50 Marion, United States
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My self-summary
I am more of a quiet and introvert person but I can be outgoing on occasion. Crowds and noise I try to avoid most of the time -- daily life at work provides ample opportunities for social contacts. In my spare time I prefer a long walk in the forest or a day trip to the countryside over a rock concert at a crowded club all the time.

Nature, culture, science, society and history are topics that interest me a lot. I like to travel to places in and around Memphis that are related to one or more of the above categories. This is fun alone already but it is much more fun to explore this small Mid-Southern world with a partner whom I can share the excitement with.

Quiet, curious, and intelligent are three attributes that characterize me well.
What I’m doing with my life
A good part of my weekdays are filled with an eight hour job at a Memphis based transportation company, where I work in the international financial services department. Weekday evenings I usually spend at home or going out for a casual dinner on some days, to enjoy good food and good conversation.

On weekends, I like to enrich the day with a little culture or nature. I am interested in local history and enjoy trips to local sites and museums. I like spending weekend time on shorter or longer day trips, exploring sites of historic and current events or visiting parks. Discovering sites and small treasures of natural, cultural or historical character is something I enjoy a lot. I also enjoy going to flea markets and yard sales.

It is rare that I spend a weekend day at home all day. It does not have to be much, it does not have to be long but I try to go out on weekends and find some place of interest to visit, explore and enjoy. This can be a shorter or longer road trip to a place of historical significance or a quiet walk in the forest. I love to have an early dinner at a restaurant on the way back home.

At the end of a weekend day I like to relax and hang out being either on the internet or watching a documentary on YouTube. That is -- of course -- when I am alone. With a partner, I would like to spend the day and enjoy satisfying relaxation in the evening... leaving the details of that to your imagination.

Writing is fun for me. I am the Memphis correspondent and a regular contributor for the popular German Elvis Presley fan magazine "Graceland". On occasion, I provide featured articles for the British "The Elvis Mag". With my words and photos I keep Elvis fans all over the world updated about what is going on around Elvis in Memphis and what is current news at Graceland.

Recently, I have started volunteering at the Crittenden County Museum in Earle, Arkansas as a museum guide on occasional weekend days when the museum director cannot make it in.
I’m really good at
- Writing, if I have an interesting topic to write about
- Photography as a hobby, I do that all the time on trips
- Conversation, with an interesting and smart partner
The first things people usually notice about me
... are related to my appearance. Is it so extraordinarily unusual that the outside of a person is the first thing people notice? I like to wear my hair long and in a ponytail all the time, which looks as neat in business attire at a white collar job as it does when worn with casual clothing or rumpled after passionate hours with a partner.

I am not sure what the next things are people notice, since I rarely ask them about the exact order they noticed them. Maybe you can tell me?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favourite books are encyclopedias and non-fiction books. As a child, I grabbed a volume of a general encyclopedia from the bookshelf and looked for topics that interest me to read about them in bed with a flashlight before I fell asleep. This habit has not changed much, but nowadays I read through articles at Wikipedia on the computer instead. I have also written articles there on different topics.

My favourite movie is "The Odd Couple" with Walther Matthau and Jack Lemmon. My preferred movie categories are SciFi, action and adventure, also comedy if it is not too silly. I also enjoy documentaries or watching the news. They can be as entertaining as movies and I can learn from them. I actually do not watch movies very often.

As far as music is concerned, the range of what I listen to is wide. It is a little bit of everything - 80s rock being the category of choice if I had to chose. I am not much of a music enthusiast, though -- I listen to music sometimes in the car on the way to or from work, rarely at home and even more rarely I turn the volume up.

My favorite food is the Middle Eastern cuisine. Grilled meats, vegetables and rice with a salad on the side. My all time favorite is Gyros. Chinese cuisine is another favorite on my list of preferred foods. Most ethnic food varieties have some item on the menu that is to my liking. I like variety in my meals and visit buffet restaurants on occasion since they provide the opportunity to try many different foods in one session.
The six things I could never do without
(1) Nature - I love it and appreciate its conservation
(2) State Parks - They preserve small parts of our nature
(3) Museums - They preserve what made us who we are
(4) Culture - Our current lifestyle resulting from our history
(5) Learning - I like to learn something new every day
(6) Intimacy - Is always great fun with the right partner
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... possible activities for the weekends. These can be big or small - I do not have a long list of topics but since I like to do "something" on the weekend that excites me, I look around and see what is going on locally and try to find out which hidden treasures I have not explored yet, or which sight I would like to see again.
On a typical Friday night I am
... usually at home, hanging out. My Friday nights are relatively easy to describe as they follow a common pattern most of the time. On most Fridays I usually stay at home and enjoy my evening being more or less lazy inside the house. Fridays are the least likely days for me to go out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
... I can only admit in a private setting to avoid a logical dilemma.

If my most private thing is published openly and in full length here, it would no longer be private but - by definition - become public instead. Once it became public and is no nonger private it would not qualify to populate this section about the most private thing. To avoid this logical dilemma, I refrain from adding my most private thing here.

If you are interested in private matters that I failed to mention in the profile, please feel invited to ask. Poet Oscar Wilde was quoted to have said that there are no indiscrete questions, only indiscrete answers. This is a philosophy I have adopted.
You should message me if
... some of the activities mentioned above match your idea of spending time with me and if you feel that there are not many characteristics that you dislike.

I am a firm believer in the philosophy that no two people will ever be able to match all their interests all the time. On occasions where interests do not match completely it is always a possibility that everyone pursues their interests on their own. Overall, I am looking for a woman who is very similar to me.