33Northampton, United States
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My self-summary
I am a neurotically perceptive, somewhat cynical ex-child (sadly),
prone to thinking in absolutes. I feel a strong sense of
responsibility and duty toward people and other living creatures
(one of the reasons I do not eat them, although I apologize in
advance if you are simply too tasty). I judge you like Daria,
give like the Giving Tree, ambivalentize like Holden Caulfield,
argue like Toby Ziegler, walk the fine line between self-deprecation and arrogance like your favorite fiction author, love like Clementine Kruczynski, and excite like Lorelai Gilmore. I also have
other personality traits.

I think that paragraph was rather annoying.

What I’m doing with my life
Doing a PhD. in Composition and Rhetoric at UMass Amherst. Looking for new and exciting ways to delay writing about the intersections of activism, irony, queerness, politics, and pretension. My tumblr blog is a pretty good visual summary of the stuffs about which I think and nightmare:

If I grow up, ultimately I want to learn about the workings of this world and the people in it, apply this knowledge to make the world a place that all those people would call home, and participate in this world fully, a little freer from socialized inhibitions and unproductive fear. Who writes things like that?! I'm a little annoyed at myself again.
I’m really good at
having a flagrant disregard for recipes, letting people I love know that I love them, spending money on gimmicky new flavors of potato chips and candy, amassing experience and factoids, learning new crafts and trades, highlighting just enough to get the essence of the information without having gigantic boxes of color distraction, turning red in most situations, talking to children, leaving video games an hour away from completion, and being too judgmental of my doodles
The first things people usually notice about me
While the size of my thighs has always fluctuated, my pants have gotten progressively tighter over the years.

Most of the time I sport a face that is feeling the effects of gravity, but sometimes people will notice that I am obliviously adlibbing a very loud musical or caught up in the rhythm of my shoes hitting the pavement. My mother always told me I should try to pull my shoulders back a little more. I'm not usually too comfortable with eye contact.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books. I like books about alienated children, disaffected teenagers, existentialist twenty-somethings, conflicted baby boomers, and tragically disconnected seniors. I'd hate to be uninspired and predictable, but chances are I will appreciate your novel/essay/literarymagazine/napkinstory/rumination if these people do these things: use violence to mask their self-hatred, do something emblematic of significant personal change only to revert back to their usual selves, kill themselves, decide not to kill themselves, self-sacrifice, get painfully close to a truth everyone else can see clearly, fall apart, carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, realize some sort of nuance that makes all the difference, become so entrenched in intellectualism they can no longer communicate, or explain something about which few people would care using too many words and too few paragraph breaks.

Movies. Once again, movies I like can usually be predicted pretty easily. They won't come to theaters near you, but they're also not obscure enough for me to be so snobby about them. The boxes are covered with saturated color blobs and pencil drawings. The ensemble cast list is long and probably includes somebody from Magnolia. In general, people are sad, friends are mean to each other, and nobody is satisfied by the end.

Music. This line of lyrics is horrible:

I've seen better days/ I've been a star of many plays.


I wish that I could fly/Into the sky/So very high/Just like a dragonfly.

Do dragonflies even fly that high? Is that a thing about dragonflies?!

Update: I've been told it is, in fact, a thing about dragonflies that they fly pretty high.

FOOD. I probably eat healthier than, you know, somebody who eats sticks of transfat dipped in sea salt, but not much healthier. Vegetarian out, veganish in, never straying from deep-fried, grumpy around American cheese and iceberg lettuce, salty over sweet.

Six things I could never do without
the feeling that I have the wherewithal to make the world a better place, constant affirmation/validation, critical theory, an internet connection, access to restaurants with good appetizer menus, and someone to help me count the number of hoop-thingies on my knitting needles
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the current state of affairs

why people cannot see the problem with saying "I could care less"

whether something somebody has just said has ever been said before

This American Life. I half listen to 4-8 archived episodes a day, and feel somehow more whole when it fills my background. (I need to be completely honest here; my consumption of TAL decreased significantly after I read Linda Barry's comic about dating Ira Glass:

what could have happened if I had just done whatever at some particular point in time

stupidity--well, willful ignorance--its prevalence, its solution

where I will be in a year

On a typical Friday night I am
taking a nap
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes when I enter my bathroom when I'm really tired or distracted, I take all of my clothes off because I forget I'm not about to take a shower.
You should message me if
You'd like to move too fast.

I have made any spelling or grammatical mistakes in my profile (that would be embarrassing)

you're progressively minded

you wear your bleeding, wounded, misshapen heart on the sleeves of your favorite shirt

you have created something that you'd like to share


you believe that honest, open, convoluted communication (maybe with me!) really will make the world a better place

If I don't write back quickly, it's because I'm caught in a battle with self-censorship. I wouldn't be offended if you playfully reminded me to stop taking myself so seriously.

The two of us