65New Orleans, United States
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My self-summary
Please do not take it too personally if I do not answer...I appreciate the people who look and approach...for a while I have just let this profile sit here..My email spammed everything for a long you guys a few months back and further...sorry...I totally put this out of my mind.

I think I just want GOD to hit me with one of his own...but IN CHURCH is the last place to find them these days...

I have a MOSTLY public fb page if you want to know what I am like..
MY MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE MIGHT GET PICKED UP BY "THE ONE"...but modern technology is what I wanted when I originally wanted to travel...I love being able to find interesting people one could NEVER have met in any other time.....
So...who knows where the road goes..
I am ALWAYS learning something new...CURRENTLY big on kinder gentler prepping...growing medicinals..air purifying and edible plants ...AND "kitchen farming."..sprouting..fermenting..
sometimes make wine..I am pretty free form curious and gyro gearloose..MacGyvering type..big into exercise and walking trying to make myself commit to an arranged marriage to Mr.GYM soon..
Everytime I think I can commit to Mr.GYM...(cause I want it to be for life) I get cold feet..I have a thought that I would like to get to be the monster strong biotch I was at 51..I was a banquet waiter and captain...yeow that was a killer job but I could have gone into wrestling I was so this is where I am now....

.I hope this is the last change......I leave all of it to show where I've tried.....OK number one SERIOUS CHRISTIAN.....truly wanting GOD in your life.....ideally....I'd like to join a serious Christian community in a tolerable climate....not too hot..... not too cold.....Goldilocks Zone.....and be married to a man stupid in love with me and I with him decent looking in reasonable shape or willing to get that way....I am MAJOR health person so that would help or if you don't supplement and eat healthfully that I not have to be harassed about what I do....I shall reciprocate...and I can cook regular food as well. I went off for a long time because it's exhausting....but I still think a match exists for me.....

So....I'm still in NOLA.....ACTUALLY willing to go anywhere for serious non-prude, loving, verbal Christian....but really long for the warmth (literal and emotional ) of the Bible Biloxi is the pivot.....I'm not interested in the Gulf Coast but a 200 mile radius would be ideal......(not a boat in the Gulf of course even if you are the HOT MR.LUCKY)

Ok....I think I am sufficiently over Cali Guy to set my settings toward the Bible Belt( where I REALLY want to end up).....anyone serious Christian or headed that way welcome.....

Please no facial lying about your age..or indeed anything else. Reasonable shape or willing to get smokers.......oh....minimal texting if you are the communications version of Edward Scissorhands....please go type somewhere else....MUST BE ABLE TO VERBALLY FUNCTION....BRAIN TO MOUTH COMMUNICATION....EVEN IF YOU NEED TO USE A VOICE SYNTHESIZER.....This was what ended it with the California Dreamboy.....I can take some texts but not WAR AND PEACE.....I don't want clerical work....I want REAL communication....I HATE EMOTICONS....CARTOON OR PUNCTUATION MARKS.....also....though I thank him for his romantic videos .....a few are nice.....BUT ALL HE ACCOMPLISHED WAS TO MAKE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH LEONARD COHEN..... a little advice.....DON'T TURN THE WOMAN YOU LOVE ON TO A FASCINATING MAN!!!!! SHE WON'T SEE YOU IN HIM.....SHE WILL KISS THE SCREEN AND FORGET YOU!!!!

Some of you naughty boys are lying about your age....or you've been "rode HARD and put away WET"....WOULDN'T IT BE BETTER IF WHEN YOU MEET .......THE PERSON ALMOST FAINTS WITH HOW AMAZINGLY GOOD YOU LOOK? the right person isn't going to care about chronological age....people age is genetics...and especially how well you have taken care of yourself....but if upon meeting they realize you are a liar?

Think about it......if you are "weathered" do you think a younger woman is going to be swayed by that....I'm just saying...... brutal honesty seems to be the way to go up front......once affection moves in.... the heart starts putting Vaseline on the lens.....

OMG I am so tired of looking at strangers....I feel like I've been looking at suspect books.....but I guess there's no other makes solitude seem appealing.....

For full disclosure I am looking in Northern California....specifically..... because I am trying to get over a man from California and it is a strategy I hope will work....Californians seem to be more health and outdoor interested ( like me) than others I've heard from but I'm looking for that mental state not necessarily actually Golden State....

also if after the preliminary messaging required for first communication on here live in the "messaging" mode all day( I don't know if this is a CALI thing or an extension of the "remote control" ideology)....please pass me by was THE problem.....maybe because as a Southerner..I consider conversation an art.....I DON'T MEAN CHICK FLICK WHINE FOR HOURS ...I mean real communication....."messages" are clerical work.... weather alerts...intrusive as a drop- in relative.....usually as interesting as a GPS erotic or teasing enthusiasm...."LOL" is no substitute for a great laugh ....noooooooooooooo......I ALSO HATE SMILEY FACES OF ANY KIND....using smiley faces or other emoticons shows a lack of vocabulary or laziness of communication

Prefer clean-shaven (face not head) don't care except I really don't like shaved head....normally thin or receding or normal baldness is fine.... shaved head-yuk.....Colonel Sanders beards-eeew (it makes you all look alike when sifting through pictures) BTW why would guys NOT shave their faces but even think about shaving body hair...baffling are the Cliff Notes......VERY SERIOUS CHRISTIAN...FITNESS AND HEALTH CONSCIOUS....NOT A PRUDE....SEEKING SAME TO LIVE VERY SIMPLE CHRIST CENTERED LIFE WAITNG FOR JESUS.....DAILY BIBLE STUDIES TOGETHER ARE A MUST....KJV BASICS FULL GOSPEL BUT NOT WEIRDO...... PINGING IN WOO WOO DIRECTIONS....... PLEASE.....SIMPLE, SINCERE .....EVERYTHING BELOW THIS IS (READING DOWN) MY ATTEMPT TO CONVEY LIFE AND GOALS.....OBVIOUSLY SOME HAVE BEEN ABANDONED......SOME STILL WOULD BE NICE.....BUT THIS PARAGRAPH IS ABSOLUTELY A NECCESSITY.....I KNOW YOU WILL BE HARD TO FIND.....BUT IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE SAME PLEASE CONTACT ME.....THANK YOU.....Oh....a lovely sane "prepper" would be nice I'm looking for my tribe....

Firstly......I am still living in the New Orleans area.....but am aiming at somewhere rural.....MY first choice is somewhere within a 50 mile radius of Brookhaven Mississippi. This is the only way I can get some appropriate possible matches on this site. ANY quiet Bible-belt is more than acceptable, though, I don't like cold....and I am Katrina/Rita/BP spill survivor....I am trying to get to a low disaster area.....preferably....

I am an artistic, eccentric, educated, conservative Bornagain Christian
I was about to go off this site...but I decided to just leave it truly as a message in a bottle...there may be a weirdo out there who is my masculine doppleganger....I know it's an extraordinary longshot....
MY DREAM LIFE: small relatively disaster free Bible-belt ....small house,farm, organic garden catfish,crawfish pond... madly in love with reciprocating sexy...monagamous drugs...quiet life ....well educated (or willing to get so..not letters... REAL EDUCATION) (Thoreau, Emerson,Einstein,Keppler,Paschal,Picasso's Picassos,Lichtenstein,.....NO CURRENT CULTURE (i.e. chaos).....must be animal lover....basically let's run away from ALL the misery of modern life and be ecstatically happy, fit, well fed (but not pigs gorging at the trough, there are other things in life) intellectually stimulated and AFO in the blueberry patch of our liking.....or the vineyard....

Well....GOD has spoken and at least for the near future I shall remain a New Orleanian.......if you have a better idea GOD and I are open to your pitch....
I you find me to your liking and we seem compatible ...don't leave the ice cream out too long or it melts....the number of people on this site is seductive...but don't get too cocky you just might miss the love of your life.....I piss off easily ....I don't wait well......this is a billboard...just because I'm still on here doesn't mean you have all the time in the world.....I'm making a decision very in or lose out!
OK.... this is probably my last entry in my wacky-seeming stream of consciousness profile....I have decided....I want to be stupid in love and married to a born again Christian man who is in good shape or willing to get in and stay in decent shape who is stupid in love with me because we are both stupid in love with God....he must be OK with living in a Bible-belt country life will be moving in that direction soon (within months) It is preferable that you be able and willing to work with me in an organic garden, small farm thing (the father on the Walton's would be ideal fictional prototype)
If you are not a VERBAL born again Christian it is probably pointless to read further..this profile is a crazyquilt that in it's own micro way disproves the Theory of Evolution because IT evolved over the past year and I decided to leave ALL the entrails as a personal paleolithic record of my personal OK CUPID evolutionary if you wish to dig ...feel free....but you MIGHT find some scary stuff in there.....

Looking for:1st choice: VERBAL, Clean cut, not fat, non smoker, no drugs bornagain Christian willing to live on small farm in Bible Belt piney woods breatheable air I don't like cold and I'd like to be close enough to NOLA to easily drive or take train ride(and actually like it not whine) who really likes sex...(don't want a do it in the dark cause anything else is sin kind of Christian) remember " the marriage bed is undefiled"MUST LOVE ANIMALS(don't tell me you like animals...and then after we get invested emotionally in one another change your tune..I am ALWAYS gonna have some little pitiful thing finding won't have to be jealous of it, I promise you!
One guy told me, "what a waste of a beautiful woman, good luck finding your Christian stud muffin"....I believe you're out there, a Christian stud muffin...who is also a "boy scout" type survivalist (as opposed to a Ted Kosinsky type....oh by the way I DEFINITELY meant a GROWN UP boy scout type survivalist (45-60)( if you are fit and relatively healthy age.... is not that important, people age differently....but Whew! I'm find some grumpy old men at chronological age is not important attitude is everything) ...that would be ideal...everyone else is welcome as a penpal , if you are intelligent and interesting enough, or even a friend if you want a platonic friendship...if it's not the whole package, though don't expect more than platonic friendship, please, and thankyou! important non negotiable is NO DRUGS....don't tell me no drugs and then say later"Oh I just do a little" of this or that....I REALLY MEAN NO DRUGS!

Ok....back again...looking fot serious Christian.
What I’m doing with my life
love very quiet introspective life filled with art, nature,humor

I'm about to finish this search ( edit....patience is unfortunately having to be invoked, I'll eventually go by myself with my pets....and maybe you are already there) get in the running or lose out....YOU have to approach me ....I am not a Feminist I am a REAL woman tell me about yourself ...for God's sake...please no more "What's up? or HOW are you? TELL me who you are.... let's stop jacking around.....let's get it on or get it gone...

A lot of guys who message me talk about partying and traveling and seem to think every woman wants a big show and a lot of money-I am definitely not in that camp. I worked for three airlines when I was young including PAN AM and killed my traveling bug, now I like to travel via the internet, I like meeting new and different people not being groped by TSA for the priviledge of being hauled like cattle to overhyped, overpriced places to have my picture taken in front of old rocks. I was born and raised in the most interesting, historic city in the world- when I was traveling I always found myself longing to be back in New Orleans. I would think about the architecture down to specific buildings, I would remember the smell of the old wood in the Presbytere, the look and sound of the old tile floor of Brocatos, the scent of night blooming jasmine after a thunderstorm...
Also, although I very much like Classical music and Jazz I prefer it in private setting while drawing or painting or reading or cooking ............
I am possibly the only woman you may ever meet who hates to eat out, my Father took me to the finest restaurants in NOLA as well as the "holes in the wall" the food was so spectacular then that the junk today is a joke....He was also a fantastic cook, as am I , so I would find dining out for the most part pointless. There are a couple of places I still like but they are very old line type places.
I’m really good at
assessing people, cooking, entertaining myself, art...growing things...making the best of whatever situation in which I find myself
The first things people usually notice about me
my looks! stop asking for more pictures I get hit on in person enough already---I'm VERY HOT but not an AH about it (I was born that way) stop acting like you are the virgin birth-I'm here to see where men's heads are after a lot of years out of the game-If it happens it- it happens- if it doesn't- it doesn't-get over yourself- we are all grown up's here...not all women are desperate!
Help me Jesus, I just got more unsolicited suggestions of pictures that " His Highness" would like to see, thanks to all of the nice guys who don't do stupid things like that! For those of you who are dumb enough to try to start running my life at first approach to me, do you really think that would be attractive to a woman?

If you still want to approach me after reading this -just act like a normal person-be real-just say who you are-the main reason I would think people try online meeting is to cut through the bull that is everywhere these days....

I realize it's hard to read through a lot of profiles but please try to assess your own motives,at least, if you're just looking for a quick hook-up or a date for the weekend ...THAT WOULD NOT BE ME..(I can't believe I had to clarify my statement but someone actually thought that was my interest).I would think that the chicks who want to do that are pretty clear about it....there are some guys actually looking for someone special...I'm at the point where I would say I have looked at and talked to enough guys to move from just seeing where men's heads are to looking for someone special...I also am not at all opposed to penpals(especially international including Americans living abroad)(no green card seeker, though, I've already gotten approached by one of them)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
art books, classic movies, no TV but Three Stooges and Leave it to Beaver,( I have given in to occasionally watching PAN AM ( on computer....I haven't owned a TV in 16 years),the series portrays 20 years earlier than I worked for them but it is fun remembering glamour travel- nothing like today) classical and 60's music ,some Jazz, salmon roe on over easy eggs,Penfold's Bin 389
Ok! since I'm really getting down to the nitty gritty-if you are any kind of TV addict skip me-but if you are into:serial killers(real or fictional),zombies, vampires,or "reality" TV PLEASE SKIP ME...
talk about a waste of life....Oh! and liberals skip me, too -I'm not a Republican- I'm independent but I'm AM too conservative for any kind of lib( however I'm am not like many GOP'S either I live and vote my conscience on each individual issue and situation- not platforms or movements or generalizations )

If you really liked "My Dinner With Andre" and you loved "Cinema Paradiso" please contact me immediately. I'm yours! The movie that probably most influenced me was "On the Beach" (the real one, with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner.) One of my favorite fictional characters is Holly Martins from"The Third Man."
"On the Beach", "The Third Man", "Laura", and "Cinema Paradiso"are my favorite film scores- all four have stunning music throughout.
Six things I could never do without
faith in Christ, sunny cool air, pets, exercise, NOLA, childhood memories
I spend a lot of time thinking about
GOD and SEX .....and that is the agenda for the rest of my MUST be in love with both to fit into my life
On a typical Friday night I am
online or drawing, writing, reading, or painting
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I miss my Daddy every day and I hate the sound of helicopters and motorcycles, love the sound of airplanes, though
You should message me if
Oh Lord!! I didn't think I have to say this but please MUST be a MAN a real MAN not psuedo or whatever...please no females, I had been visited before but hoped it had been an chicks, please! No Bi's either-I'm sure there are people just dying to know you but I'm not one of them-my closest friend is a gay guy but we don't have any physical designs on one another....not interested in that kind of coupling just hot, real male....thank you!

You are ok with casual friendship unless, if we meet, and "Some Enchanted Evening" starts running through our heads when we look into one another's noses

If you just want to talk about life without any "expectations"...

If you are not "overanxious" as some guys on this site have been, if you're in ICU, and not expected to leave it alive.. Ok- I'll be nice and sympathetic, otherwise let's take it slowly..kay? Only God knows our expiration dates-so why not be optimistic and pretend we have all the time in the world? Silly us! Let's be silly !
Much of life bites -let's have one place we can be silly and not care about anything...

However, if we WERE to find ourselves inexplicably drawn to one another (and I believe that is very rare-and can't be planned or forced) You would have to be willing to be spoiled like the most spoiled baby in the universe and then anxious to reciprocate...

I strongly prefer Born Again Christians simply because I experienced a close brush with major heartbreak over this issue(it was an issue to him not me), I am not hostile to nominal Christians or non-Christians, or even atheists or agnostics but if it's going to be an issue with you-it would be best to skip me, for both our sakes. Also I cannot marry a non Christian, that is Biblical (Oh, I could marry a Messianic Jew and actually that would be very appealing) So if you are one who is looking for a wife you would have to be either a Christian or a Messianic Jew,to be considered for marriage. I do not anticipate that matrimony is any where in the near future, although sometimes absolute magic strikes like a bolt from the blue-that would defininitely be in God's hands not ours...Thanks, Dotsy

I do have to say I am amazed at the amount of hostility that is considered not just socially acceptable but even socially laudable when lobbed at Christians. Christianity seems to be the only group that otherwise kumbiah lovefest wonks deem appropriately hateable. It seems that some self-examination with eyes wide open would be appropriate. It's like the old bumper sticker from the 60's (when police officers were the targets of irrational but socially acceptable hatred)"NEXT TIME YOU ARE IN TROUBLE-DON'T CALL A COP-CALL A HIPPIE" We live in a world of too many mindless followers who need to learn to think more rationally as individuals and not follow like lemmings whatever is current societal BS. Thanks Again, Dotsy


I don't want to hear your shit about Christians ....just go register yourself as a potential hatecrime suspect and leave me the F***k alone...bite me .... you think ALL Christians are "blah, blah, blah"....I don't care...get it? I am not responsible for other people- every person will stand before God ALONE.. I don't critique your lunatic beliefs ....I leave you alone.....please reciprocate (oh do you know what that means? are you literate enough to look it up?

There is no ALL anything..ALL???? are???? no are a bigot (look it up)Why would you waste time contacting me??? because all the other women on this site have blocked you...that's an ALL that might be true....
The two of us