38Vancouver, United States
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My self-summary
Mid-30s sound professional. I don't drive the best of cars, I don't keep up on current fashion, but I have a killer sound system. :D I'm energetic, snarky at times, but romantic when I need to be. I'll be the most loyal guy you meet. I would like to have someone to be my Other Half, to settle down with and raise a family.

If I check out your profile, and you "selectively" or "Rarely" respond to messages, I probably won't message you first. Blow to the ego and such, ya know? :) So if you're looking for a relationship, send me a message!

(And what is it with the "Like" function on here? There's 321 people who "Like" me. Why are they not messaging me?!? Haha.)
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working for myself. It's a lot of work, it stresses me out at times (when I am sitting here with Excel, trying to figure out how much money I need next month to pay the bills....), but I love what I am doing with my life.

Oh, what am I doing? I'm running a professional sound system provider and Mobile DJ service. We do all sizes of shows, from 20 people, to 5,000. I own several sound systems, the largest of which is a concert grade touring line array. Hellishly expensive, and we lease it...

The business is really growing, though! We've been increasing our sales each year. We're starting to travel more as well-- we were in San Jose this January, Texas next month (March), Reno at the first part of June, and more. Because we're a regional sound company, I can be in Seattle one week, eastern Washington the next week, and throw in a quick rental at the OCC in between! I drive a lot, so if you like to travel in the area, there can be a seat in the car (or truck) for you. :)

So I work from home. No real "office hours," which means I can be answering emails and sending quotes at 5 in the morning or eleven at night. I also have been doing eBay sales of professional wired and wireless microphones and accessories. It's nice being able to grow our production inventory at dealer cost, plus creating a steady stream of additional profit.

Do you like sound systems, EDM, or otherwise being a part of some of the region's best shows? Then we should talk!
I’m really good at
• Navigating. If I go somewhere, I can usually find my way back there again in the future without being told how to do it again.
• Cooking. I can follow directions in a cook book, and can explore creative options as well! I bake my own bread.
• DJing. Woo hoo! Despite having started the business as a Mobile DJ company, and shifting away from that over the past few years, I still love music and retain a sense of the beat.
• Logistics. Being a business owner, it's important for me to manage what's going on. I can take a pile of tasks, and determine the best way to get everything done.
• Working with people. Again, as a business owner, I have to work well both with clients and my employees. That also means I'll be a gentleman on our date, and compliment your mother when I meet her.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
mehhhh. My life doesn't revolve around television or YouTube or anything like that.

In the realm of "old school" shit, for TV, I enjoy, and own on DVD:
- Star Trek
- The West Wing
- Weeds
- Malcolm in the Middle
- Home Improvement
- Saved By The Bell
- Will & Grace
- The A-Team
- The Simpsons
- M*A*S*H
- Futurama
- Queer as Folk
... and a few others that I only have one season of or whatever
Six things I could never do without
....... I am not a materialistic guy. I don't buy new clothes every month. My car is nearly 20 years old. (No payments for the win!) I'm OK going camping for three days without a phone. [Actually, I broke my phone in February 2014, moved the SIM card into a laptop for texting, moved the business number to go to my home phone, and didn't look back. Lasted almost 18 months, but business needs demanded I get a mobile phone again!]

So the things on this list won't be physical things, probably.

- My hearing. And eyesight. I run sound for a living; I need to be able to hear.
- Knowledge. I love knowing things, and learning new things. I will probably geek out on you, talking about something I know about, on our first date.
- The ability to learn new things. Again, love to do this.
- OK, screw it, a few real things. My house, since it's the roof over my head.
- My hot tub, cos it's just awesome. :D
- My business, since it pays for my worldwide jet-setting playboy lifestyle.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I am ready to "get married" and settle down with someone special. So, I think about where we are going to meet!

Now I am also wondering.... where the "most private thing I am willing to admit?" field went on here. It used to be here. I first created this profile back in like 2005. (haha! Why hasn't it worked for me?? lol.)
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably working. A gig. Getting ready for a weekend gig. Recovering from the Thursday night gig. I don't go out much anymore, as my circle of friends has shrunk over the years. I prefer to save money by drinking at home. lol. So you should join me.
You should message me if
You are also ready for a stable, committed relationship with a wonderful, caring, (somewhat) successful guy here in Vancouver, WA. I am ready to also have a family, so if you're down to be a part of that, that'd be awesome.

At the same time, I would like to expand my circle of good friends here in the Portland/Vancouver area.
The two of us