39Grimsby, Canada
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My self-summary
Hiya! Still on hiatus, but if you want to message, feel free. I usually respond. :) --5/31/11--

My brain can be a swarm of silliness, cynicism & smarts. My heart can be electric blankets of passion, empathy & sweetness. I dress much more plain than I'd like. I often take what people say at face value. It's important to me to aim for operating as a grounded individual; compassionate enough to love this beautiful & savage world & guarded enough not to get eaten by it. This place is not more than a convincing ride. I try to live based not upon what authority tells me is real or important, but rather on the notion that this ride is mine to be written.

I am responsibly silly and occasionally impulsive. I can't stand machismo and don't really bother trying to emulate it. I suppose I have different ideas on shit and I'm rather cozy with that.

I love my girlfriend, TheMightyDoll to pieces. We have a healthy open relationship though at present, our priorities are on other things than seeing additional people. We communicate freely & do not hide what we feel. Further, that is a fundamental respect that remains a caveat for anyone that I (or we) choose to interact with on a casual level or more. I like how she articulates why we're here. You should read it if you find one or both of us interesting.

I love physical affection like teh crazy, but my interest in that is inherently dependent on mutually finding spark that runs a bit deeper than just raking each others coals. Since I am committed to my gf, it's also dependent on the presence of comfort with each of us (yours too of course). Being friends among seems to work best.


I am straight, but not narrow, and made in Detroit.
What I’m doing with my life
Loving, parenting, f/t professional graphic design while chasing a freelance from-home business, writing/playing songs & singing while chasing a music dream, partying, cycling, board/card/video gaming... Y'know. Stuff.

We just moved out to a lovely home on top of the Escarpment. It feels like we now get to live 'at the cottage'. Damn, this place is beautiful out here.
I’m really good at
Writing lyrics, being hopelessly silly, singing, playing DJ with iTunes, drawing & design. I am slowly getting better at guitar. What else... Aahh yes. Inappropriate humor, manic fits on rare occasion, and unknowingly stealing blankets.

Nursing contempt for most mass media & corporate lobby.

I'm especially good at scattering the things I need to take when I leave the house so that I'm usually late and forget at least half of what I meant to bring. My gf calls this "Sowing my belongings"

Yup. I got more. I'm multi-talented. Sleeping through fire alarms... suspecting strangers... harboring disdain for authority... spilling full drinks... procrastinating on housework... *toke* *cough* :)

When you're watching a movie or a show & say, "Oh fuck! I know that guy from this one show.... what was it? Who is it?" - I can usually pull that trivia out of my head pretty quickly.

I'm a pretty good cook. I hear my brunches are to die for. I was delighted to successfully make hollandaise on the first try a while ago... Mustn't make that one too often.

Lastly, I'm good at being sweet, dry, sarcastic, considerate and passionate to my friends and my lovers.
The first things people usually notice about me
Folks' first impressions seem to be that I'm a tad strange. I don't really focus on acting the way society would expect of me outside of my day job. I've really got different priorities than forming the perfect image, so I don't hide or withhold who I am–moreover, I can't help it.

If they meet me at a gig or an open jam, they tend to be surprised by my singing voice... Maybe I look mundane. All the same, their surprise makes me blush and feel good.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music cures what ails me. I mean that in the literal sense. Favourites change over time, but at present:

HEALTH (new & incredibly good racket from Los Angeles)
Crush Kill Destroy (a friend's band in Chicago)
A Silver Mt. Zion
The Mars Volta (*drool*)
Joy Division
Iron & Wine
Sufjan Stevens
Explosions in the Sky
Alice in Chains
Trail of Dead
Sonic Youth
Ten Kens
The American Analog Set
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
David Bowie
Jane's Addiction
The Killers (Hot Fuss only please)
ADA - also a hot (but defunct) Toronto indie band
Sigur Rós

NXNE makes me so happy.

Movies/tv: Rather eclectic... favs include How to Get Ahead in Advertising, Stephen King's IT, Jesus of Montreal, City of Lost Children, 28 Days Later, The Truman Show, Harold & Maude, Three Colours Trilogy... Really, you'd get bored & my fingers would be tired of typing. Movies don't get to me like music does.

Authors: David Sedaris, Chuck Palahniuk, Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Kurt Vonnegut, Neil Stevenson (especially Zodiac), and some Stephen King. some. I'm currently reading Robert Anton Wilson, Hugh Laurie, Rudiments of Music Theory, CSS & dreamweaver how-to books... there's a few more, but I forget what they are at the moment.
Six things I could never do without
music (my own & others')
physical attention from the softest caress to... :) the rest.
good genuine people
art projects
free time
and my youthful mind.

1st runner up: sunglasses. Preferably the garish sort one finds at Ardene's.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My mind thinks a whack-ton of stuff. It doesn't really slow down until the second I'm ready to sleep.

Calling in sick to work, singing for my band, song melodies for my band, sex, getting to work late, how to be the best parent I can, when my next bike ride will happen, JavaScript functions, communicating through language design, getting out of work early, eating healthier, my favorite music & the people who made it, meeting nice & real people, and why so many people across this world are so broken.

I'm pretty sure the following objects contain high levels of olfactory-active tryptophan: church pews, seminar rooms, the couch in the break room at work, & my dining room table...

Lately I'm struck by this: Humans have managed to make rockets that bring people to space and back. We can build hand held computers that reach the furthest corners of the intertubes. We can transplant organs and living tissues from body to body, but apparently we can't figure out a functional design for a shower caddy. The hell?
On a typical Friday night I am

Our children are with us on Fridays. Often, we like to play something fun with them - with or without guests over. If it isn't in the cards, we'll either have a quiet night in or find a sitter so we can hit the town. Fairly flexible.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Singing & shouting to live music and regular exercise allows me to function as a happy man. I've recently discovered this is typical of folks with ADD.
You should message me if
you think my company would be fun or interesting.
You are honest & open minded, and do not believe in competing for people. I'm not interested in seeing people who would want to change or come between the relationship I've developed with Mightydoll. She's that awesome. :)

...or if you like meeting expatriates, playing cover songs on acoustic guitars or at jam nights at a pub, you love to go to small live shows, want to meet a new crowd, like to explore stuff or people...

...or you are a drummer in need of a band...
The two of us