36Mantova, Italy
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My self-summary
If you'd like to know me better before sending me a message, please read the rest of the profile: it's now established that this bit won't be filled in any soon. Partly because of my so-so English, even if it's improving; my husband duefiori helped me write my profile, so be warned: my own English is nowhere near this good. Also, I really can't figure out what to say here. I think that I'm through a growing phase, so I'm not quite sure I know precisely what I'm doing, or thinking.

WARNING: Please do not use much contracted or jargon words, because first my english is lame, and second I dislike the TXT writing even in Italian. OkCupid messenger and mail do not charge extra if you use too many characters.

Mi piacerebbe allenare il mio Inglese, ma se siete Italiani o parlate Italiano va benissimo. Siete pregati di leggere il profilo per intero, grazie; specialmente la parte "You should message if".

I am kawaii, otaku, and a jap stuff geek
What I’m doing with my life
Actually I have a lot of "used to". I used to be a bridge player and a Texas Hold'em dealer, I used to be in Law School which I dropped for complicated reasons, and I used to kick ass at Pump it Up (a variation on Dance Dance Revolution). After some time to rethink my life, I've enrolled into University (IT and not IT engineering), I want to stabilize myself about my home/family/personality/stuff. Currently I have my hands full with being a mom and a student, but I'm also looking for a 12-months job.

I'm raising a very nice young boy, my son, and a cute little girl. He's about to turn 6 and she's 4 and a half monts old.

I’m really good at
Procrastination and panicking. Tangling myself up while I speak (even in Italian). Cooking, if and when the mood strikes. Reading, probably, I can read anything anywhere. I used to be a kickass liar (and a damn good part-time shoplifter, shh) but now I've grown out of it. Well, probably.

I'm thinking of something I'm currently good at. I'll let you know.

The first things people usually notice about me
It depends, a lot. Well,I bet that nowadays the first thing are my hair. I have blue and purple stripes ( my daughter sais that I'm like Twilight Sparkle from "my little pony", I prefer to think about the Nightelves from World of Warcraft,you will judge by yourself ). If I'm out dancing or showing off, probably my boobs, because that's what I want them to notice. If I'm in a playful mood, my gremlin snigger. If I'm in my pink-girly mood, the fact that I'm hanging from my guy's shoulders. Other than that, I really don't know.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(A) books: all of Pratchett, most of Gaiman, much of Asimov. Dune by Herbert. Calvino. Rodari. Pennac of course, specially the Malaussene cycle. The mandatory Lord of the Rings. The Neverending Story. Ender's Game & Shadow. Douglas Adams. Harry Potter. I'm just discovering Robert Rankin, and enjoing it a lot so far. Jasper Fforde. Rick Riordan. More to follow.

(B) movies, comedy and TV: Lord of the Rings (again), the Cornetto Trilogy, Sliding Doors, My Best Friend's Wedding, the old Casino Royale. Does anybody remember Operation Petticoat? I love it. Hairspray. Rent. The Producers. Spaceballs. I loved Dark Knight and I never, ever want to watch it again, it scared the hell out of me. 300, all from Marvel Cinematic Universe (no Fox ones please). Anything Pixar. Every Russell Peters show. Rich Hall shows. Lots of TV stuff: Whose Line is is Anyways (US version only, blame John Sessions), Stephen Fry's QI and A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Monty Python Flying Circus, The Big Bang Theory, Red Dwarf, Takeshi's Castle, Ninja Warriors (go Makoto Nagano!), Top Gear (witch is the only car show my husband like), Mythbusters. NCIS and Numb3rs, Doctor Who. Also Colpo Grosso, but this is just for Italians (see below).

(C) Paul Simon, with or without Garfunkel. Crosby, Still and Nash, with or without Young. Disco, 70s and 80s. Guilty pleasure: the Backstreet Boys.

(D) After a long re-training from my husband, I'm still, unfortunately, a bit picky with my food. This is related to the long story of my life and I will need to be working on that a bit more. Also, I have a quite annoying mild intolerance for cheese, which limits my food choices some more. I deeply love: shrimps, artisan's icecream (hazelnut specially); pasta; potato dumplings; french fries; homemade ravioli (I need to be sure there's no cheese in the filling). I also love ethnic food, specially Indian, Chinese and Japanese.

Mi ripeto: amavo Colpo Grosso e volevo essere una ragazza Cin Cin (e chi la capisce la capisce). Inoltre mi piaceva Drive In e Indietro Tutta (essere una Ragazza Coccode' era la seconda scelta). Mi manca tanto Giochi senza frontiere. Purtroppo la TV Italiana di oggi non regge il confronto con quella anni 70/80 o con quella UK e USA. Non voglio neanche sentir nominare i vari (ir)reality show. Per favore. Per la musica Italiana: Fabrizio de Andre, Neri per Caso, i primi dischi di Ligabue, Mercanti di Liquore.
Six things I could never do without
My husband's support and cuddles. My cats. A handy elastic band to mend my weak ankles. A spritz cocktail Padua's style (google it) every once in a while. Knowing I can have a good espresso anytime I want. Knowing there's people who care about me.
Cancel one of the above, and insert my baby. Both of them.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Assorted and diverse mind masturbations. My still bouncy self esteem. How to make my guy happy. My cats. How long will it take until I'll finish watching the complete Sailor Moon series (200 episodes)(plus the new.ones). Where the heck dust keeps coming from. How to teach my kids everything they could need to know (as to say, where are Super Mario's secrets exits)
Why I can't remember how to use trigonometric expressions .
Will I ever finish to watch Doctor Who.

I WASTE a lot of time thinking about (or better, against) my mother.

On a typical Friday night I am
Watching TV or videos curled up with my husband. On occasion, out dancing with girl friends. In either case, sex might follow.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I made some terrible mistakes in my life. Seriously. But now I'm probably ok. Also, I am (we are) still trying to mend old wounds related to family and long-past jerks.

I'm sort of exploring and expanding my sex life boundaries. In spite of my "straight" label, I'm bi-curious and poly-curious. Also, I'm taking a definite interest in BDSM: I think I might be a switch, but so far I explored just my Dominant side; the sub side still scares me, but I'm definitely curious about that too.

You should message me if
You are not turned off by so-so English.

If you are not a guy trying to ignore that I'm married. Very happily so, thank you so much. This means: yes, you can flirt; no, it won't work.

If you are a girl trying to hit on me, well, it could work. But I'm STILL married.

Other than that, I really want to meet people here for some fun and chat. Feel welcome to contact me.

The two of us