

In the meantime, what will follow is more or less a series of lists and general comments that will hopefully present enough 'dots' to connect so that a profile might emerge.

I love movies - Kursawa, Kubrik, Howard Hawks, Jam Handy, Ridley Scott and dozens of others. Particular movies I like include (amongst dozens of others and in no particular order): Stalag 17, Street Fight, This is Spinal Tap, Clockwork Orange, Network, The Price of Glory, Rollerball (Original, with James Caan), Dr. Strangelove, The Hidden Fortress, Seven Samurai, Idi Amin - Dada, Seven Days in May, Casablanca, Blood of Heroes

Comedians: Brother Theodore, Shelly Berman, Bob and Ray, Severn Darden, Richard Prior, Jack Benny, Bob Newhart

Some things I like to do: Welding, Durham Critical Mass (monthly group bike ride), AV Geeks presentations (http://www.avgeeks.com), Painting (mostly acrylics, ranging from impressionism through abstract expressionism all the way to [post-post-painterly]color field), Photography (street photography ala Weegee), Duke Physics Department has regular star gazing open houses that I really dig (they set up 10" Meade 200DX Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes).

I have one dog, my second retired racing greyhound: Cindy.

Some TV shows I like or have liked (not an exhaustive list): Kojak, Barney Miller, Star Trek (the original), The Shield, The Sweeney, Reno 911, Rockford Files, Twilight Zone, South Park, Nova, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Land of the Lost (original 70's version)

Places I have not been yet, but want to visit (again, not exhaustive): San Francisco, Botswana, Costa Rica, Antarctica, Egypt, Rome, Death Valley

My Musical tastes are eclectic, ranging from classical (Beethoven rules!) to 80's Punk, Prog, Art Rock, New Wave, Rock, Mountain Music and all kinds of other stuff.

Favorite Vacuum Cleaner: Electrolux

I am an avid reader. Currently reading about both modern and historical piracy. I like to read about almost anything, particularly what I am focusing on at the moment.... art, science, history, philosophy, fiction even....

I think that the greatest cartoon ever to grace television is Rocky and Bullwinkle.

A random and incomplete list of things I have looked up or read about on Wikipedia in the last few days: Blair Academy, Al Flosso, Jackie Vernon, sundogs, chesterfield, the chordettes, piano, S-100 bus, comstock lode, action news, Jack Laird

That Should be enough for now.

Lets see -- Keeping something like this brief.... or at least not to rambling.... here goes:

I have a college degree in philosophy and a mercurial and somewhat dyspeptic career in finance. I have always pursued the goal of being a modern rennesance man. My interests are very varied, and include science of many disciplines (life, physics, astronomy, much other), history of many flavors (military, science, technology and engeneering, Greek and Roman, others). I am a cinephile, have ecclectic musical tastes and love old technology.... just to scrape the surface.

I love movies with a particular interest in documentaries. The Annual Full Frame Festival is a personal highlight of my year.

I am also a really good cook.

I am Ecclectic, inquisitive, and creative
The two of us