62Menlo Park, United States
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My self-summary
Composed, funny, intelligent, warm, articulate, athletic, professional, great kisser and hugger!

That's the short version and I've been told I need the long one. Here's the longer one. My chronologic age is accurate but it doesn't match my biologic age which is about 10 years younger ; ). My pics are quite up to date, some are even from tomorrow they are so au courant. I used to be a shy guy but shed that although I can't say that I've morphed into an LA extrovert type. That wouldn't do at all IMO. However, while being more reserved than boisterous be ready for witty quips and sharp observations.

I have a very complicated life but try to live simply. I work hard enough and long enough and really dig my day job as a physician. However, prospective interests should not get excited about any bonus botox or bodily enhancing procedures. In my work in the trenches of primary care there is none of that. My practice is in an ethnically diverse and wild world of working class and non-working adults. My waiting room frequently looks like a lounge in the U.N. In addition, I spend some time working for the county clinic to help the truly down and out. Its super fun and rewarding and well, yes, complicated. In between those stints, I attempt to oversee the growth of my teenage son. When he sort of allows it. You with teens know what I mean here. Yes, more complicated but individuation of another is what its all about, ain't it? Otherwise, I try to make time for being an athlete. Yes, jock and doc. One might ask: "is there time for someone else in there?". Answer: absolutely! One cannot live entirely on a bike or eating chicken nuggets with their kid.

The 'great young man's life' has been lived and does not need to be redone. I've done an enormous amount of field research into how relationship and humans interact. The result is that its a messy business in general. However, I have boiled and sauteed the important components down to three crucial factors that have big importance on predicting potential success. Read on. First are the 'fantasy' factors. Everyone brings their ideal scenario and secret desires to relationship. This can often in of itself bring down and crush and persist indefinitely. In general, the more flexible and more expanded these are, the more open one is. Yes, I've cultivated my own sense of wishes and includes seeking someone who has lived and is curious and has a large sense of life's irony along with humor. Second is 'resiliency'. Life is darn difficult and at times extremely challenging and ya' know things sometimes don't go well and crap happens. Well, to me those details are mostly interesting in how one responds to that junk. Coming out the other side with more skills, wisdom and appreciation of what can be gotten through is crucial to living a full life and going forward and not focusing or fearing the tough stuff. Third and most important is 'intimacy'. This can't be discerned by just having a coffee date. Sorry. Takes time and unfolds but sometime is clued in early. The experience of getting intimate is nearly entirely with one's clothes on. Its can be much easier to be physically naked than emotionally present. I can't say what qualities of intimacy are most important but to not have a high titer of this mutual experience in a relationship dooms failure or at least ho-humness. Haven't met many who are after that.

What's the end game here? Of course its something called love. Mostly, I can describe that as snuggling on the couch, chatting, laughing and smooching. Darwin himself may have simplified the equation best: love equals trust and joy. There you go.

How I play this game. If you seem worth getting to know in person I will 5 star you or email you. Since, I don't get many responses from email, the star thing is at least democratic to some extent. While you may give great email, that is not my goal here. I can be terribly charming through words too but I'm here to meet real live people in real live life. If you respond, expect that I will ask you out. So there. Enjoy and good luck and some fun, ok!
What I’m doing with my life
Working full time in the world of medicine, full time dad half the time. Riding and racing my bike with some of the coolest people on the planet.
I’m really good at
enjoying the really little parts of life and how they relate to the big parts.
The first things people usually notice about me
that while we share a first name, nobody calls me clooney
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: "thinking fast and slow", "the accidental mind", "the compass of pleasure", 'the age of insight'.

french cinema all of it, old and new

music: sxsw, lorde, shout out louds, shubert, bill evans, einstein on the beach, sofie baker, monsters and men, tom waits, bob dylan, etc.
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the interrelationships of society and public policy and the vagaries and nuance of exercise physiology.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
could be........awww........well..........that's enuf
You should message me if
want to spend time with someone who can have a great conversation and smooch well.
The two of us