32Berkeley, United States
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My self-summary
Practicing sungazing every day. Look up sungazing or just try. It's amazing.

I only ask one thing in a girlfriend: Wake me up with a kiss in the morning. That's all. Is that so much to ask?

My main passion is as a composer of apocalyptic dubstep and currently work as a MODEL for academy of art university.
(Was but no longer)

Im also a graphic designer, and 3D animation hobbyist.
Im a Junior in college studying for a sound arts degree.
My favorite instruments are sitar, guitar, and bass
I'm into NEW dubstep, hardcore industrial rock, numetal, old metal.

I actually only have one cat and she's the cleanest and most polite cat you will ever meet. People who are normally allergic to cats, don't get as bad of a reaction with mine because she gets combed and keeps herself impressively clean. She goes outside and has respect for herself, me and guests. Cats are beautiful sophisticated creatures. Anyone who doesn't see that is not perceptive. Cats need to be allowed in and out. problems mostly only arise when cats are forced to stay indoors.

I’d like to get away once in a while and be in a cabin with a spa in the woods and be somewhat self sustaining. Some day I’d like to live as much like that as possible but close enough to the city that I could still go out on occasion.

My dream house:
I'd like to own something like a bio dome house with luscious tropical plants growing all over. There would be an apiary connected to it so I'd always be able to harvest honey and beeswax. I'm thinking of having moss instead of carpeting because in my mind it would stay cleaner than carpeting. I'd have a river flowing down the center of it to feed the cats fresh fish whenever they wanted. It would pretty much be a hippie's palace.

Travels: I've been to europe 3 times, visiting scotland, england and france two times. I've been to colorado, four corners, nevada, oregon and hawaii.
I also want to spend time somewhere tropical such as Brazil or Ecuador.

Favorite smell: Palo Santo Oil
Favorite spice: Cumin
What I’m doing with my life
About to set up a 100% solar recording studio!

Creating good art and food.

I have a passion for making the very best slow cooked mexican food. It's all about taking your time and letting the spices assimilate into the oils. Also, using fresh tortillas is key.

serving the best omlettes, mexican food and elixirs, all organic

I do studies on how different frequencies of light effect plant growth, carotene production, cannabinoids, phytosterols and terpenes in plants as well as how human percieve light and the effects of it on our well being, emotion and behaviour.

I need to find a buddy to make edibles with. It's just more fun when you have someone to go down the rabbit hole with. (inevitable when you get potent brownie mix on your hands and you keep licking it off)
I am:
a DJ, a sitar, bass, and guitar player, as well as a sound engineer and electronic artist.
I like:
Going to outdoor parties, raves, shows, anywhere there's dubstep. Online dating is OK but as Daft Punk says, It's amazing what you'll find face to face. I can't be truly expressive unless I can meet in person and do a little dancing.

I'd like to walk across the golden gate bridge
I’m really good at
making people laugh (if you can understand my twisted humor) science. Lasers, death rays

In all seriousness, putting together really cool Solar power systems with speakers, lights, refridgerators and computers
The first things people usually notice about me
How dashing and intelligent i am.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Hotel Lachapelle (photo book) Books about space and new science, conspiracy radio such as VERITAS.
TV Shows: Metalocalypse, Venture Bros., Superjail!
Music: Too much to list. I'd have to say shpongle is some of my favorite. DJ Umb Put together a great apocalyptic dubstep set and so did I. Listen at more sets to follow. Check out the IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE mix I put up.

I like a wide range of music, pretty much anything that's rhythmic.
If I had to pick two favorite bands, they would be:
System of a Down
Lamb of God

My favorite dubstep artists would of course be:

Some other artist I like are Immortal Technique, Aphex Twin, chemical brothers, Daft Punk, devildriver, dimmu borgir, gnarls barkley, c-lo, goldfrapp, hallucinogen, led zeppelin, loop guru, marilyn manson, metallica (old), OTT, Pantera, floyd, rammstein, shpongle, sublime, TOOL, Prodigy, juno reactor, too many more to list.

I really like to use Bassnectar in remixes, because, as the name implies, the bass is best in the business. I've been emulating this sort of bass tone in the music I've been writing. The live show I went to see was kind of disappointing though, because he didn't play any of his originals just spun new tracks. A better experience would be to listen to a track like Teleport Massive in my car with the sonic shakers resinating down to 20Hz at times and the subwoofers bumping the high bass frequencies.

I grew up on Rocko's Modern Life and Ren & Stimpy.
I'm a big fan of cartoons.
If I had kids I would watch Chowder with them.

Favorite movies:
Hot tub time machine
grandma's boy
knocked up
pineapple express
the watchmen
The Losers
Six things I could never do without





I spend a lot of time thinking about
What does our pineal gland do? Does it really hold the key to psychic abilities and divine inspiration?

if we could live freely, separate from society. If I found the right girl to be with, I wouldn't mind moving somewhere with a little less technology and a little more living in tune with nature.

26+ Names for pot:
X-diferous (pronounced chrondiferous)
On a typical Friday night I am
Never doing the same thing....except maybe cuddling with kitties or soldering LED fixtures
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I made a pool of jello one time. Don't worry I used vegan ingredients and it was lavender scented:-)
and NO I did not eat it. That would be gross.
I'm too intense of a person for most people. Most people get headaches and get tired. I get revved up around 1am when I go into my recording studio.
You should message me if
You're smarrrrrrt!
The two of us