67Sedona, United States
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My self-summary
Overview (of sorts):

Soul Mission: Translator, Catalyst & Messenger
Moniker: Gabriel Quicksilver + Dr. Famosa

American Native Tradition: Bird Man
Moniker: Painted Eagle

What turns me on:
You are a woman between the ages of 40+ to 70+. You have had some experiences being in a relationship that has revolved around creative collaboration and loving intimacy. I was in such a relationship that involved comedy writing, comedy performance and video production. Being in such a relationship was the closest to experiencing "Heaven on Earth" for me so far in my life.

Now moving through 2016 my passport is in seeking out female and male activity partners related to collaborative creative writing with film script writing first, theater script writing second, documentary writing third and comedy writing fourth. I have done
my best writing and performance within creative collaborative

In the past I have posted a personal ad on Craig's list with the title: Lover/Creative Collaborator. The genuine responses to my post appeared to be "clueless" about this title. You, lovely woman, would of course NOT be clueless.

I have lived in Sedona (aka Sedonanut Land) twice (totalling 23+ years. Now being in my second tour of duty. I say this because of the vortex energies. Does not matter whether you believe in them or not they amplify both the positive and the negative in people's energies. Living hear is like living in a Fun House Hall of Mirrors.

If you are intending to visit this area to see if you want to
move here I would love to be your guide providing you
connect with my profile on some level.

I'm also not at all conventional as in more on the bohemian side. I am an artist type though have a background in the social sciences (psychology, parapsychology, sociology, anthropology and archaeology. From the late seventies till 2012 I have done fine art and ended up doing mixed media collages for over 10 or so years.

My creative outlets have involved film & video production, theater and comedy sketch script writing, and comedy performance.

I also enjoy acting and was in the first two and only so far sketch comedy groups that originated from Sedona - The Vortex Players & The Ozone Players back in 1988. I have acted in local community theater plays, performed sketch comedy and improv as well in front of live audiences. To me comedy (a sacred healing art) must involve material related to The New World Order vs The New Weird Order. In other words, doing comedy is my form of political activism. In 2009 it came to me that comedy
is a sacred healing art/practice.

Now more than ever before America needs powerful political satire to wake us all up via sketch comedy presentations on
the internet as well as independently produced political satire
films and theater plays.

Back in the first 3 months of 2008 I taught a class for seniors at Osher/Ollie titled "Video Scene Acting Group" that involved using improv techniques to develop characters and lines within the context making a social satire tv pilot of life in Sedona. The downside to that experience was that I was not able to deliver an edited (from about 120 minutes to 80+ minutes) dvd to all participants. Number one, I needed help from someone else in terms of what to cut and what leave. Number two I simply could not teach myself simple video editing techniques as in iMovie 6 even though I had learned 16mm film editing with sound on a movieola at Berkeley Film Institute in the late seventies. My editing teacher was Star Wars' George Lukas'
first wife.

In 2010 and 2011 I placed ads in the local newspaper to start a sketch comedy group. Although I have been trained in improv by a Sedona woman who trained at Second City and have attended a free gathering of improv locally (and March 2012) was kicked out for being "too intense") - I find improv for improv sake only to be a waste of time. This type of activity is closest to mutual masturbation as one can get without entering the "porn context". I had a love/hate relationship with that gathering because I want to use the wonderful material that is presented but lost in a moment or two - use some of that material and hone it into a comedy sketches (up to 9 minutes long) that could be performed anywhere and video recorded and put on a website linked to you-tube for everyone else to enjoy. After all comedy can be a major healing art. Why waste comedy by doing improv for improv sake with no recording unless you are a micro mutual masturbation subculture.

"Sketch Comedy Group Forming: 80% internet & 20% local live performances; experience in comedy writing and or comedy performance preferred; a plus if you have video editing skills or website design skills; must be willing to work on speculation."

You may know someone besides yourself who may be interested in this project. I do not have video editing skills but am pretty good at using my digital video camera (i.e. edit within the camera). I also have no web design skills so would be looking for people into that.

You may not be interested in a date type meeting but a network type meeting in which you introduce me to your friend(s) who may be interested in responding to what this creative direction is about. You may also be interested in being my friend rather than going in the date direction. Please message me either way. I answer all messages sent to me.

The focus of the sketch comedy group is now only one of several foci that this website will mirror. There will be a "Fine Art Gallery" as well as music videos and channeling videos as well as interviews related to the vortex culture of Sedona. I really love the forms of social satire and parody in the context of comedy as a healing art. I have lived in Sedona twice with a total of 25 + years. Life here can be very kooky to say the least.

Besides liking to be a "Fool" I am an unorthodox intellectual with a BA in Psychology and graduate coursework in Parapsychology, Fine Art Practice & Art History, Cultural Anthropology & Archaeology.

I am looking for a playmate whose inner child is wide awake and raring to have fun as well as be funny within the context of service to the spiritual transformation that is going on all around us.
What I’m doing with my life
Try to be more trusting of myself and others. My natal chart has intercepted houses. There is Virgo and Libra in my seventh house. Neptune is in Libra - which can translate to me being an above average actor as well as being gullible, naive etc. Jupiter is in Virgo in the seventh house (interpersonal relationships), so people come into my life as treasures as long as they are real enough to be of the truth. If you are unable to be honest with someone then you are not respecting yourself as well as the other.

Right now Neptune is transiting my Sun sign Pisces and is conjunct my natal Sun. So on one level I have the opportunity to be a "Love God".

I have this black and white photo of an elder man standing in front of his tombstone that has the sign of David on it as well as the yin yang symbol. What is written on the tombstone is I ONLY CAME HERE TO LAUGH.

I believe whatever we resist we surely get more of. I am tired of resisting and want to laugh at my foibles and make other people laugh more about themselves, others and what is going on in our world that we share.

Why resist what comes into your life, if everything happens for a reason? I am still learning this and trying to watch what I resist rather than ACCEPT and then move on to a higher vibe - frequency band.

Would like to get back into doing a sketch or two with others with a live audience at least once a week. But mostly would love to do video shoots of comedy sketches around town for the soon to be website.
I’m really good at
I like to make people laugh, dress up in costumes and wigs, dance to live music and hike the vortex areas of Sedonut Land. I don't like to hike alone, because for me the conversation is an important part of the hike.

I get into trouble when I take myself too seriously. Life is really a performance art as in all the world is a stage.

I like to give massages, although never formally trained, especially to women.

I'm pretty good at editing another person's writing as well as giving art critiques of another person's artwork.

In 2009 a friend made a video of me improvising a scifi film script outline based on spin off of his docu-drama film script. I talked nonstop for 59 minutes. My natal chart has Gemini and Taurus in the third house with Uranus in Gemini. In other words, I am never short in the word department.

I am pretty good at not acting my age most of the time, since most people my age strike me as too conventional and mostly boring. In other words they have lost/misplaced their inner child.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first things people usually notice about me is what country is he from (?!) and my smile.

I was born in Manhattan, NYC - and I am half Puerto Rican and the other half is French, Austrian, Irish & English. With the right accent I could be from any number of countries and sometimes temporarily fool people with a put on accent just for fun.

Also people notice I have a weird sense of humor as well as dance free form to live music very well.

Also I love to improv comedy (in most conversations with others) but in essence use improv to develop characters and lines. True comedy is a healing art that is best when shared with as many people as possible.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In all honesty I'm not all that much into food. I prefer information over food. I would not have any problem living only on spirulina and blue green algae and water if that was all that was available. I would be a good candidate for "breathairianism" (sp?) after overcoming my addiction to caffein.

But I like to cook (a man who is not afraid of the kitchen) for others at a home gathering. I learned to cook when I was 12
in the Boy Scouts. I do not like restaurants since I worked in several and know what can go on in the kitchen area that is outside the awareness of the customers in the dinning room area.

My reading is across the board reflecting my academic background in the social sciences (psychology, parapsychology, cultural anthropology, archaeology and fine art history) as well as fiction.

In the past I finished a bio on John Foster Wallace (author of INFINITE JEST) titled EVERY LOVE STORY IS A GHOST STORY. I loved this book even though I have not been attracted to so far read any of his fiction or non-fiction.

I saw the film THE WOMEN (came out in 1939 and directed by George Cukor). There are no males in the entire film. I loved the drama and the acting. Joan Crawford ...what a Scorpio type bitch! She was like a Scorpio and Leo at the same time!

Most music except for most of Country & Western and Opera. When I saw the film "Running With Scissors" I realized that music of the seventies really imprinted on me in an everlasting way.

I like most kinds of movies and enjoy really good acting as well as direction, editing & writing. I really like the Showtime Series WEEDS (with strong female characters) and that other series called DAMAGES. Glenn Close (and her female assistant {Rose Byrne} both strong female characters) is really great in DAMAGES. I recently saw HOUSE OF CARDS first season -episodes 7-13 and find everything to be so excellent in revealing American politics. I saw the previous year of MAD MEN and can only wonder about a version of this show taking place five years from now - as in have you read THE CIRCLE by Dave Eggers?! The longest fiction book I have read this year -imagine APPLE-FACEBOOK-GOOGLE as one company.

I looked forward to viewing LAST VEGAS and AMERICAN HUSTLE.
Now that I saw both them - LAST VEGAS yes AMERICAN HUSTLE -
have to watch it again - too many cons on top of cons to figure out
what really came to past in the ending.

THE WOLF OF WALL STEET - de Caprio's best work in my opinion.
Liam Neelson (sp?) was really great in NON-STOP. The movie is
riddled with suspence. Would not be surprised if he gets an
Oscar nomination for best actor.

Last year finished watching the all the dvd series of of BREAKING BAD. Edgy drama in a realistic as well as surreal style.
The last episode was a major let down as was the last episode of WEEDS. You would think that a successful series would be open for input from people who enjoy the show - but I don't think they did.

Miranda July's film, ME, YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE WE KNOW is a fave of mine. She is great as a writer, actress and director. Her husband Mike Wills is a writer/director who did the film THUMBSUCKER which is comedy and drama, an excellent film! Keanu Reeves as a dentist with identity problems! I saw A LOT LIKE LOVE, with Ashton Kucher and Amanda Peet, an excellent romantic comedy.

The last film I saw in a movie theater was "Men Who Stare at Goats" about using psychic abilities in fighting wars. The book was better. In the film I thought the acting of Jeff Bridges was excellent - much better than what he did in "Crazy Heart" in which he won an Oscar.

"The Madness of King George" with Helen Mirren and Nigel Hawthorne was an excellent film for me since I have a degree in Psychology and at one time strongly considered becoming a Clinical Psychologist.

"City Island" with Andy Garcia to me was an exellent Dramedy (comedy and drama) reflecting life in the New York City area. I only lived in NYC (Riverdale area of the Bronx) for my first four years of school after doing kindergarten south of San Francisco in Sharp Park facing the Pacific Oean - even though I was born in Manhattan, NYC.

I could go on and on about movies, as a "movie man" and love to watch movies with my lover usually with head phones on for total immersion but be willing to stop the movie anytime for a chat about what is going on and how it might be affecting one another. I have easily seen over 10, 000 movies in my life and have kept a log of what movies and books I have read since the middle of September 1991.

I stopped watching tv programming in October 2001 and have not missed it one iota!
Six things I could never do without
1. A sense of humor.
2. My laptop.
3. My video camera.
4. My bicycle..
5. Making love to a woman who is into me. I would love
to learn tantra. I did have one orgasm without ejaculating
after I finished reading a book on tantra back in the seventies,
although the woman was more or less somewhere else (on
anti-deppresants)...it was the closest to necromancy that I have experienced!
6. Seeing life in general as a performance art. From a gnostic (Coptic Christian or otherwise) perspective where your soul's incarnation is a movie.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spent a lot of time thinking about what life would be like Post Dec. 21, 2012. I actually thought I would be sent up into a mothership on that date....but now I wonder what is really going on....like I am in some kind of spin version of the film PLEASANTVILLE!

Jose Arguelles, a major proponent of the Mayan Calendar Cosmology, was my art history professor at U.C. Davis. Jose and Elizabeth Taylor passed on the same day, March 23rd of 2010. As Bob Dylan once sang, "Take what you can from coincidence."

I have felt time speeding up since the middle nineties. It is sort of like the two versions of the film INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (the first version being the better of the two) where the "pod" people are the people that actually do NOT feel time is speeding up (as in each month goes by faster than the previous) and that mucho Earth changes are to occur between now and the end of 2012.

I am grateful that major Earth changes HAVE NOT occurred - but there is something very missing now. And please tell me what is this magnetization-focus on vampires and zombies???!!!

I wonder about the Earth changes around the corner and if Sedonut Land will really be under water by 2020 (as some
people have predicted)!

Also I wonder about when I will be in a romantic relationship again since it has been over 10 years now even though I had sex a few times with no romance. This has been the longest dry spell in my life. I almost feel like a virgin!

Back in 1987 (my first full year in Sedona) I had a lucid dream that I was moving from one mothership to another checking out screens of information readouts that had to do with conditions on planet Earth. This dream sadly ended when I told my comrades that I had not learned how to control my physical body remotely to go take a pee - so I had to end the dream to drain my bladder.

Since the mothership dream my guides have asked me to contemplate being in more than one place at the same time. They suggested a location in a mothership while I was sitting in my cottage in Sedona back in the beginning of 2002 or 2003. In otherwords, we as immortal beings are distributed systems - and the more we open up to our true identity the more bodies we can consciously occupy at the same time. Sounds weird but I no longer have any problems considering this model of beingness within the realms of form.

After reading Gregg Braden's interview on the internet about the power of prayer/meditation I have tried to get a meditation/prayer group started but so far have found no one who would like to go to the vortex areas and pray and meditate. He mentions the powerful positive effect that would occur if at least 8,000 people did the type of meditation/prayer simultaneously he describes in an interview.

Does this turn you on? Well then please message me.

Mostly I want to see each new day of my life as "performance art" and trust in spirit more and more for what is given to me each day.
On a typical Friday night I am
On a typical Friday night I am home watching a movie, but really wish I was out dancing with a lovely woman to live music. I find
most dj's to be highly robotic.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I believe there are two kinds of straight men. The majority of men even though they are straight feel more comfortable around other men. The minority of straight men prefer the company of a woman or women. I am in that minority of straight men who feel more comfortable around women than men.

On top of that, my Chinese year is the year of the Rooster (Taoist astrology I am a Blue Phoenix) with double Pisces. But I could never handle being the one man in charge (servicing) of a harem!

In the seventies after reading STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, I fancied being in a group marriage - but never ever came even close to this.

Here is another ditty...and spoiler alert cause this might sound
gross to some women. I had the opportunity to drink the vaginal fluid of one woman's orgasm as she was sitting on my face back in October of this year of 2011. I shared this experience with a lesbian who has not yet had such an experience.

I savored the taste of the vaginal secretion as if it were a wine...as in that old Orson Welles tv wine commercial..."Serve no wine before it's time". Well this wine was from the vagina secreted wine - Hollywood 1940!
You should message me if
You should message me if what you read here makes perfect sense to you. I rarely act my age and find most people my age boring to be around. We are all here, in my opinion, to have fun and help each other through understanding and acting from our true spiritual potential.

I respond to all messages sent to me.

I believe in reincarnation and have experienced contact with my deceased father's mother the night she checked out as well as the soul of my own mother 3 years after she checked out. I also believe everything happens for a reason. It is up to each and everyone of us to figure things out and help each other in the times we share together, because we truly are living in tremendously transformational times.

And of course if you read this far and still find all this pretty woo woo then you know NOT to contact me.
The two of us