30Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
im not typical
i dont fit in any of the boxes or labels
society has to offer

im a little bit of everything

basically im into humans
meaning everyone

(of course depending on chemistry
and whether we hit it off)

lifes too short&
i intend to
go big
go home

live life to the fullest

and leave it all out on the field

and experience as much i can

heres a list about me

-Polyamorous/ non monogamous
-feminist (does not mean man hating- quite the contrary actually)
-cares about social justice issues
-cares about the earth/environment
-non conformist& unconventional
-420 friendly (i smoke weed)
-im Gay/ i identify with queer energy
(but understand i dont fit in a box
because im open minded about being intimate/and possibly sexual with cis men and or trans men /potentially.
-female pronouns mostly (but not strictly)
-Very open minded when it comes to relationships with people
-good head on my shoulders
-pleasure&excitement seeker
-sexually adventurous& confident
-comfortable with sex, and talk about sex
-i believe casual sex is healthy, normal to want, and not shameful or dirty

-crave laughing and fun times
-young heart &old soul
- gemini (twins) meaning i have a slice of everything inside and i am a bit of both worlds all the time.
i.e.- ying&yang, light&dark, high&low,
shy but outgoing, intovert and extrovert, dominant and submissive, lover and hater, girl&boi, Man/Woman etc. (im on both sides of every spectrum/both extremes)
-lover of humans& Love between humans
-familiar with emotional pain&baggage
(abuse survivor)
-tortured soul/ deep feeler/doom&gloom
-Free spirit/ wild/ non religious spirituality
-athlete/jock (Waterpolo/football)
-No boxes/no judgement
-emotional /empathic
-happy go lucky/smile a lot
-mature but able to be silly
-self aware
-obsessed with my feelings and other peoples feelings
-believer in self care& therapy for all

i Was born and raised in Southern California
(orange county--->LA)

i moved to Wa
in 2010
What I’m doing with my life

i work full time at a doggie daycare
i love dogs /all animals
(this pays my rent and bills,
so it makes sense for now)
but dont want to do it forever


i go to raves/music festivals
i like to go out and party/ get rowdy/

love music,
listening to music is a huge part of my life (i like to sing but im super shy about it)

i enjoy altered states
& i love to celebrate/ "turn up" responsibly
&have an amazing time out with people

(recreational drug use occasionally,
but im not a druggie)



ive been (closet)kinky my whole life

but have been out and
actively in the BDSM community
since i was 19 yrs old (2007ish)

i go to Leather/Kink/Bdsm
conferences often
i am in a Master/slave relationship.

my Master is Female and i see Her
once a month
(we are long distance)
we have been in a relationship since 2009

i am passionate about
kinky sex,
sex positivity,
body positivity,
&sex education

my Master and i travel all over U.S. and Canada presenting workshops at different Kink conferences.

Mostly, She has many workshops that She has created and teaches and that i assist with

i hope to teach/present my own workshops at some point


i am not monogamous
i am polyamorous

(meaning i have the capacity for
multiple loves &multiple relationships

that being said
im into open communication,honesty, negotiation,& respecting boundaries)


i am currently immersed in an
intense therapy regimen

im intentionally focusing a lot of my time on this these days

i hope to go into this field someday

and hope to one day help others heal as people in my life have helped me.

i have always been passionate about therapy, self awareness, and
emotional work

i believe that everyone can benefit from the healing therapy can bring

i am passionate about the psyche in general and peoples inner workings

and i believe we all need a little help
and mental/emotional maintenance

that being said im
very attracted and drawn to people who are trying to do
"their own work" as well.

i believe in facing ones own discomfort for the sake of emotional awareness and growth

i continue to try facing my own dark parts
while learning to love myself,
be gentle with myself,
and accept myself more fully

its all a part of my process and journey
I’m really good at
getting along with people

being inclusive

being outrageously open minded
to a fault

not shaming people

and promoting a non shaming

i don't like hating on people
its not my thing
(unless im in traffic and
have my road rage mouth on lol)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
but i love so many things!!
how can i make a fucking list?!

fine i will try.....

harry potter
drama of the gifted child
5 love languages
stone butch blues
mr. benson
the marketplace series
my secret garden
slave craft
a bright red scream

movies, well
i adore movies and shows
so the the list of things i dont like would be shorter!

i also love music and food!! lol
Six things I could never do without
human contact/ people / relationships /companions

meaningful conversation
learning new/interesting things

Leather sex/kink/bdsm


good times
epic adventures

yummy food

books, drawing, writing
Movies&shows (netflix binges)

smoking pot


beautiful skies and scenery
I spend a lot of time thinking about

my own take on the world
my dreams
magic/the universe
sexual orientation& gender
social justice issues
changing the world
being a leader
and what that looks like to me

my relationships with the people in my life

(biological &
On a typical Friday night I am
i am usually either

driving up to Vacouver BC after work
to be with my Master

or getting on a plane and flying somewhere with my Master for a Kink conference


im taking shots and getting ready to go out!
to a set/show/rave/festival/party

staying home and watching
movies and or shows, smoking, eating food with
alone or w friends

whatever other random things
You should message me if
you are a

open minded

straight person,
gay person,
bisexual person,
queer person,
questioning person,
curious person



you are kind, respectful, and real

you are confident
but not in an unkind or mean way

you want casual sex
you practice safe sex
and are STD free

*(must be willing to use condoms& practice safe sex with me)

you are sex positive

you are body positive
& all gender positive
(of any bodies)

you are comfortable with
your sexuality

You are kinky or kink friendly

you are trans/ trans safe

you are genderqueer

non binary

(not a requirement but be aware even though i consider myself very much female identified
i am not going to fit into any box and i love all the peoples)

you are ok with me liking
all genders
and sexual orientations

&realize i would/could
have realtionships with/date women
and could potentially have relationships with/date men

cis and non cis


you wanna smoke bowls
or wanna invite me to a fun party

You are not freaked out by everything
ive written so far

you are still interested after getting this far

------one last FYI/disclaimer -----

im not skinny,
i definitely have curves,
&maybe a little extra,
these days anyways

i would like to get "back in shape"
in theory but the truth of the matter is,
i dont practice or workout 3x a days anymore like i did when i was in my prime athlete form

wouldnt say ive cometely let myself go either, and i carry my weight well

just saying
if you are only into skinny,
barbie body type girls

thats not me

i do work out 3 times a
week however

not as much as i used to
but (shrug) hey its something

you are NOT

straight edge
slut shaming
body shaming
The two of us