31Bangalore, India
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My self-summary
A native of guwahati, but staying in bangalore (because of my bread & butter)!

Below lines would probably describe me as a person!

Libran, with a pinch of scorpion touch!
Big foodie!
Moody at times!
Not scared of failure, as it teaches me how to succeed!
Love sports bikes, pets, simply love cooking, traveling, long bike rides/drives & Reading!
Blunt & straightforward "TO THE CORE"!
Detest hypocrites & people who beat around the bush!
I value simplicity in a person over anything else & appreciate headstrong woman!

& **Most importantly, looking for a companion. So if someone is looking for something else, even if I happened to message you first, please ignore that**!

Now if you feel we are similar, let's connect!☺
What I’m doing with my life
I don't consider this to be a marketing tool which should be used to woo someone!

Whatever I am doing, it earns me enough to continue the daily life happily.. Apart from that, working my ass out to achieve my dreams (some of them would say I am over-ambitious, I say that you need to be over-ambitious at times, for, if it was not over-ambition once upon a time, then today people would not be flying super-sonic jets)!!
I’m really good at
1. Photography---> someday I wish to leave my white collar job & become a nature & wild life photographer... sounds weird??? Deal with it, I am like this

2. swimming

3. playing table tennis

4. going for long drive

5. Hogging hogging hogging....

& yeah, since they have not dedicated any row for hobbies... so here it goes.. the hobbies are as follows:

1. Cooking (well, I try & cook normally these days, sometimes with a book, sometimes with the laptop & Google & sometimes on my own, though these days it has "mostly" been "on my own"!! & I am in love with it!)

2. Skydiving --> though i would love to jump from an aeroplane without a parachute (of course above the sea/river), but i guess they wont allow me for that

3. River rafting

4. hiking

5. trekking
The first things people usually notice about me
1. May be my "four" eyes.. i mean, (a pair of eyes + the spectacle)

2. May be my spectacles... because it changes its color every third day

3. Or may be my eyes alone (a lot of people have told that they are very small)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
the shiva trilogy, the krishna key, asura, i too had a love story etc.... long list & I am too lazy to pen down all those..

Movies & songs:
there is no such specific choice in particular though... entirely depends on my mood... but yeah, I do like watching all those super hero movies..

for tv shows, sometimes I do watch WWE!

******yeah, food....I was looking forward to fill this up..
Well... they say you eat to live... but...... I LIVE TO EAT...
****** Now you can understand the rest I suppose..

& yes! I don't appreciate wasting food & I usually don't get along well with people who do!!
Six things I could never do without
1. First & foremost, it's work.. I can't be idle!!! Feels creepy if I happen to sit the whole day without doing anything.. Hence, I need to keep myself occupied

2. I love to travel & go visit new places

3. The "phone"!! (Though it's because of my official emails)

4. Novels

5. My vehicle

6. Definitely food, I LIVE TO EAT (again, I said so)

7. Tommy (the pet) .. Though he is no more & sometimes i miss him badly

8. Last but one of the most important, my spectacle...!! (*** worst care scenario, in a movie, if there are subtitles & I am sitting at the extreme opposite top row from the screen without the spects, I am afraid that I am as good as a blind)

oh.. It's 8.. Not 6.. ehhhhh... Who cares!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
That's kind of random.. so.. can't really specify.

Oh yes!!!!! Sometimes (I mean, sometimes), if I am sitting idle (though it wouldn't happen much), then I think about the "Lambo", I guess it's "the" sexiest Italian creation!!! Such an abso****inglutely awesome creation it is!
On a typical Friday night I am
1. Sometimes cooking (i like this one.. oh wait.. no.. i actually love this one)

2. Sometimes clubbing (i like this one somewhat, not too crazy for it though)

3. Sometimes watching movie

4. Sometimes in office slogging my ass off (though i love what i do)

5. Sometimes out with friends (this one is fun)

6. Sometimes in the Gym

7. Sometimes at home, sleeping peacefully

*** NB ---> If any of the above mentioned activities are not happening, that means, CERTAINLY I am washing my clothes
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Never mind (We are in public here, in case that was not being noticed)!!
You should message me if
1) FIRST OF ALL, I know it's more or less a dating site. But "dating" is NOT a bunch of banana that you can buy from a supermarket. Unless there is the basic understanding, I wouldn't even consider dating the person!

So, to begin with, if someone is cool with making friends, then I might be a right person (it's a new city for me, so it wouldn't hurt to make a few friends, provided the person is not a "nagging" creature & understands as well as respects the fact that everyone needs personal space)!!!

2) You are a woman & NOT a girl; that is, matured enough to understand what's good for you & what's not (you know the difference between a woman & a girl, I hope)!!!

3) You can fearlessly defend yourself when you are not wrong..

4) You are not ashamed of moving forward & rectifying your mistake if & when you happen to make one (everyone makes mistake, we all do.. that's natural.. but one should have the guts to admit her/his mistakes & mend it)..

5) & last but most important, even if i happen to message you first, kindly ignore & avoid replying if you are one of those who thinks that when a guy messages or talks to a girl, it's only because he wants to get laid with her. The REALITY CHECK: some of us are not yet so jobless that we would think about getting laid all the time with any & every woman we come across!

Now.. after reading till here.. if you feel that you can message, then you may revert back (if I happen to message you first) or get in touch without any hesitation..

*********** For people who belong to the categories like Hypocrites, Liars.. & MOST IMPORTANTLY, for those handful of "narcissists" who think that they are the only good thing that could possibly have happened to this world, please STAY AWAY... Let's make each other's lives easier! ***********
The two of us