44Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I love Jesus Christ as much as I am able (That is the most important thing about me.)

I wish that was my one and only passion but it's not -- I'm distracted by other things -- like work, the Internet (both technically and exploring the web), and Orange Juice NOT from concentrate.

I am geeky, quiet, and faithful
What I’m doing with my life
May 2012 update: I'm now married 2 years, and don't spend much time here any more.

I work at a public University, in computer networking.

I spend most of my vacation time on short-term volunteer mission trips.

Lately, I've been spending waaaaay too much time in Second Life. (Come visit me on the North edge of Amberaldus. Touch my satellite -- it's fun!)

2010 update: I'm married now (to Dichotomygrrl -- yes, we met on OKCupid!), and am enjoying this new lifestyle very much.

I’m really good at
Remembering stuff (most of which is useless information), and solving some classes of problems.

These can be lots of things, but the most common examples are computers and networks that are behaving in unexpected ways. (Thus my job is a good fit.)

The first things people usually notice about me
I used to think this was my eyes, but I am now informed that instead, people usually notice my gait first. Apparently, people who know me can recognize me from several blocks away, just from that. I don't know why -- my Walk is Perfectly Normal. After a friend and I walked to meet another friend, he told her, "I managed to keep up at first, but then it was just too much..." She said, "If they ever make a movie called 'The Immovable Object' then Dave will play the Unstoppable Force." I have noticed that sometimes other pedestrians and also drivers of sub-compact cars do seem overly eager to get out of my way, but I don't know why; I'm just Walking.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food


The Bible.

I also like hard Sci-Fi (Asimov and early Clarke.) Anything by C.S. Lewis or JRR Tolken. I've just read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, and enjoyed it very much.

A friend introduced me to Orson Scott Card. She later told me that I'm a lot like Ender, and she is like Bean. That's probably a profound observation. FWIW, I think she is just like Jill Pole in the begining of The Silver Chair.


(Grr... this got cut off -- starting over!)I really liked The Lion, the Which and the Wardrobe. I also enjoyed the Lord of the Rings. I have two complaints about all of those: 1. The movies were too long, and 2. They left too much out. (okay, I'm hard to please.) I meant to see Aeon Flux when it was in theaters (which wasn't long), but I missed it. Ah, memories of 90s animation. Older stuff: The Lion King came out about the same time that my dad died; it packs some powerful emotions for me. I loved Doctor Strangelove for many years, but our current lack of a cold war makes it harder to love the bomb. I liked almost every Jackie Chan movie I ever saw, but they don't seem to be nearly as good for a second or third viewing. But Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Hero go much deeper.


Okay, it's probably weird to say this in a profile, but I think music is uhm.. so/so. I mean, it's fine. But I'm not way into it. I mostly listen to Christian stuff -- like DCTalk (They're not broke up; they're just takin' a break!), Mercy Me, and Rebecca St. James. When running, I need more "beat" than these favorites provide. Searching for this on itunes seems to always lead me to the 80s, and many guilty pleasures there, like Duran Duran and Nena (and not just 99 Luftballons).


I already mentioned Orange Juice NOT from Concentrate. Honey Nut Cheerios are sweet AND crunchy. Turkey sausage lets you get a little meat in your breakfast without too much fat. If you pile meat and cheese on bread, you get a sandwitch -- this is very important technology that we all need to understand. Bento and low-cal TV dinners round out my nutritional intake.

Six things I could never do without

Air, water (or OJNFC), shelter, food.

A friend.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sneaky OKCupid changed this question on us. But that's okay, because "I spend a lot of time thinking about" is better than the trading brains question.

I spend a lot of time working on the Internet. I do networking and spam filtering in my work. I try to keep up on (at least lurk on) the NANOG, and ASRG lists.

On a typical Friday night I am
Working... Specifically, doing "braindumps," which is how we train student volunteers to do IT work. This gets the students some experience, and the Universtity gets to exploit them for free or cheap labor. Good thing I have a DVR.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I'm willing to admit it here, it's not private, is it?

Okay, most private.

If one looks at the tests I've been taking lately, one might get the idea that I'm some kind of a kinky pervert. However, please note my purity score on the comparison page, before making any harsh judgements. At worst, I'm a pure pervert. It would probably be more accurate for me to say that I desire to keep by body (and mind -- but that's harder) pure out of respect for God, I have other desires, too. OKCupid feels like a safe place to explore that (It's just a test; not porn).

You should message me if
I used to try to be clever here, but either nobody got it or nobody was impressed. So I'll try just being direct:

You should message me if you are are a Christian, a nerd, and born sometime in the 1970s. (If you only get two out of three of those, give it a shot anyway.)

The two of us