48 Cleveland, United States
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My self-summary
I moved to Cleveland from Oakland mid-August 2015. A lot of this profile needs an overhaul.

For a disabled and misanthropic person, I usually find my calendar filling up; I socialize heavily considering my health. I'm lucky that I've made some truly good and long-term friends (some even through this site).

I've definitely realized I'm a bi-romantic asexual and it's a learning process. If you don't know what those terms mean, it's not rude to ask (politely). It doesn't mean I don't want a relationship - it just means any relationship will have to respect my limits whilst respecting my partner's possible needs. In mid-2015 I realized I had fallen (mutually) in love with my best friend and she's now my fiancée. She moved from SF to live with me mid-February, so that's good. I'm polya, so if I meet somebody and stuff develops, I'm allowed.

If you enjoy cuddling, watching movies, playing RPGs, reading, creating, cooking veggie foods, and keeping the melodrama in your life limited to books you read or movies you watch, we might make a good match. Those things make me quite happy.

I live with my Miniature Dachshund (Femme Pois), Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Zweite 'Ein'), my fiancée, our Sphynx cat (Smeagolina, Lady of the Dark Realm), and a roommate.

I know no relationship can complete me. I believe my friends should _and do_ take precedence in my life.

I have no time or desire for high maintenance types or drama queens (male or female).

I love to do photography, to write song lyrics and semi-autobiographical stories, do hardcore journaling, bake, and design anything from photo shoot series to web applications. You can easily find something you want to read in my large and diverse book collection; it spans centuries and diverse fictions and serious philosophy or autobiographies or even my Terry Pratchett's Discworld collection or my Agatha Christie collection (which includes her two autobiographies or my favorite, her collection "The Mysterious Mr. Quin").

Perfect dates: Staying in: Watching Netflix/Amazon Prime/YouTube/DVDs, walking my dogs, and cuddling whilst reading to one another and drinking tea or whiskey straight with a soda chaser and maybe eating homemade veggie food. Going out in Cleveland? Cheap is good. Dog walks are good. Tea and late night films are good. Happy Dog is a safe bet. So is the Cedar Lee.

I am honest, unique, and normal.
What I’m doing with my life
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia multiple times, the first by a neurologist in mid-2000. That quickly was followed by my having a total hysterectomy. So even if I wanted to have children, it's not possible. Btw: I have no problem if you have children.

Next I was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. In June of 2009 I nearly died and had to be hospitalized. The cortisol replacement I was on helped keep me alive, but bounced me from an unhealthy weight of 105 pounds to over double that in less than eight months - I was obese for close to four years, however I've lost the steroid weight over the past year and am fluctuating twixt 140-145 pounds (as of my recent doctor visits). There were problems as my body was not assimilating the cortisol, but it seems to have gone into remission for the most part. My good days allow me to fight through the pain, nausea, and occasional vertigo/dizziness to attend events with my friends. A bad day is a day when I'm stuck on my couch all day. The bad days are definitely more far apart now. I had my left hip replaced August 2014.

I've been to TAM4 and TAM8 and TAM13 (a.k.a. The Amaz!ng Meeting). I try to do something with my friends that gives me pleasure whenever possible. I want to do more, but currently outside of my home I need a cane to get around. However in SF I started attending the Cat Club & DNA Lounge & I volunteered at The Crucible (with my walker) and had so much fun!

I'm very independent, but I admit that took a hit when I got sick. I'm slowly getting my health to a point where I can rock my New Rocks or bare feet. It's fun dressing up.

I love almost every type of food out there, so long as it's lacto-ovo vegetarian. I eat half the calories or carbohydrates a person is supposed to ingest in a 24 hour time period due to my health troubles, but that only means that there's usually leftovers and that I take my time. On one of my "good days" (read "nights") we could go out for dinner and dancing. Or to a really good indie documentary.

I LOVE video games, love to play, love to watch other people playing.

Healing as much as possible in every way. Hopefully whomever wants to become a part of my life will have empathy to spare.

Please do not offer me any "alternative" treatment ideas as in the past eighteen plus years I have tried this, that and the other thing. Ignoring that request is one of my biggest pet peeves and will turn me off faster than telling me that if I had a positive attitude I would get better. <-- The worst is when I've made friends and they forget this request.

Thank you for your concern though. :)
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile and my glasses.
The six things I could never do without
1. Books and Kindle

2. Camera(s)

3. iPhone and Laptop(s)

4. Friends

5. Multimedia: to create and to immerse one's self in

6. Love: Given and Received
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life. Atheism. Asexuality. Reasons to live. Why I love the things or people I do. Philosophy of death and dying. The iTunes University course from Harvard on "Justice" is a great example of things I enjoy thinking about.

How to manage to do things that make me happy while still dealing with my health problems.

How to become a better photographer, a better writer, a better friend, a better person.

The reality that I had complications with Addison's Disease and slow endocrine failure, and problems with the steroids I needed to take to live and my serious allergies to Candida which the steroids cause to grow in the body as well as unknown autoimmune troubles stemming from who knows what...and the documentary I'm writing and slowly trying to put together.

I think about all these things. And much, much more.
On a typical Friday night I am
I used to say: Reading a book, watching a movie or writing. Unless I'm especially lucky and I can go out and have a nice meal of Ethiopian or North Indian or Fondue, depending.

Club life will sometimes call me. I've been a club rat for decades (on-and-off). I wish Cleveland had its own version of "Wicked Grounds," but I'll find my niche.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Life is very full of pain and nausea for me. I wish I meant metaphorically, but my multiple illnesses do stress me out.

I self-identify as gender fluid switch, with preference for being nibbled, but an ability to bite - surprisingly.

I'm seriously, no joking, a WTMI person.

I love Doctor Who so much I have a DNA Dalek-Human hybrid tattoo on my left arm. I love science so much I have a 20-year-old tattoo of an atomic symbol on my other wrist. I'm stupid enough I have a tattoo designed and gifted that exactly matches the one on my ex-husband. However, at least it's not a "tramp stamp." Plus someday Cthulhu will rise and eat the hell out of it. So to speak.
You should message me if
I'm not interested in hearing from anybody with a less than 70% match or higher than 20% enemy. Just no, thank you.


Should a nerdy, slightly boyish woman strike you as awesome, I might just be for you. If you want to be my friend who I can spend time with doing things such as cuddling as we watch a movie or play a video game or read books.

If you're taller than me, average build, smart, loves media as much if not more than me, computer and or math savant, loves games, but not mind games, capable of looking pretty in the right setting, enjoys extended periods of reading together, cooking together, loves watching a movie and then watching it again with the commentary turned on, wants to protect me during my bad sick days, hates fighting and knows when to give space, loves animals and preferably doesn't eat them, has gone through the inevitable reactionary phase and doesn't need to pretend to be cooler-than-thou, loves tattoos, wants a person they can spoil with affection and surprises to gladden the heart, understands asexuality, lives a love-filled life without lies, and so on...

Friends is cool, I'm always open to a new good friend. If you've got a mathematical-musical brain we will definitely get along. I don't myself. I just mostly have friends that do. My ex-husband did. My ex-bandmate does. My fiancée does (but with math and physics and biology).

Brilliance is worth sharing.

I have a fetish for super smart pretty boys and girls - and glasses. If you can model for me for two hours, cook a shared vegetarian meal, play FF9 again or watch "Dark City" or cuddle while reading something from either my or your personal library, sleep a bit only to get up and work with me making music or designing a killer app for maybe a phone or a new game...brilliant, androgynous, creative, a multi-media slut? We will have a great time hanging out. Love Bill Hicks? Tool? H.L. Mencken? Terry Gilliam? Billy Wilder? Stanley Donen? Cocteau Twins? Louise Brooks? Mark Twain? Douglas Adams? All of the above? Then definitely write!