44 Saint Petersburg, United States
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My self-summary
70s Throwback meets Beethoven
Although I don't go around in Bellbottoms 24/7 I am attracted to the fashion of the time which exhibited originality, style and a certain grooviness. I admire that quality in people as well. I am a person who likes to live a life based on my personal calling or sense of duty. I'm creative, which explains a key activity outside of my professional life which is to perform music. Love to share some creative moments with someone who is spontaneous, groovy, likes the arts, enjoys dancing more than drinking, is just as much in awe of a clear stary sky away from the lights of the city yet loves the urban livability nonetheless, likes long walks, and would enjoy sipping a cup of tea and loosing track of the time

I consider myself a citizen of the world and like to interact with a variety of cultures. I'm passionate about my work in the area of sustainability (balancing economy, environment, and society) especially with the global challenges we are facing such as climate change. I've worked in Washington DC (one of my favorite cities), internationally and for awhile in the State of Florida where I grew up and now I am here. I am also fond of the arts and have a talent for improvisation on the viola with genres such as rock, flamenco, etc.

Personality: independent, passionate, flexible, reflective
Goals: to settle or have residences in a city / part of the country / world that has an educated, cosmopolitan and culturally diverse population; to run my own "green" business one day

Ideal Match: someone with a feminine essence and with a passion for their work / vocation, sense of culture but globally conciouss

What I’m doing with my life
I'm reaching that sweet spot in my career where I have the ability to deliver innovative solutions for a more sustainable world and am with a company that has a great culture. While this has been important, I realize that I want to live life fully and not just in my career or my musical pursuits. Putting the energy out there in the universe to sync up with someone on compatible wavelengths if you will!
The first things people usually notice about me
My passion for what I do: career and music
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fiction: I dig Milan Kundera's Unbearable Lightness of Being. He weaves into his story synchronicity and the music of Beethoven (specifically the 5th symphony if I recall correctly) in relating the protagonist and his lover.
Non-fiction: Ocean Blue Strategy = great how they explain that a successful company will figure out how to function in a marketplace they help to creat in the open unchartered "blue ocean" rather than the bloody, competitive "red" ocean