42Milpitas, United States
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My self-summary
Would you like your offspring to avoid having wet, gooey ear wax? Give me a try, since ear wax consistency is Mendelian... and mine is dry! Or perhaps... you don’t appreciate how far well-mannered ear wax can take your children? How about these champion traits:

No cavities in 35 years.
20/20 vision (but if you wear glasses, that's hot!)
Probably could do 100 push ups in fight-or-flight situations
Can read while riding in any form of transportation--no nausea or head ache. Neat huh?
No signs of balding (knock on wood).
Never had a nose bleed, ingrown toenail, broken bone, black eye, ear infection, Strep throat, hang-over, ulcer, migraine (and no head aches in general), hernia, or ever fainted.
Would be about 5’10” tall if only I didn't have such short legs.
Once stayed awake for 100 hours.

I'm looking for three things in you:
1) Smart.
2) BIG HEART, preferably so that we care more about the biggest problems in the world than those of our own.
3) Is willing to and knows how to age gracefully.

So why do I want to be in a relationship? If I may just speak from the heart... Few people actually *need* a spouse--even in terms of family planning, given modern arrangements. But the world is a crazy place. We need to face it every day, this often times brutal, inhumane craziness, coming from seemingly every direction. It can chip away at your soul and hamper you from pursuing your calling or your life's work. I’d like to be able to come home to the love of my life, where we can tell each other about our day, both the triumphs and the set-backs. Before the end of this talk, we will both have vented, listened, empathized, cheered, commiserated, or stratergized, as appropriate; but always, at the end of the day, we can remind each other that the problems of the world are much, much bigger than those of our own, and we are again grounded and readied to face tomorrow--and even to stare down some evils and maybe even fix a problem or two--with the looooooonnng perspective intact. That’s a level of intimacy deeper than most offered up in today's world, a level which I'm looking forward to enjoying... with a woman I can't resist falling in love with.
What I’m doing with my life
Thinking about ways to make the world better without consuming my entire life doing so (gotta leave time for friends, family, and fitness, right?). Ask me about the Charity machine, based on a new microeconomic principle, I'm brain storming.

Practicing medicine--scary that doctors say it this way to describe what they do, huh?

Dabbling in angel investing.

One thing I don't have time for any time soon but want to try: Check it out!
I’m really good at
Listening to people's dilemmas or unfolding tragedies.

Figuring out what two people are saying in a heated argument. I can find their common ground or distill their positions down to just the contrasting components in a flash.

Estimating data points that can be measured, without measuring.

BTW, I really would like to say what I'm NOT good at, since this will surely be more useful to both of us. If you think you can actually live with these, or even see some in a positive light, then that's a sign of compatibility I suppose. I'm really, really not at all good at:
Telling a story or a joke--I have a sense of humor; I'm just not good at being the one doing it.
Styling my hair, shopping for clothes, or keeping said hair and clothes looking fresh. But if you enjoy giving someone a make over, I can be a willing guinea pig.
Running more than about 2 miles. But hey, predating animals lose interest before that, right?
Reading cues. I think I got like a 58/100 on some random Facebook Asperger's quiz.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm guessing less than stellar fashion sense
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Casablanca (see the "hill of beans" allusion at the end of my Self Summary) Other favorite movies all seem to show people dealing with protracted struggles, e.g., Shawsank Redemption, My Life, and Life is Beautiful.

Here are some movies which kind of define my sense of humor: There's Something About Mary, Hit and Run, Horrible Bosses, Borat, Bruno, Enchanted, Swingers, Ace Ventura, Fish Called Wanda, The Princess Bride.

Books: I only read non-fiction, especially books about how people think, or dealing with behavioral economics, personal finance, or any biographies by comedians. And Maus will always be beloved.

TV: news, news, and more news. I claim to watch sports but mostly just listen. My favorite things to watch are stand-up comedy and the Comedy Central main stays (Stewart/Colbert/Tosh). I also love TruTV, CNBC, and some of Spike TV.

So many kinds of music... I was kind of in tears when Smashing Pumpkins, Blink182, and Savage Garden broke up.

I'm like a monk--I eat for conscience and for health. So boring on the surface, sooo deliciously satisfying for the soul!
Six things I could never do without
If we limit this to objects: iPhone, slip-on shoes, watch, thin blankets, fish oil pills, and I go through a lot of pens!

If you want to glimpse my modus operandi, the 6 are: progress, conflict resolution, monogamy&fidelity, altruism, emotional intelligence, and forecasting.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Improving on the designs of every day things. Bettering the world. Any type of crowd sourcing, citizen sourcing, and crowd-funding.

More specifically, there are quite a few perseverating thoughts to list... recent samples:

when and where (and in how many places) to retire
how to be a great parent
the energy productivity of heating/cooling
climate change
contract theory
hyperinflation (how profound it would be), bitcoin;
which tech companies will prevail as we era into big-data
personal finance/investing (CNBC's tag line should be "Scorecard of Innovation")
the Holocaust and other period atrocities
good and bad user interface, especially on mobile
sleep deficits
macroeconomics, behavioral economics, neuroeconomics
the rapid transformation of developing countries
material science, especially metamaterials
radical life extension!!!!!!!!!!!, regenerative medicine, epigenetics, immunology, tissue engineering;
poverty; peace & conflict studies
comparative physiology
The Fermi Paradox!
traffic and bottlenecks
On a typical Friday night I am
If I'm on call for the hospital but waiting at home, I'm watching Comedy Central Presents. Other weeks I'm probably driving to San Jose to see friends or hang out at TechShop. I do in fact split my time between weekdays working in Oakdale 95361, and San Jose 95131.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once: got my team disqualified from a relay race for unsportsmanlike conduct... tried to run away from home and only packed a chess set... thought I could ride my bike over a river and fell through the ice... borrowed my mom's entire retirement account to bail myself out of a real estate jam...
You should message me if
You are looking for a life-long relationship and one day you want to start a family.

I advocate only one rule: Please do not rely on the in-box/messaging box more than a couple days. If the internet and our phone's texting files were disabled, and the two people haven’t established a way to speak or meet by then, well what are we doing here in the first place? I know I may be a minority when I say this--but those of us who think this way are adamant--wasting someone’s time by showing interest but not being willing to talk or share your time is in all not appreciated, to be honest. Sorry about having such a strict request, but you probably have heard how frustrating online dating can get for some people. Right?

BTW, I must sound very serious in some sections above. That's only because I'm seriously looking for the right woman, not a casual date.

Thank you for reading. If I'm not your type, happy searching and best of luck.
The two of us