32Mickleton, United States
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My self-summary
It's hard to really get to know someone in just written word over the internet, but here goes nothing.

I like to think I'm a good, polite guy who tries to do the right thing. Describing yourself seems kind of disingenuous, but people think I'm awesome so it must be true. I try not to take arbitrary things too seriously, and think I have a good sense of humor. Two of my favorite comedians are Louis CK and George Carlin, so that should probably give you an idea of what my sense of humor is like, finding the comedy in even the most mundane things.

I love watching movies (as do most), and TV (as do most) although I'm selective of which ones I give my time to. I'm a sports fan (the 4 main Philly teams and boxing), but not the kind that gets depressed or angry if my team loses. I also try to play when I can whether it is a pick-up basketball game or a weekend softball league. I have a good group of friends who I like to spend my time with when not working. I like going out with them to do about anything; try a new beer, try new food, or just sit around and shoot the shit.
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying life as a new homeowner and working. Obviously on the weekends it's just the usual cliche stuff; hanging with friends, watching movies/tv, reading, etc.
I’m really good at
I'm a movie buff, so I'm pretty good at working as a human
The first things people usually notice about me
Usually that I'm tallish.

People have told me I look like Dirk Nowitzki, but believe me, I really don't at all.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I must admit my "To Read" pile seems to be growing faster than my "Read" pile. I just finished up the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series. So while I wait for the next book in that series, I try and mix it up between fiction and non-fiction books, whether it's one by Cormac McCarthy, a book by a comedian I like (Patton Oswalt's latest is great), or some random book I get off of Amazon after seeing an interview with the author on TV. I basically just grab whatever piques my interest at the time. I've most recently read 'At the Mountains of Madness', 'Hombre', 'A Slight Trick of the Mind', and 'Free Will'.

TV Shows: I work evenings, so I don't go out of my way to watch TV, but I always make sure I have my DVR set for shows like Breaking Bad, Justified, Community, Louie, Game of Thrones, among some others. I tend to avoid reality shows except for some cooking related ones like Top Chef, Iron Chef, and the like.

Movies: This is a difficult one for me. But a few examples of ones I can put on at anytime and be engrossed are In Bruges, Cool Hand Luke, North by Northwest, Attack the Block, What We Do in the Shadows, Mad Max: Fury Road, Selma, anything by Edgar Wright, or Tarantino, or Rian Johnson, or Martin Scor... great, now I'm rambling.

Music: Mainly a mix of rock and hip hop. A have a lot of different stations on my Pandora account to cue up depending on my mood.

Food: I used to be a picky eater, but I'm much more open now. I like to get out and try new restaurants, which is hard when your friends are usually broke. I find it hard to turn down going out for sushi or pho. When I go out for a drink with friends, I like to ask what's on tap, and choose the beer that I have not tried yet.
On a typical Friday night I am
At work. My job has me working nights Monday thru Friday.
You should message me if
You read anything that interests you, or would like to know more. If you want to have a conversation, intelligent or otherwise. Or if you want to meet up for a drink or bite to eat and get to know each other.
The two of us