33Springfield, United States
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My self-summary

I dig art (clay, metal, history (I like 2D also but I'm not very good at it)) and math and philosophy and chemistry and astrophysics and words.

Reasonable skepticism is important in all things.

I like watching people, but I'd usually rather not interact with most of them.

I've lived my share of turbulence, and I'm pretty cynical for it.

I don't respond well to flattery.

I played sports a lot as a kid. Disliked much of it, loved a little of it. I wish I was still able to play hockey.

I so strongly lament my mortality. Because oblivion terrifies me, and because I really hate to get to experience only such a tiny slice of human progression. I wish I could've seen the last century first-hand (at least!), and so much of the future I wish I could be around for--I think we're near the coming-out-of-the-bend in a logarithmic rate of technological progression which will take us to some pretty unimaginable places.

I've learned that I think in graphs to hilarious extent.

I like for digital volume displays to be on even numbers.

I can be pretty romantically-inclined.

anaface.com rated me 7.96 out of 10. That made me giggle.

I am cerebral, whole-brained, and funny (sometimes)
What I’m doing with my life
I've got my own ceramics business up and going. It's not much, but it's a good start.

I would still like to go back to school for a degree in math when I'm able.
I’m really good at
I'm good with mechanical things--lot of engineers in my family's history. And I'm able to manipulate language to very finely articulate intended meaning--when I try to, anyway, and never in situations where such a skill would be most helpful. Also interpreting everything said both in and out of context. And making cat noises. And vidya gaems. And making an ass of myself.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Nonzero, Godel Escher Bach, Breakfast of Champions, Cat's Cradle, Dune. I haven't read as much as I should the last few years.

Sideways, Babel, Lost in Translation, No Country for Old Men

I lub cartoons (Dexter's Lab, Flapjack, Adventure Time). And some HBO dramas. Deadwood is amazing. Boardwalk Empire sure crapped out in its last season. Also Game of Thrones and I had a bad breakup. It turned out it wasn't the show I fell in love with.

Instrumental electronica/post-rock, jazz/classical--Radiohead, Stereolab, Mogwai, Portishead, et al; Modern Jazz Quartet, Vivaldi, Beethoven, etc.

Indian, Thai, Japanese. I use a lot of mushrooms and onions in and tofu and spices in my cooking.
Being vegetarian is unfortunately very restricting on where I can be happy with going out to eat. I'm totally not crazy about it though. I promise.
Six things I could never do without
Electricity, clean water, the internets, and new ideas. I really like new ideas. And I'll go ahead and say my hands and feet, cus I need one or the other to make stuff.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Making logical sense and patterns of every stupid thing I see. Observing and analyzing people in public. Artsy fartsy stuff. Video games. Other things I should be doing. Things nobody cares about. And sex (anyone who doesn't list it is lying).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The left side of my mustache grows faster than the right side.

I love Alex Guarnaschelli.

My pancakes are better than yours.

I secretly hope Thom Yorke takes me with him when he returns to the home planet.

Also I cheated on the IQ Adventure test. My first result was 135 Spatial. I think that's fair.
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